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Kx100 full review

2006 kx100 full review and lots of modifications.

Hey guys this is my 2006 cakes 100 gonna do a quick review of it it’s a great bike i recently rebuilt top in the bottom and the governor she’s got about a brand new motor in it new graphics kit f&f graphics good it’s actually for a kx 85 but near the same plastics anyways and that good though couple modifications and i put spoke skins fmf shorty pro taper bars

Cali me grips they got on amazon monster energy grips pretty nice we’re in thal sprockets front rear and a protaper golden chain stock suspension but yeah it’s just walk around of it – 2006 kx 100 build that’s been running real good lots of power i’m 15 like five five nine five ten that range and i stand up on it and my butt just touches the seat it’s a it’s

A good sized bike in between 85 and to 125 so it’s a pretty snappy little machine it’s got some kick bite to it it’s a great machine has a new front tire relatively new rear tire treated let me just back up here the bike see the good in you order it it’s a sharp-looking bike too this is the older models the newer models are really nice but they’re just way too

Expensive up in five grand also the front and rear disc brakes has new brakes also i can’t really see it but under this it says cycle performance with a wheel cap for the brake see that’s where was originally purchased in 2006 off the lot brand new and connecticut cycle performance somewhere i have the title everything little skull valve caps on there planning

To get green radiator hoses fmf fatty pipe that’s the stock pipe need to get a fatty aftermarket gas cap i have to get some other stuff gear shifter things like that but for the review i say it’s great like it’s great running bike that’s for sure i can’t start it up for you because its middle of winter and the bring out that it’s gonna get full of snow it’s been

Sitting for a little bit too but yeah that’s my bike just finished everything bikes basically when it came out the doors it was purchased its new again except for the frame obviously and the stock suspension it’s it’s a very smooth ride and when you do jumps in your lance nice and smooth you do have to adjust your shock though can’t really see it from this side so

When you’re doing some jumps have to like they make a special tool i just use the screwdriver and hammer just knock it into place button yeah just want to make sure it’s adjusted correctly before you start eating jumps but yeah that’s my bike alright thanks yes

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