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Long Term Review Klockwerks 2018 Goldwing Windscreen

Update on how the Klockwerks flare windscreen is holding up after 9 months and many miles.

Good morning there youtube how’s everyone doing today i hope wonderful well as you probably guessed from the thumbnail what we’re going to be talking about is the clockworks screen i’ve had a couple people ask me in the comment section of the install video how this thing is holding up and i’ve already got a bug on it and i’ve only gotten two seconds down from my

House so how is it doing let’s see so i put it on in i believe it was i swear this road is 45 miles an hour i had to get up to 65 just so i could merge and uh anyway right how’s this thing doing oh it’s doing really good uh get about let’s see here how many we have let’s see we’ve gone to i’ve gotten all over i mean i’ve it’s been about eight months i’ve

Had it on no scratches no blemishes no dings no problems with it um it’s held up great my wife likes it um she noticed a difference from the standard shield that comes with the wing you know it just gets as much buffeting back there um not that this is on which she likes now one of the things i thought about doing is actually getting the short shield this is

The 18 i think which is basically the same size as the same height as the stock windshield or windscreen depending what you want to call it that should have cleaned the mirrors and uh but i like it it’s been what it’s done really well um the only thing i would say is like during the rain and that’s more of a a lot of a lot of moisture gets trapped to the back

Of it so it does make it kind of difficult to see through it like especially if you put it up you know i mean i that’s the other nice thing is i never have to like you know it’s one of the best things i like about this bike when i first got it was it had the electric windscreen which is uh phenomenal you know it’s like just you know you know shields up captain

You know when you’re behind that thing it’s like being behind a barn door you know it uh really does keep the wind off but i’ve noticed with having the clockwork screen on i don’t have to raise it it’s always in the lower position whereas with the stock shield which sat about the same height um you had i always kept it up a little bit higher dirty dirt you

Know so i always had to keep it up a little bit higher to get rid of that buffeting off the helmet which we all love you know can handle all other stuff but not buffeting but so that is a good thing and it is humid out this morning somebody’s got them a v8 up there yeah so if you aren’t in the market for a new screen for your gold wing now i would definitely

Recommend going with the clockworks it’s i don’t think it was overly priced i mean it was comparable to others i know a lot of people like the f4 which i have have friends that have that and you know there’s a great shield but it’s humongous you know and living in florida you want somewhere i like i’ve even thought about getting the short shield for this um and

Then smoked so that way you know i like being able to see down here because you know on long trips you know if it’s raining and stuff you gotta have that in front of your vision where with the darker screen it makes it a little bit harder to see through it so i do prefer the clear but if i get the shorty shield then uh i’ll get that smoke because it’ll be lower

And it’ll only be for you know like my day tripping like this where i’m just going to meet up some friends go grab some breakfast go for a short ride you know nothing major you know no highway in it you know no massive adventures just out for a normal day then it’d be great in the summer but i don’t know if i want to spend more money on another windscreen you know

If clockworks wants to send me one and i’ll review it i mean i like this one so i wouldn’t say i wouldn’t like the other one so but that’s all i wanted to talk about i just want to give you a quick update on the clockworks um windscreen for the 2018 and above honda goldwing if if you’re new to my channel which i guess i should have said this before my name is pete

On the old pete’s 1800 clever right so yeah if you would hit that like button if you have any comments or questions i’ll be more than happy to answer um i try to at least you know go back to everybody that has commented and addressed your question or your concern so anyway thanks for watching hit that subscribe and like button and also you can find me on instagram at pete’s 1800 bye

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Long Term Review Klockwerks 2018 Goldwing Windscreen By Petes1800