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LEGO Jurassic World Dominion Atrociraptor Dinosaur: Bike Chase REVIEW! Set 76945

Hello there! Switching it up and bringing you all a review on the LEGO Jurassic World Dominion set, Atrociraptor Bike attack!

Hello there this is lego dynasty and today i’m bringing you guys a review of the lego jurassic world dominion atrociraptor dinosaur bike chase it is set number seven six nine four five comes with 169 pieces is rate ages six and up this set retails in the united states for 19.99 and in canada for 24.99 so without further ado let’s start off this review by checking

Out the box so you can see the box shows some nice detail kind of reminds me of uh the end of jurassic world falling kingdom that area there just uh where they were the dinosaurs escaped at the end of that movie spoilers if you haven’t seen that movie i guess um got the atrocity raptor up there got i believe his name is yeah rain decor who i believe is supposed

To be the main villain human character he’s the one that kind of is stealing dinosaurs so let’s see some of the minifigures up there and then shows some of the play features on the back of the box like so first up we have owen grady uh obviously played by chris pratt in the jurassic world films so very nice detail he does have some torso print or a leg printing

I should say it looks like he’s got a holster got the belt printed which looks nice great to see lego doing that no arm printing got some nice torso print though and then has a more stern angry face for his second next up we have rain delacore and he has some excellent detail he’s definitely i would say more detailed with his uh printing than uh own grady’s so

He’s got the nice uh leg printing got really cool torso print same with the back he’s got the tranquilizer gun as he’s catching dinosaurs i’m trying to get a focus there’s like a little what i assume to be a tattoo of the dinosaur there on his face but it won’t focus so moving on we have the atrocity raptor there we go now you can see it better got excellent

Printed until it’s obviously all one mold other than the mouth which can open and close like so now we do get some little baby dinosaurs they’re pretty much the same well they are the same old just different colors you got the brown and purple and then the green and kind of dark green look excellent just a little cute little baby dinosaurs that totally won’t

Bite off your face now also included is a motorbike i believe we see this kind of scene play out in the trailer this is own gritty escaping the atrocious raptor it might not be in trusser after in the film but he’s escaping the dinosaur that’s chasing him in the city so just a nice little green motorbike nice to have included in the set for sure now the overall

Build of the set is uh pretty general uh it’s kind of spread out kind of reminds me of the mandalorian forge like a star wars set just in how it’s laid out in a lot of ways it’s god it’s all kind of a bunch of plates connect together that works um one of the features is there’s a wheel there so you can turn the dinosaur as you desire another feature is you can

Pop off this part i assume just to represent the dinosaur escaping it’s kind of just a random feature in my mind now you can pop this little stand off like so so it’s just a little cage i’d say and there is a printed piece right there it’s got the mosquito with the dinosaur dna inside of it of course like we’ve seen before so you can place that wherever you want

And that shows you some more of the features of the set so as you can see it is kind of breakable yeah especially if you’re grabbing it in the wrong places like i was but we’ll put it back together quick you got a little what i assume to be dinosaur stole just brick built and that’s pretty much it for the set itself my final thoughts on the set are it’s an okay

Set uh the build itself is pretty lackluster the pulley features are okay uh i mean you can spin the wheel you can pop this off uh to represent the dinosaur breaking through but overall that’s basically it um it’s nice to get some of the characters you get the main villain the main human villain of the film i mean typically dinosaurs can be the villains of these

Movies and you get of course the main character of the new jurassic world films and noah grady including the set which is always nice you get a nice dinosaur mold but these molds can go up in price quite a bit you know i chose this set because literally uh the next setup was 180 pieces and the price difference was 15 it was 39.99 canadian and that’s only because

It had a slightly bigger dinosaur mold so that’s kind of why i chose the set i wanted to get some i still plan on getting some of the other uh dinosaur jurassic world sets in the future but i’m gonna wait until like double points i think to get a couple of them and i’m not going to get them all because some are just too overpriced to be worth it with the dinosaur

Molds so but that’s just my opinion uh you guys can let me know in the comments below if you guys think jurassic world sets are a bit overpriced with the molds or if you think it’s worth it because the molds are pretty unique let me know in the comments down below uh but at the end of the day for 19.99 and 24.99 there’s definitely worse sets you could be getting

Uh for sure and that’s pretty much it for my thoughts on this set uh let me know in the comments your thoughts are on this set are you guys excited for the new jurassic world movie let me know in the comments as well this has been lego dynasty please like and subscribe if you have enjoyed and have a great day everyone you

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LEGO Jurassic World Dominion Atrociraptor Dinosaur: Bike Chase REVIEW! Set 76945 By Lego Dynasty