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Jumpstart a Motorcycle with a Car

I should really ride my motorcycles more. The Bad Boy was dead, so I had to Jump it. Check out the video to see a few pointers on getting it done correctly.

Well balls what’s up world wide web my name is john and today is my off day this is your first time here i’m a technician with harley davidson here in columbus georgia i do harley help videos so if that’s what you’re into consider hitting that subscribe button down below today we are talking about getting your bike started up after it’s been sitting not like the

Guy in this video my battery’s dead what can i do so this is one of two bikes that i have this one is a 96 bad boy that i just don’t get to ride enough by 1,200 sportster s passenger pegs on it though so my daughter rides with me ill now one a lot well let me know in the comments below what do you ride look i’m not gonna sit here and tell you that i’m an expert

At letting your bike sit and what it takes to get it running again and what to look for after it’s been sitting but i am an expert at those things for example the only tools i keep in my trailer set of jumper cables and a phillips head screwdriver to take the seat off now a few things i already know it’s gonna be going on with this is the tires are gonna be flat

And i know all the oils gonna be drained out of the tank this is an important part i want to explain this really well any model that has an oil tank above the crankcase so not your touring bikes that have oil pans underneath the transmission and sportsters softails those you know fill 10th man is so hot those with the old tanks above the crankcase you’re gonna

Drain over time okay no matter what i do with the settings on the camera you can’t tell but that old tank is empty it’s all in the crankcase unfortunately with the oil all down in the crankcase there’s even bigger load on that flywheel that makes it even bigger load on the primary which is how this bike is starting but all that’s for another later video point in

Bringing this up is if your bikes been sitting you check the old before you’ve started it up it didn’t go anywhere it’s it’s there don’t add oil let it run watch the oil fill up and then add a little oil once it’s at operating temperature but not before all right with that stuff discussed when i get the seat off put your cables on the battery not start my car do

Not start the car we’ll talk about it in a minute and then i’m going to fire this thing up hi dudes positive first on each battery the negatives don’t wanna anything so a lot of cars charging system is too much for the bike to handle my little car that i stole from a high school girl probably not so much but just not a good practice i’m gonna leave it off got the

Battery hooked up right here battery hooked up right there let’s go now that i got it started up i realized i left out a part earlier i missed it on film but when a blacks been sitting that long the clutch plates will dry out and they’ll get stuck together so before i did all that i put the bike in gear and pulled the collection and the bike wouldn’t roll at all

All those clutch plates are stuck together but if you rock the bike back and forth a few times then it’ll free up that clutch a little bit and make it a little easier for that starter to turn the motor over without all that extra mechanical drag on the battery alright guys thanks for watching and hit that like button if you enjoyed this video now that the bike is

Back running again i get to go for a ride so we’ll see y’all next time you

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Jumpstart a Motorcycle with a Car By John Maxwell