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Kids Racing… & Crashing… Motorcycles: Jnr BSB & Road to MotoGP British Championships Rd 1 Action

Grass Roots Motor Sport Crash Action from TDi Media. The Cool FAB-Racing British Minibikes Championships ft. kids from 6 years of age. No Children were seriously injured…. few bruised egos though.

Woman and coming into the shop behind them as well as ryan hitchcock so all of the major players from the grid are still there within the top 10 these three riders out front are really trying to stretch out the gap bayley stuart campbell from that man evan belfort in second position brinson in third at the moment about food belford down unbelievable looks like

He might have just got it out on that wet patch is a wet patch wet line in the middle of the track that’s thick display you’d have to work on the wheeling’s yeah absolutely dominate that although the last frame that’s called pain no last lap as well what a disastrous way for carl payne’s race to end but across the line brinson from walker banister he’s gonna

Beat goddess to the line good lad carl payne get back on the bike finish the race do i go for this do i back out at the very last moment he decided right no i’m not gonna do it now i’m gonna wait till we’re in the traffic and that’s where we are now look at that brinson held up a little bit bodies down down government somehow avoid sin but emmanuel brinson trips

Over the bank marker want a disaster for the race leader it happens from time to time when you’re in the traffic you’re desperately trying to hold your position this is how it happened these front wheels caught the curb i think we’ll have a look this is the the the shot from above oh yes you’re right just got over the curb the bike he’s running to the back of the

Black marker the traffic in front it’s similar to what casey oh dog almond did that last year that he was with safra wally watch his front wheel just goes over the curb you know it’s just as i said and then he’s running to the back wheel and he’s lucky not to take down flexi o’gorman they’re in second place oh gordy french ghost narrow forcing punished around

The outside and go but down the asunder days with jr. james was really attached to the pack of ryan hitchcock he goes down hitchcock looking to get away with it casey takes the win just from josh bannister in second place absolute drama to the final turn very unfortunate for james rose june and very fortunate for brian hitchcock whose real will was tagged but

Ryan managed to stay upright casey took advantage down the inside here we go it’s have a look at the replay you’ll just see there you go james rose jr. as ryan tips the curve up towards the spitfire straight out of chartres once again great battles through the field as well she’s getting more experience on the 20cc deficit did bike today but that’s not how she

Wanted her first race of the season ago look at these three in tandem down to the hairpin belford it’s not gonna be quite close enough baby stuart campbell easy shot he’s over surely they’re gonna get it there no he’s done it he’s in the second is casey o’gorman wins you

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Kids Racing… & Crashing… Motorcycles: Jnr BSB & Road to MotoGP British Championships Rd 1 Action By TDi Media