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Lectron Billetron Adjustable Motorcycle Carburetor

The updated Lectron Billetron 38 Carburetor provides better throttle response, more bottom end power and better fuel economy in a more compact design machined of billet aluminum. Using their proven metering rod technology, Lectron’s carburetor is able to self-adjust to conditions that would otherwise negatively affect your air-to-fuel ratio and cause poor performance. The newest generation Billetron features a finer idle adjustment, more precise tuning on the metering rod, new choke design, new slide design, metering rod location and OEM throttle cable compatibility for most two stroke applications. Take a closer look at these new features and more as Chase gives a product spotlight on the all-new Lectron Billetron 38mm Adjustable Carburetor.

All right everyone thank you so much for checking in today we’re showing you the new bilotron carburetor from electron if you’re new to electron carburetors if you haven’t learned too much about these they’re pretty freaking cool and what makes these so popular is that they are self-adjusting and they do that by using their meter metering rod technology which

We’re going to talk about here shortly so along with that self-adjusting what i mean by that is that gone are the days where you got to worry about your pilot jet your main jet your needle jet all the things that you’re typically trying to adjust to get your bike jetted correctly you don’t have to worry about with these because there’s no jets on an electron

Carburetor so if you’re going to be riding at different elevations maybe you’re sea level you’re going to go right up in the mountains at 8 9 000 feet maybe temperature change or humidity all those things that you typically have to factor in you don’t have to worry about those with the electron and that’s what makes it so popular it’s almost for the most part

Not quite but almost a full plug and play carburetor where you just installed on your motorcycle you go out and you have a good time so we’ll talk about that metering raw technology now this being the new bilatron they’ve made a quite a few changes to this as well we’re going to cover those after we talk about the metering rods so if you’re familiar with electron

Carburetors but you want to know what’s changed and what they’ve done to make this even better from just you know installing it working on it also performance wise we’re going to get to that also so stick around because we got a lot to talk about with this new carburetor so first and foremost fitment this is important to know if this is going to fit your motorcycle

It is simple to send to the year make and model of your bike on the product page that will let you know that if this is going to fit your bike so just be sure to do that you’ll be good but let’s talk about the metering rod technology first because this is the big so well with these carburetors like i mentioned self-adjusting and here is how that works you’ve

Got your slide and then the metering rod is just what’s going to take the place of your standard needle that you would have in your jet but you notice you’re looking at it though see how it’s flat on this side and it’s tapered well the flat side is what’s going to be facing the engine and the other side is just round and the best way to describe how this works

And i talked about this in my other electron video is like an eddy in a river and a lot of us have seen this before if you’re going down a river and there’s a rock right there in the middle the river hits the rock it wraps around it and then the water will actually go back towards the rock on the other side creating what they call an eddy and that’s just physics

And that’s essentially how this is working as the air is coming through the carburetor it hits the back side of this mirroring rod which is round the wind goes around there and it creates that eddy on the other side and what that does is actually pulls fuel up from the float bowl and what’s cool and again this is just talking about physics is that depending on

The elevation you know things like the humidity the temperature all those things factored in those will determine basically how strong the eddy is on the other side on the chamfer side and so it’ll pull either more or less fuel up that metering rod and that’s why it’s self-adjusting because you don’t have to really worry about anything now that being said yes

Self-adjusting but there are some things that you can fine-tune on this carburetor to get it to run exactly how you want it to so first of all with the metering rod if you need to you can go in and actually turn the metering rod and fine tune that and something that’s new with this new bilitron version is that it used to be you could do quarter turn increments

Now you can actually do eighth of a turn and there’s actually a metering rod tool that will come included and that’s what you use to adjust this you just want to remember though that if you do turn the metering rod in or out you always got to remember that the flat side needs to be facing the engine and the way you do that is that after you turn the metering rod

If you simply just push up on it it will allow you to rotate it so it’s facing forward again so just make sure it’s always in that orientation if you do adjust that but that’s your metering rod and then when you get to the actual carburetor itself a few other things so you have a power jet that is right up here on top this used to be up here on the top of the

Carburetor which made it kind of difficult to get to now it’s here on the side and what the power jet adjustment does is you got to think about kind of half throttle and wide open so from half throttle to wide open when you’re doing that you need a lot of fuel coming through and so that power jet is just going to help get more fuel coming up from the float bowl

