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KLX300SM Exhaust Install & Test Ride

Merry Christmas everyone! I know I uploaded this video a few weeks ago but it got hit for the music on it so I had to reupload it with different music. I’m very happy with the Delkevic 9″ carbon fiber exhaust on my 2022 kawasaki klx300sm. Hope you all have a very happy and safe holiday and we’ll see you in 2022! Thanks for watching! =)

What’s up guys and welcome to a new video so today we’re gonna be putting the delqvic exhaust on my brand new 2022 klx 300 sm so as you can see the stock exhaust is massive i don’t know how much it weighs i may weigh it i did paint the stock exhaust heat shield um this thing gets insanely hot i just painted it just for the time being because it’s not been on the

Bike for a couple weeks um but yeah we’re gonna put exhaust on it today and see how she sounds she’s gonna sound like a thumper so here we go we got the exhaust bracket we got some tools some cleaning solvents this is like a mid pipe that will keep the o2 sensor i’m keeping the cat on the bike for the time being um this is the delcovic carbon fiber exhaust right

Here so as you can see maybe you can see i have the baffle in i’m gonna do sound test on this um before and after uh i’m gonna compare the stock exhaust this exhaust with the baffle and this exhaust without the baffle so let’s get into it alright so first step is over we got the stock exhaust off this thing is ridiculously heavy so this thing is ridiculously

Light so we’re gonna go ahead and weigh both of them and just show you guys the differences so we’ll put the scale to zero so two pounds fourteen and a half ounces you can see it’s still at zero eight pounds six ounces ridiculous all right there she is with the delkavik slip-on exhaust i think it looks really clean i didn’t really line it up just yet

Because i want to run it with the without the baffle and with the baffle so let’s go ahead and do some audio clips of that all right this is going to be with the baffle in so all right so that was pretty loud um so let’s try it without the baffle and see how it sounds i have a feeling it’s gonna be louder but it might sound better one way to find out it’s

Loud all right so for comparison is a single cylinder thumper um that’s what you get uh that’s the kind of sound you’re gonna get out of a bike like this so let’s run my wife’s um z125 and it has a full system it’s pretty loud also so let’s see how it compares so honestly i don’t think it’s much louder than the z125 to be completely honest i’m super stoked

On it it sounds great it definitely wakens this thing up because it has it is so quiet that i feel like people don’t hear me um therefore they’re not looking for me while i’m out riding on the streets um so i do think it’s definitely a safety feature um obviously it’s more so for uh you know sound but definitely is a safety feature as well like i said this is a

2019 z125 pro um this is my wife’s and it has a full system zoom exhaust which is very similar to what we’re running here um so yeah let’s go take her for a spin and see how she sounds on the road what’s up guys welcome to a new video so obviously we got the new exhaust installed on the klx 300 and let’s hear how she sounds it’s pretty warmed up so we’re gonna

Go ahead and take it out for a ride ready i’ll let heather take the lead so this is with a baffle in i’ve only ridden it with the baffle in so far and uh i’m honestly i’m enjoying it it’s definitely a whole lot louder than stock obviously but i think it’s a good good sound honestly i mean for a single cylinder you don’t really have a whole lot of options for

The sound but i think it sounds really good it definitely gets the attention of other drivers that’s for sure and uh it’s not like obnoxiously loud which is great it’s actually like exactly what i wanted um i had like i said i haven’t ridden with the baffle out so i don’t know how much deeper or like throatier it may be with the baffle out this is just with the

Baffle in i did do a sound clip at the beginning of the video with the baffle out and with the baffle in so people could get a little bit of an idea of the difference um i think that it did sound a little bit better with the baffle out but like i said for now i’m gonna ride with the baffling see how i like it and then i might take the baffle out and check that

Out as well so overall i’m very excited i’m very happy with the exhaust um there’s not a whole lot of options out there for the klx 250 or the klx 300 um i do believe this exhaust is technically um labeled as a klx 250 exhaust but uh like i said everything bolts up just the same um the klx 250 and the galax 300 are literally the exact same the the um chassis

The frame everything’s the exact same the wiring everything so everything bolts up just the same so i wanted to give you guys a little sound clip some actual like real riding sound um if any of you are interested in getting the exhaust for this bike like i said there’s only a few options this was in my opinion was the best option so thanks for watching guys peace

Ride safe and we’ll see you in the next one you

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KLX300SM Exhaust Install & Test Ride By SALTxTHExWOUND