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Little Sahara Sand Dunes vlog! 150+ jumps

Weekend at the dunes with Brance and Donny, stay tuned for more videos to come and take a look at my shorts and other videos!

Foreign you see we got the paddle tire we got the flag we got the trailer loaded up fitting the head up to uh little sahara and waitinoka oklahoma and i’m gonna tear it up out there so i’ll keep you all posted yo yo got the funnies for the road yes sir the only snack i had i had to go with the funnies yeah i had to had to go onies we got an hour 29 left on

The dot hour 29 625 is the arrival time will still be daylight get some riding time news foreign foreign somehow we got out there on the sand no flag no flag no headlights no tail lights anything they were like just go up just pull up we’ll let y’all ride free for free so we uh we’re trying to figure out if coal was long enough and it snodged it

Wasn’t we got to figure something out for tomorrow but they’re like yeah man if if you guys want to go out for 20 minutes or so it’s got there and be careful and i was like ripped it up bro he’s moving out there it’s gonna be it’s gonna be a good one about to cook up some burgers you know with our primo wood where’s glass baby first class oh you can’t even see me

Out here oh there i go now i’m like casper the ghost let’s go i will catch all for me seriously yeah thanks that’s almost seven in the morning got some good sleep but there was one of them razors all night long up and down the road i’m gonna try to go out there and catch the sunrise it’s a warm up a little bit you can warm up a little bit it’s like a good uh

17 degrees it feels like soon i mean built for this cold man we’ll see we’ll see foreign foreign you know yeah buddy ripping it up a little bit of stuff wait on there ah sick bro a little chilly but i got a little nice little sunrise over here look at the dunes oh dude such a steve dude let’s see what he thinks about it you like that you like

That i like that okay uh see he’s machine number two can’t quite keep it up on two by itself but it’ll work yeah bro 450 just chunks of the stuff oh my god mmm we got like a third floor to something like that foreign flag decides to fall off my bike for some reason so now we gotta go hunt down another flag spend some extra money but that’s

Part of the fun right always gotta find the wood lose a flag let’s just get started too isn’t it i know it’s the first day well first full day all right pour gas on a lit fire no no no no no no no no no so much more calm than it was last night whoa whoa whoa whoa all right we’re going out for the last session of the day process of the day yeah i’m kidding

Going out for the fourth sash of the day i just had had lunch hell with the hot dogs ooh keep the goggles like that keep them down how are the hot dogs pretty far hot dogs are pretty bald they were pretty good yeah i still can’t compare to the the burgers the burgers last night those things were just insane but crazy yeah going out four sets of the day we’re gonna

Be following a little staff let’s go mm-hmm this is a deep foreign oh look at that it’s not that bad listen but they could use some help better safe than something probably there’s no i could run that for another day i don’t know that’s pretty sandy it’s not that it’s pretty it’s yours mine’s not bad yours is bad look at how much look at how much

Sand is in there oh my gosh leave mine alone how did your bike not blow up the next day well there’s some nice helmets over there and get a razor i said we buy a razor and i’ll drive it home i said do we get this shirt with the wasp on it is that included on this shirt is the hey you want to give me a new dirt bike lies fox leggings is the mannequin included

It’s a it’s a african-american mannequin that’s what i’m talking about where’s the lie a full stock of paddle tires i bet this one gets extra drive just from the extra nipples on there cool new sponsor fxr very serious hat winner series hat all his ears on it turns into a furry enhanced hearing let’s see it’s kind of clean are you smelling it it smells good it

Does yeah oh yeah let’s clean what am i doing foreign just right here foreign since you’re a little too hard i am blue this counter shot seal two bits spraying oil everywhere so now sands all over the place it’s leaking super low on oil lucky to make it back to the pits and maybe you have a little bit of angle but it’s still low um you don’t

Get it fixed see what we can do maybe the weekend early oh never forget foreign we’ll see how it turns out it’s for the vlog we gotta they gotta be filled in sane vlog competition right there um all right so we’re wrapped up for the weekend got everything packed and loaded back up came to a tragic conclusion when i blew a counter chef seal on my bike oh shoot

There’s a mating bee on my leg as you all saw fancy boy right there um yeah stay tuned we got a race coming up next weekend next weekend we might have to put a video up about that too all the homies all right i’m about to hit the road catch off bro there’s lines for a reason hey this is let me smell it a little sahara sand sports merch smells like donnie

Donnie donnie cause i’m a dirt bike boy and i’ve been trying to ride it so i’m a dirt bike boy i’m just a dirt bike boy i’m a guest

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Little Sahara Sand Dunes vlog! (150’+ jumps) By Stephdiesel