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learning to ride a bike at 20 years old

hi my name is ariell and i never learned how to ride a bike…

So i never learned how to ride a bike oh gosh it’s really not that bad so when i was a kid i definitely had a tricycle and i definitely at one point had a little bike with training wheels did i ever graduate to taking off those training wheels no i didn’t and about a month ago someone gave me the idea to get a bike and i was like yeah might be fun the only problem

Is i don’t know how to ride a bike but i got back from my trip to oklahoma and i said you know what i want a bike my first approach was to support a small business and go to a local bike shop i went to like five um and the cheapest cruiser bikes they had were 250 and i was like i can’t do that so then i went to like 10 walmarts i’m not even joking i have been

To every walmart in the greater nashville area and southern eastern and western northern i have been everywhere and they did not have any good bikes there was one i found that was kind of cute but it was like colors i didn’t like and i was like oh and it was like 175 and i said no no no no i said i’m gonna find a bike that i want that i think is cute that i

Think will work for me for less than 200 and lo and behold i am on facebook marketplace like every freaking 20 minutes looking for a bike and i come across this listing that was posted over a week ago and it’s this really cute purple bike with a little wicker basket and he’s got it listed for 150 and it had been listed for a week so i messaged him and i was like

Hey is this bike still available and he says yes and i say huzzah isn’t in good condition he says yes the tires are like new i’m like oh okay i am willing to drive an hour and a half to get it from where you live would you take 125 for it and he says yes so long story short i got i wouldn’t say it’s like new because it has like a few scratches from being moved

From storage places he said but like structurally it is like new just not cosmetically but i mean that’s not a huge deal but i got a pretty decent bike for 125 and i’m very excited about it and it is my size and stuff uh but i haven’t ridden a bike without training wheels whatsoever but i haven’t ridden any kind of bike since i was probably like five or six so

I thought i would take you on this little adventure of learning to ride a bike at 20 years old by myself so let’s go here i go isn’t she cute though baskets upstairs i’m wearing jeans because i’ve been told that i might skin my knees up so i needed to wear pants instead of shorts so here we are in dear god it’s like 92 degrees out and the blazing sun is upon me

And it’s really hot and there’s so many noises do i just go i mean where’s the break isn’t there supposed to be a break oh this is really fun though even though i’m sweating oh gosh it’s really not that bad i just stopped being a wimp oh god that’s a huge bug oh my gosh what is that oh i don’t like bugs worse that happens is they fall and die you know i almost

Fixed that am i a failure i am so incredibly hot so i feel like if i was just in a more open space i could just go but could i stop is the question i think i’m just a wimp would it be easier if i did it in the grass so i’ve already started to get a little sunburned on my arms so i’m just gonna wrap it up oh gosh i’m not an outdoors person i’m just gonna wrap it

Up today literally and try again saturday or sunday we’ll see okay the air conditioning is really loud hi um it’s been like over a week since i filmed the last part of this video i did some riding in the backyard like outside of a little patio area in the grass and it went okay my biggest problem is i don’t really know how to stop but it’s about 7 30 right now

So i’m losing daylight but it’s really nice outside it’s only like 85 so i wanted to come out and do some riding hopefully we shall see so okay i freaking did that i’m filming it what no i watched a bunch of tutorials i did yeah boy you know i think i just need to stop being such a woman you want to kill me you’re going to film me okay it’s already going

These little girls are a little curious yeah i told them i’m learning to ride a bike really i think i’ve learned how to ride a bike right don’t stop it don’t stop it just oh i’m on the video too yeah like sort of at 20. except for the lightning bugs that was not a lightning bolt that was something else okay i know that was bad that was great but i could

Probably do like another day of this and then i’d be fine as long as you don’t have to travel anywhere further than 20 feet you should be fine hello everybody i think this is going to be the end of my journey of learning to ride a bike at 20 years old i’ve made a lot of progress since that first then i’m day of myself because even though it’s july and it’s

Hot and there’s bugs oh my gosh but despite all of that i still did this and i’m proud of myself because of the beginning of this pandemic quarantine time i wasn’t feeling too hot and i’ve dealt with depression in the past and i kind of felt it creeping back up on me and i was like don’t want that to happen but also sometimes i don’t have control over it so i’m

Proud of myself for doing new things for starting this youtube channel i mean i’m only at 121 subscribers right now but i’ve made like 10 videos i think something around there and i’m proud of myself because this is always something that i wanted to pick back up but i just never felt like i had the time or the effort and i did that all right but uh i think i’m

Gonna go right a little bit and then that’s gonna be the end of this video so thank you so much for watching this video even though it’s very dumb subscribe and like this video leave me a comment i post a new video every friday so i will see you in the next one goodbye i just made it around the whole vlog i’m so sweaty call me

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learning to ride a bike at 20 years old By Jewell Ariel Langdon