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Jumping Over My Motorcycle on a BMX Bike

Ever since I bought my new motorcycle I’ve had this vision of incorporating it into my BMX Videos somehow. I also wanted to do a photoshoot with both my BMX bike and the Kawasaki. I figured the best way would be to jump over the motorcycle! In just one day I built a kicker out of some scrap wood I had laying around, took it to the spot, and shot the photos! I had the image in the head for a while but never expected it to be this cool! So here it is, the video of my jumping over my New 2020 Kawasaki Ninja 400 with my BMX bike. Snuck a few tricks in as well.

What’s up it is a beautiful early morning um and i have to kind of be quick with this because i have working a little bit but basically um as you can tell by the thumbnail i’m gonna be jumping over this guy today i kind of just thought about like what would be cool for a photo where i could incorporate my bmx with my street bike and i thought what better way than

To make like a cool video do some like action shots and stuff i want to jump over the gas tank and not like the seat that’s kind of lame this is like the tallest part of the bike the beef following me what the heck basically i have to build a ramp to to jump over it so i’ve got this um two foot wide by eight foot long piece of plywood and it’s not really gonna

Flex this is probably gonna be more of like a bank which is fine um and then i got a handful of two by fours so yeah basically i think i’m just gonna make the uh ramp a little bit shorter than the gas tank so maybe have it come up to like here where like you won’t be able to see the ramp in the back yeah i’m not 100 sure yet but we’ll make it work i would like

To take the ramp load it up in a truck and put my bike in there and have somebody drive that to a spot where we can get the photo that way i can drive this guy up there i’m gonna start building the ramp i got a little less than two hours to do it um shouldn’t be a problem so i’ll uh i’ll let you know when i make some progress all right so looking at this probably

Make it three feet tall or just shy of three feet tall and i think this wood will flex just a little bit i’m not super confident in how much but if i can get it to flex at all i don’t really care that much but what i think i’ll do is put in these um four by fours at the very top of it try to get it to flex put some two by fours in the center and then like like

Two by four posts going up in the center like that and then try to push it down as much as possible and then tack them together with a two by four on the side it’s not going to look real pretty like i said we’re only going to be using it for a little bit so it doesn’t it doesn’t really matter it’s not going to be in the photo either so i’m just using the nail

Gun just to make this go by a little faster so issue with storage so let me show you what it did while the phone was acting up same thing as this i cut these down at the same angle well slightly different angle the reason those are hanging off the ground is i’ll show you because when those touch the ground this is the angle that i want this is the the radius

That it’s going to be i’m just going to put those two by fours in to support the legs from going outward and i’ll attack a 2×4 from the front to the back and then when i lower this down i’ll be able to tack that in hopefully it’ll hold the center down um i put some extra supports in the bottom uh those posts there because it had a little flex so

There’s absolutely no flex to this thing um i’m glad that it has a little radius i didn’t really care but a little bit of radius makes it so you don’t necessarily have the bunny hop off the end so i don’t really care that those stick out at the bottom not a big deal to me um i want to use this for a lot more so i might reinforce it in the future i might just take

A 2×4 from the center there on the inside all the way to that one other than that it’s it’s a pretty solid ramp i mean it’s definitely going to be heavy but it should be no issues putting it in the back of a truck i have to go to work now unfortunately we’ll be jumping this thing later today so yeah we’ll uh we’ll see in a little bit i made it to stories because

Story is too lazy to put his bike in his car i’m just kidding he’s got he’s got the children today so we got both bikes loaded up we got the ramp loaded up um obviously riding the bike because we gotta get there somehow brad’s driving the truck and yeah so should be fun the place we’re going is literally right up the road from here so it’s pretty convenient it’s

Just an empty parking lot at a church with some nice black top should make for some good photos so this is our empty parking lot we’ve got the ramp set up over there next to the bike and i’m going to warm up loosen up a little bit jump it a couple times see how it feels all right uh we got some test jumps in i’ll just show you some more real quick um i think

