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Junkyard Subaru WRX Engine Restoration | Redline Rebuild Time-Lapse

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Foreign thank you foreign thank you thank you foreign foreign foreign foreign thank you foreign foreign foreign well like i promised we were going to get this all set up on our test rig and well here it is i tell you what this wouldn’t be done

Without jeff giving me hand because he did a bunch of stuff we have all the fancy stuff we have a mechanical gauge hanging here we have a fuel pressure gauge we’ve got a vroom vroom pedal to literally go vroom vroom if it doesn’t start and uh we mocked up our gauge pack back here hopefully we don’t have any wires laying on the exhaust and at that point we’re

Ready to see if it’ll run so with no further ado oh i forgot i added a key on fuel pressure so wait here we go foreign right yeah dropped it right down even yeah not bad take it hear the whistle perfect pop on the cork on the champagne this baby’s done i’m not going to tell you that i’m completely sold on these but it may have softened up well

My heart a little bit not bad once we worked out a couple little minor bugs electrical stuff like everyone fights um she fires up and purrs like a kitty pretty decent i’ll have to say i mean especially given that only part of this stuff is hooked up so we’re kind of limping things around but you know what this subaru’s done it sounds good and yes we will find

Something to put it in we’re just not sure what yet but you know what there’s plenty of room in the comments section to say i think it should be this or that or that or this and all your great experiences what it should be in so get on the shop go get your work done hopefully enjoy the video see ya nice job jeff monster thank you

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Junkyard Subaru WRX Engine Restoration | Redline Rebuild Time-Lapse By Hagerty