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LENS FOR ENDURO GOGGLES: Which you can Open and Close !

Airscreen Lenses allow you to open and close your lens when ever you desire.No need to take the goggles off when you are in difficult areas or waiting for your friends. It’s a bit to warm ? Nothing better than a small breath of air to dry the foam and refreshing your face.

So hello guys and welcome to my channel so i have something really cool to show you so the googles which you can open so the lens so this is really a nice feature because in these summer days you can open the googles and have like fresh air and when you don’t need it anymore you can easily close it with one hand still riding so i was thinking on the first i

Am going to get some like air and faster stuff but no this lasting is feeling really good so no any problems so let’s continue riding so yeah now it’s really hard action so i need to open my googles to get some air so like this and it’s finished we can start again so guys i got really cool lens for testing so when first look is like normal googles and lens

But on a closer look you can see these white attachments so what this does it opens the side of the lens so you can close it really easy so what this does it’s going to open the air so you get some cooling for your eyes so also when you have like some fog problem you just open it and the fog is gone so on the first i was thinking when you go really fast you’re

Getting some like air inside and some dust when you ride behind some other riders so but that’s not true because this is really good fitting so also by the way while you’re riding you can easy with one finger to open it and close it what is really nice so you don’t need having to stop so look this so it’s really easy really easy tight fitment and this product

Is really cheap so i’m going to leave the link in description so you can buy it also so let’s try it and test it so it’s really easy to close and open the lens which is really nice and when you ride really forward the air is going to uh be blocked of the lens and it it’s not going to go insane the ice so you get just fresh air from sides which is really

Nice so guys i think for really extreme riders uh this lens is going to help you a lot because it’s going to reduce some heat from the head which is really important this summer days so really nice product i will use it in the future because i’m really happy with it and yeah it’s working really fine the design is really fine it’s on any problems so i’m

Going to test this many hours more maybe on 40 50. i’m going to make some update to tell you after like 50 hours what i think still about this lens so that’s about this video so see you next time what um um foreign

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LENS FOR ENDURO GOGGLES: Which you can Open and Close ! By The Dirtbike Rider