Story’s gonna try to jump it too just gonna do some light stuff off of it and then probably pull the camera out and move the motorcycle um in place or the ramp to the motorcycle not sure you got to figure out where the sun’s at you hold it right here all right i think the sun is at a pretty good spot so i’ll probably get the camera set up move one of these two

Things into place depending on where i want them and then we’ll just start getting some some photos over it all right unfortunately the lens that i have is way too much of a wide angle lens so i’m gonna see if somebody can bring me my long lens i 100 forgot it i wasn’t thinking about it this is my favorite lens but i didn’t think about how close the person taking

The photo was gonna have to stand with this lens so a quick intermission hopefully the sun stays if not we’ll just move the bike the bike’s position it is showtime we’re out of sun so we don’t really have to worry about that we got brad over here on the camera this is the shot set up i’m going to put you on this side a little bit and i’m gonna take a couple of

Test runs before i trick it we’re gonna just get the make sure the photo is good what sucks is we’ll have to do like every trick straight up and sideways but whatever all right i’m gonna tuck it what’s that um that sounded loud the park bike isn’t meant for this i think my bars move forward check that that looks so good now you can see the seat grab and the

Bar that’s good yeah my uh my bars move just a little bit i think we’re gonna try to move them back and uh see if we can’t boost another three over it the three is kind of scary because i can’t like spot my landing right away so i have to like adjust the rotation like it has to be almost perfect off the lip now i think we’re going to try to jump the length of

The bike so i’m going to set the ramp up behind it and jump over the front of it try to get a cool shot like that all right let’s do it that way all right what angle you want right here um you let me know what you think about that one i thought i was a little sketchy but all right so that is a wrap we uh it’s a little harder to jump sideways but like it’s

Just a little faster the landing sucks a little bit more but we got the bar i’m not going to do any other trick because i don’t think any other trick is going to look good from that angle and like it’s a pretty good silhouette i don’t have any flashes so it is what it is i think we got some cool photos if you want to check them out go follow me on instagram the

Instagram is on the screen now uh go follow brad for getting those photos and andy for being here for some moral support i’m gonna move the ramp away for andy to jump off of it because he’s been ironed up all day and then i stole it from him when he was gonna do it and put the motorcycle in the way so i’m gonna get those for you and enjoy this little jibs that we

Got all right so that is the session um we’re gonna load up it is obviously dark as you can see um hopefully this video is entertaining like i said if you wanna check out the pictures my instagram will be on the screen their instagrams will be on the screen as well um also in the description so go check that out um if you wanna see more stuff like this because

This is like the stuff that i actually enjoy doing i did this all in one day built it this morning wrote it got the pictures if you want to see more of this stuff click the like button because i would love to do more of this stuff um comment if there’s any other ideas you have yes i will jump the bmw as soon as i get it back probably not with this ramp but we’ll

See this this ramp works well oh also shout out to my mom for uh literally saving the day by bringing the long ones that i forgot also we have other ideas on on like using this ramp to like as you’ll see but we kind of want to find like a hill to jump into or like a step up to set it up so we’ll be using this ramp a little bit more might reinf i don’t know i

Don’t really need to reinforce it it’s pretty good so as long as it holds up for us doing that i think we’ll just leave it as is all right last thing um so that i can keep doing this stuff for my whole life and maybe more go check out the you saw it on the shirt you saw it on the bike at least go check out the website um we got a bunch of new stuff

On there hoping to drop new stuff soon um it just depends on on how timing goes i’m hoping to drop some new shirts some new t-shirts before the end of the summer and then obviously i’ll have some winter gear when the cold weather starts coming again but go check that out because that’s what it’s all about i’m trying to give to you if you could just support your

Boy and uh get some hagerco gear and we’ll keep doing more fun stuff like this and entertaining you thanks for watching make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on all the exciting future content and we will see you next time

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Jumping Over My Motorcycle on a BMX Bike By JACOB HAGER