In those situations and then lastly you do have an idle screw on here something new with the idle screw idle screw for the bilatron is that they use the finer pitch thread which just allows you to get a little bit more adjustability and the example that they gave me is that on the previous generation one full turn is actually going to be equivalent to about one

And a third on this new on this new thread pitch because it’s finer so you’re just allowing you to tweak it and fine tune it just a little bit more than the previous generation okay so those are kind of the big those are the adjustments that you can make with this now on top of the changes that i just talked about let’s just go over what’s new with the bilatron

And some of the performance gains that they’re saying that you’re getting from this new version as well so first of all new choke more of like your oem style choke to say the durability is going to be better it’s going to be more consistent and again that’s just going to be on the other side as well so again a little bit easier to get to they change the size of

This so it’s also a little bit shorter it’s a little bit or sorry the height is going to be a little bit shorter it’s not as long front to back as well so they did that just to make it have better fitment with all the motorcycles that are out there that’s going to work for so it’s going to be the same length front to back as most your oem carburetors so you don’t

Have to change your air boot anything like that she’s going to drop right in and the height being that’s a little bit shorter makes it a little bit easier to work on if you need to pull the slide out to get to that metering rod and that’s another big update is that the slide now you’re just going to use your oem throttle cable you don’t have to have a different

Throttle cable which is going to be a big perk for a lot of people so overall they just made this thing easier to work on another big update if you look at the bottom here this has been around for a while the clear float bowl which a lot of people really like so you can always see how much fuel is in there but they’re using a different plastic which they say is

More clear so easier to see through and it’s stronger so just overall durability they improve there they also listen to the public and they put a drain on the bottom of the float bowl so if you’re gonna be maybe parking your bike for a while or maybe you’re gonna be pulling the carb off to do some work or whatever you can just drain all the fuel right out of the

Bottom there which is pretty cool the slide on it is updated so it is an h style slide and what’s cool is that the coating on this is a new coating which they say you’re not going to wear this coating off it’s incredibly durable and it’s just they say it’s just going to give a smoother action so you’ve got the slide update on there and then the other big update

Is from a performance standpoint one aspect about the electron carburetors that people really like is how smooth it is and that’s because of that metering rod so you know all the way through the power curve it’s a very linear power that you’re getting but and this was kind of interesting so talking to the guys at electron they were very honest with me and they said

That an oem carburetor that is jetted is just right is actually a little bit more responsive and has a little bit more you know hit right off of throttle and that was the one complaint that this said riders had about their older their previous generation is that they loved how smooth and how good the power was throughout the power curve they just felt like they

Were giving up just a little bit right off of throttle so what they did to remedy that is the bell and bore is more aggressive and so by doing that they say that they’re able to increase and just get better throttle response right off the bottom but still maintaining that good linear power curve all the way throughout so those are like kind of the performance

Power gains you’re getting with the new bilotron so in a nutshell like i said with this carburetor they’re expensive we’re talking about 600 bucks here but when you look at all the things that i just talked about not having to you know go out and try and reject your carburetor depending on where you’re going to be riding if you have a carburetor right now where

It’s just finicky for you and you just don’t like working on it or maybe you don’t want to have to deal with it for those reasons that i just explained that’s what makes electron carburetor so awesome so if that is something that you’re interested in it could be a really good upgrade for you we even did a video where we took a husqvarna 150 we’re having a hard

Time getting that bike jetted correctly especially up here at elevation we slapped one of the previous generation carburetors on there and right out of the box we put it on made zero adjustments and the bike ran awesome and now you’ve got the bilatron which is an updated version of that so it can only get better if you do have questions or comments about this

We would love to get those answered so make sure leave those in the comment section below if you are running electron carburetor especially the new bilatron i would love to hear your feedback comment below what bike do you have it on what have you liked about it you know even your dislikes did you make any tweaks to it once you had it on the bike or did you just

Throw it on there and you’re out there ripping having a good time we want to hear all that feedback so make sure to leave that below to grab one for your bike click on the link or head over to we ship for free over 75 bucks and if you like this product spotlight and you want to see more like it get subscribed to the rocky mountain youtube

Channel hit that notification bell and that’ll keep you up to date i’m chase and we’ll see on the trails you

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