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Lifesaving instantly inflating Helite motorcycle airbag jacket and vest – Motorbike safety

What price to save your back and/or neck?!

Over here with peter raleigh from he light uk talk about his fantastic airbag technology this is something i’ve personally been looking into over the last few months it’s very limited supplies of the sock technology out there it’s absolutely critical for any riders with redness sort of pitman in my opinion it covers your back and most importantly this is where a

Lot of thought of us don’t cover those riders it protects your neck and it’s the neck that causes the most severe and most common injuries in high speed crashes okay peter didn’t tell us about that you’re fighting a business just quickly where he like uk with the uk distributor for he likes a french brand launched by a famous microlight pilot called geoff’s even

Though 10 years ago crashing his microlight oh he realized he was very painful so he built himself an airbag through spiral i never i said hey jared good idea well do you know how many micro lites there are in france you’re not going to make any money she’s for the market he went into this product and rhys 46,000 motorcycle accidents have been studied to produce

The he life air jackets well basically which which used land yards too far the air bags so that we keep the cost reasonable yep these air bags are fired by alanya we take the land yard you tied to the bike underneath the to the frame right that stays with it yet to remind you come off the bike right a bit like an airbag on a car it’s a predetermined amount of this

Is the same but if you fall off this vast will in a plate and turn into a product like this i was showing the amazing backwards exiting the product we’ve got two colors black or high-vis we also build it into jacket yeah i think their jackets are winner very excited about this new product we have the very first diamond why we are so excited is it is a revolution

In safety the reason i’m saying that show you here very quickly this is poor greek motorcycle um it’s very good quality is this a state level – is the industry standard yeah that’s kind of bike that we’d have enough been a back of our jackets as standard come into contact with even a small amount of force like this yeah which means your back still gonna absorb

A lot of impacts hence bruising or possible real damage etc the airbag with drummer roy yes pretty impressive this back is dispersing the force of the impact but around the airbag and as a result of this the delivering 40 less transmitted force in an accident yeah so there is now a choice for the consumer and i can able dog no i think you’re right we have an

Amazing new safety product man it’s built into our jackets yeah if you want to come up problems you’ve high vis we all know how safe it is but i think particularly sports bike riders don’t like to wear it because they they’re just too what about how they look but this is a really attractive textile jacket and incredibly safe sake you can be used that is probably

The safest touring jacket in the world how much these retail for it might save your life absolutely you need to spend a thousand pound on a top-quality rucker jacket these days it’s not going to do any more than a tour de pound jacket it comes down to it not much more our primary focus is the protection of the air bag and abrasion he’s a very high-performing

Abrasion you can fall off the bike in this equipment it’s tested after 150 miles an hour which possibly a little excessive asian factor is tested to 150 bellarmin well it will it will and can make a difference you tell us a bit more about how it helps prevent the usual neck injuries he’s gonna money’s going to model its going to do things very quickly it doesn’t

Go off by accident until it forgets to unclip it from inside cool blimey the reason it’s so effective is and feel is nary absolutely right he’s preventing his helmet roll from side to side yet it’s giving the amazing back protection that we’ve also get toma to the heart yeah this product if you are bent over well straighten your back neck and spine out in north

Point nor nine seconds by doing that what we have really changed are the odds in the accident because now your body can take trauma show me the video that would show me in the example of that how little drama you can take yep it’s about the next about the back but it’s also about the often most often forgot an area which is actually the frontal car ribcage you

Don’t have to break a rib and pierce your heart and you’re dead anyway so this is all about toque to our body safety product i just i just hope people really engage with this sort of product and it becomes almost like a no not wearing see what’s in the car this becomes you know actual standard norm for people it’s it seems we really don’t wear it not when you do

Well good also seeing the furrows in france and the like counters that i’m more like burrows certain burrows are taking the v80 off the product we can courage for people to wear oh fantastic so the french are in front in some respects that’s good most safe that’s just causing sector motorcyclists in france where airbag protection the reason for that is so that

Beauty of cat in france has been higher than it has been in the but yeah that’s right new in the so i jr. cares was all about we’ve got a duty of care to protect ourself so we don’t leave our loved ones you know it’s a no-brainer for me fantastic product i wish you will all the best let’s do this i want to see a time when everybody’s wearing one of these it’s

The first one will be me so i’m gonna i’m gonna put money where our mouth is got a copy today i don’t want to buy judging show accident reduction our attempting a very bold target to reduce ks eyes filled and services there where a user stood in the airbag well the government will subsidize it or something cycle accident they can say categorically between 52%

Of the excellence of motorcycles the add-back will play host or absolutely seventy-five thousand if we got it on 10% we could start to influence aquellas eyes yeah because poor people start wearing these that will start becoming kind of socially acceptable to hardcore bikers and then it already just snowball from there so that’s brilliant and what for 300 to

600 pounds it could save your spine or save your life that’s got to be good value to me all right guys i appreciate your time all the best for the company you

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