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Kemimoto Rock Biker Winter Motorcycle Gloves – Product Review

You are looking at Rock Biker winter motorcycle gloves from Kemimoto. Amazon Product Page:

Hello and thank you for stopping by the 741 channel on this chilly october morning my friends at cami moto have sent me some motorcycle gloves to test out so let’s open up the package and see what they look like so the first thing i notice is that they come in this reusable sort of plastic pouch not the thickest most durable or attractive thing in the world but

You could keep them in here for storage when you’re not using them so these particular gloves are branded as rock biker gloves you can see that they’ve got some plastic protection up here on the knuckles and then there’s some sort of rubbery protection here down on long the fingers and it looks like they’re also vented in there as well on the palm side you can see

There’s some sort of rubbery material to help with grip i would presume and the rest of it is sort of a suede type material and of course up here we have an adjustable strap so you can adjust the tightness that’s especially handy if you’re riding in rain or something like that you can kind of seal out the element cording to the sizing chart from the amazon product

Page which you can find by clicking the link in the description below kymmie moto recommends that you go with one size larger than you normally would with these gloves so when i looked at the sizing chart i realized i’m somewhere right on the cusp of a medium a roll or large so i decided to go with the extra-large just to be safe so let’s test this out and see

How it fits so this actually feels like a pretty good fit maybe the the slightest bit too big but i would rather have that than too small i think there’s one size above the extra large so if you have really big hands these gloves may not be for you but if you have sort of medium or average size hands then you should be okay with these so both gloves seem to fit

Pretty well these actually feel pretty well built for the price point think you’re getting a lot of value for your money here these are not high-end name-brand gloves by any means but i think they’ll do a quick comparison between some name-brand gloves that i bought a few years ago on closeout and then the coming moto gloves i just got the chemi moto glove is a

Lot bigger this glove is a small size and it’s actually too small for me i’ve been kind of making do with these over the years but they’re just a little bit too small in fact after a few miles when i’m riding the glove is so stiff that my hand starts to cramp up a little bit with these but i carry them with me on the bike just in case i need them in a pinch but

I do have other non motorcycling gloves that i tend to use instead of construction you can see that the name-brand glove here that i bought a few years back is built a little bit better the stitching is hidden everything just seems to cut a little bit better and put together a little bit better this one although it’s not bad the materials are a little bit cheaper

And i can see that this one may not last quite as long as this but i’d say if memory serves me that these gloves here cost at least four times more than these even on clothes out so if you bought these at normal prices you’d be probably paying five or six times the amount that you pay for these gloves so to kind of put that in perspective you could buy five pairs

Of these two one pair of these roughly now these gloves i think are supposed to be all-weather gloves and of course it’s not raining today so i’m not gonna be able to test that at least not on the bike but that’s not super important to me anyway i don’t generally ride in the rain i do ride in the cold i will ride in the winter when temperatures get down maybe even

As low as 30 or so so having a glove that can keep my hands warm on a dry day is really all i’m concerned about and that’s all i’m gonna test today i think it’s time to put these gloves to the test let’s go for a ride on the bike and see how they hold up in terms of comfort and temperature it’s probably about 4045 degrees out here this morning throw it out here

To a local state park it’s probably about ten or so miles from my home you can see i’m up on a little bit of a hill there’s an overlook here and the gloves worked great my fingers stayed warm the whole time and everything was good and comfortable no problems the only real complaint i might have with these is that they still feel a little bit stiff but they think

That’s because they’re new they’ll break in with a little bit of usage and that’s this will go i think i’m gonna ride for a few more miles here since the gloves seem to be working it’s a beautiful fall morning here temperatures are like i said before sort of in the 40s a little bit cooler in the valley a little bit warmer in the hills so i’ll see you guys back at

The back for my ride and everything seems good it was about a 20 mile round trip and i’d say there was quite a wide variety of temperature range along my trek anywhere between the upper 30s in sort of mid 40s and these kept my hands nice and warm no problems like i set up on the hill about the only complaint i have right now is that there’s still a little stiff

Because they’re new but i think they’ll break in and be just fine over time one feature i forgot to talk about was the fact that these gloves are actually usable the way the touchscreen so you can see i can swipe my phone i can kind of do things here with my index finger so you can see it works pretty good i’m able to kind of navigate around the phone i can activate

Apps do everything i normal you can see i’m in google maps and i can kind of use my finger and pan around and do everything i normally would do with a naked finger the only drawback here is that the thumb doesn’t have the material on it so you can’t do like a pinch zoom or anything like that at least not with your two fingers so in my case this isn’t something

That i’m gonna use a whole lot i have a hard enough time with touch screens with my right naked fingers as it is i just don’t have dexterity for them and just having the kind of glove finger there just makes it even a little harder to use but for some people this may be a useful thing so that’s going to wrap up my review of these rock biker gloves from chemi moto

If you’d like to see the product details you’re interested in purchasing these you can find a link to them in the description below if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and if you’d like to leave a comment or subscribe feel free to do that as well thanks for watching you

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