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Karen vs Fisherman Compilation! – GETS UGLY

Today we have a part 2 of Karen vs Fishermen! These self entitled Karens make up their own laws and lie about owning property that fishermen are using to enjoy their time with the sport they love!

Cut you on my ground on here i’ll blow your brain down what’s the matter with you guys hey everyone welcome back to a brand new video if you’re going to enjoy it and want more content like this then feel free to leave a like on the video and subscribe to the channel we start things off today with its karen who saw some fishermen at the lake and just started

Telling them off claiming that they weren’t allowed to fish where they were fishing even in despite of the fishermen actually getting permission to be out there but obviously the karen wasn’t taking anything for an answer unless she got her way take a look out here we have permission to fish here though if you don’t you should respect the wishes of the property

Owners who live i think y’all should leave right now we’re just fishing it’s very harmless this is karen who got so triggered that these two boys were fishing but she accused them of trespassing she got really angry with them she started calling them names and hurling insults at them and the fishermen did fight back but she didn’t like that one bit we were told

This was public for anybody who lives here you don’t live here we do we live down the street where’s your dress 45 kiss my ass oh really oh okay yeah i’d rather not that’s kind of creepy the yard’s a piece of crud pictures of me what’s that gonna do jerks for fishing for fishing passing it’s fishing it’s fishing you’re trespassing this is private property now

We have a karen who cannot mind her own business she came up to some fishermen who got permission from their friend who lives in the area to be able to fish at the lake but this woman didn’t like that and started asking questions and just denying everything the fisherman was saying she was being pretty damn annoyed so what did brent say okay can you call brent

Right now well it’s one person’s word versus another right now so not sure about that we’re just fishing i know you’re doing it here’s a karen who’s harassing some of the young fishermen who were just calmly doing their own thing and not bothering anyone all of a sudden though she starts calling them names and insulting them and then in a bigger turn of events

She starts playing the victim and claiming that they were harassing her a mug shot for fishing that’s hysterical that’s just that’s hysterical get the hell out for fishing okay ma’am all right now we have a fisherman who seemed like he had been through this all before way too many times a karen came up to him and started complaining about his fishing and how he

Is apparently harming the wildlife this guy though was unfazed and calmly explained that everything he was doing was fine and knew every well what he can and cannot do just look at this what signs up we’re not disturbing wildlife there’s baby swans here and this one’s trying to raise their young and you guys are got plastic fishing liner do you think that’s

Very appropriate plastic fishing line i respect wildlife i catch and release fish and i follow the law this next karen makes an appearance a bit later too but for now this camera was trying to sort out these fishermen who according to him were trespassing but he had no proof to state that so the fishermen were having absolutely none of it but unfortunately for

Them the karen remained extremely persistent trying to prove his baseless point uh what are we doing that’s wrong to disturb you just just let me in on that and we’ll leave like so is throwing plastic on plastic line on a graphite hook a graphite rod disturbing you is it is it bugging you am i touching you am i i’m going to answer your question no i want you to

Answer that now i want that to be the first thing okay go ahead is it wrong to steal not stealing what does that mean to you if somebody steals from me what are we stealing what are we stealing are you doing what’s right you’re breaking the wall this is private property do not trespass i would like i would like proof i want i want to come we have a whole sheet

That says this is like this is brent county not h.o.a so grenade county does not own this now we have a caron who’s harassing people who are doing some magnet fishing this is basically using a magnet to fish out metal objects this is mostly used for cleaning up the waters and that is exactly what this group of people were doing but of course this car wanted to

Start trouble and try to claim things just to annoy people look at how this played out we have this lady here karen i can call her that we are doing something we’re recycling out the water this is not your property it’s neither is yours we called the property owner here that with the phone number that was up thank you very much unless maybe she’s got something to

Hide back in the water i didn’t touch her you’re not that much skinnier either fence i was on the brick part you’re not that much skinnier though lady this time we have a current couple yes can you believe it anyways this couple harassing two kids were fishing at a lake and the lake happened to be next to houses but it was a public lake and they had every right

To be there the currents tried to argue with them but the kids came out with proof just to prove them wrong they were clearly ahead of the game huh you’re not supposed to be fishing here this is private property um no it’s not yes it is it’s h oh no it’s not yes it is i got something to show you i don’t care what you’ve got to show us that’s how you john no i’m

Not oh john’s your neighbor you yet you know your neighbor all right you see this is that piece of land that’s that right there yeah guess who owns it county that’s right but it’s our agent no it’s not we have this next karen who was going absolutely ballistic at these young fishermen apparently they were trespassing what looked to be a public space but hey you

Know how karen’s are anyways he threatened them and what he said next was extremely questionable it was pretty inappropriate to say the least see him side close to here yeah i catch you in here i cut you on my ground running here i’ll blow your brain down i’m going to stay trooper and i’ll get away with it i catch you in here i cut you on my ground on here i’ll

Blow your brains out i’m gonna stay trooper and i’ll get away with it what’s the matter with you guys we saved the very best for last with this clip here we have a karen who is very dedicated to being a complete party pooper to these two fishermen who were just quietly enjoying a beautiful day of fishing this karen was going at them for a while and then eventually

She did something that caught literally everyone off guard just check this out it’s a little unacceptable but we’ll leave just trying to fish that’s all we’re doing thanks for watching this video guys if you enjoyed it then feel free to leave a like and subscribe to the channel for more content like this and much more good bye for now everyone we’ll see you next time

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Karen vs Fisherman Compilation! – (GET'S UGLY) By Sea Life Trends