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Longboard vs Skateboard vs Cruiser Comparison

It seems obvious for most, but I realized there are a good amount of beginners out there that are still confused. Here are some differences between longboards, skateboards, and cruisers.

What are the differences between a long board a skateboard and a cruiser that’s what i’m gonna cover all right now i’m gonna be completely real i was a little hesitant to even make this video because the differences just seem obvious to me but i was reviewing the comments in the beginner longboard video and there still seems to be a good amount of beginners that

Are confused for most of you i’d say that this video is just gonna be obvious uh so i don’t wanna waste your time you don’t have to watch this go shred instead now for those of you that are sticking around and are curious about the differences you’re gonna hear me throughout the video say words like typically usually mostly because nothing really is set in stone

You compare it to like the medical field where there are scientific definitions backed by data with skating that’s not so much the first thing that you want to do is define what type of riding you’re gonna be doing what’s your environment like that’s gonna help you narrow down your choices for example from ages like five years old to when i was like 14 all i used

Was a skateboard and that’s pretty much because i wanted to do tricks at the skate park fast forward in high school all i really wanted to do was bomb hills and do slides and that’s why i picked up a loaded tan tien longboard and now i pretty much just want to cruise which is why i’m obsessed with mini cruisers and surfskates the first thing you’re probably going

To notice is how the long board is bigger in size typically deck length ranges from around 34 all the way to like 46 inches give or take and with around eight and a half to ten inches now because they’re longer they’re gonna have longer wheelbases which if you don’t know what that is it’s the distance between one truck to the other a longer wheelbase is gonna make

It more stable at higher speeds in most cases i know there’s there’s probably someone out there right now that’s like well a lot of it has to do with rider error and like i understand that but this is just giving you a rough idea johnny now depending on what type of longboard you have some of them like this one specifically has a lot of flex in it which almost

Acts as like suspension when you’re cruising like if you go over rocks or pebbles or cracks but then also it like locks you in when you’re carving now i personally really like flex on this type of longboard but it does kind of come down to personal preference skateboards will range anywhere from 31 to 33 inches and about seven and a quarter to eight and a half

Inches wide obviously skateboards have the most aggressive kicktail and nose so that you can do tricks they have some slight concave but really the defining characteristic of a skateboard is like that popsicle shape cruisers range from 28 to 34 inches and are typically 8 to 10 inches wide best way to describe a cruiser is you take the long board you mix it with

The skateboard and it’s a nice little crossbreed low-key kicktails and some type of nose is common among cruisers so you can do flip tricks if you want trucks on a long board are typically reverse kingpins often referred to as rkps which look like this they’re inverted compared to a traditional kingpin tkps which you’ll find on skateboards and most cruisers

But i guess to put it simply rkps are better at higher speeds they’re more stable and they’re just better for carving which is why you find them on long whereas tkps are lighter they’re lower to the ground and they’re better for grinding because the kingpin bolt is behind the hanger find tkps often on cruisers like the dinghy blunt here but there’s also cruiser

Setups that use rkps like the loaded coyote you can put rkps on there so this is this gives you a rough idea wheels on long boards and cruisers are usually softer and wider compared to skateboard wheels the softer the wheel the better for cruising on street because they absorb pebbles and cracks easier smaller and harder wheels are used on skateboards since you

Can easily do power slides and they’re less forgiving if you get wheel bite after landing a trick okay so hopefully that gives you a rough idea of the differences between these boards but there might still be some of you out there like so how do i choose do you want to do tricks shred skate parks street spots become the next niger houston get a skateboard but if

You want to shred roads for longer distances get speed throw some slides there’s a bunch of different categories within it but get a longboard if you want the best of both worlds something maybe that’s a little more portable then a cruiser is probably solid for you but then again i don’t know you gotta you gotta make up your mind at the end of the day don’t get

Too caught up on the technicals of gear just try to define what type of riding you wanna do do the research obviously you want to get the right board for you but just get out there and shred you

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Longboard vs Skateboard vs Cruiser (Comparison) By Shred Shack