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Low Speed Tips for HEAVY CRUISERS


How’s it going everyone so this is my buddies what year is this uh 19 2019 indian springfield indian springfield so i never rolled this bike before but i’ve been riding around for five minutes just doing a couple figure eights so on a bigger bike right there’s a couple things so first don’t rely on the rear brake at all at first just do the clutch and throttle

If the bike feels like it’s going to fall over it needs a little bit of power to ease off the clutch a little bit stand it back up you know you don’t fully release it nor do you fully keep it in you’re just kind of playing with the friction zone but the main thing is you have to have a little bit of speed to make the bike lean when the bike’s trapping down at a

Lower speed you’re just relying on the handlebars so i can’t make the turn it’s a heavy bike once it gets over like here like oh it’s gonna fall over you’re going too slow to make the bike lanes you have to have a little bit more speed so i’m just gonna do some figure eights these are 20 feet apart no breaks check it out a little bit of speed i carried

Get the bike lean over now for low speed stuff i want the bike on the ground lean the thing over i always tell people i meet up with them like let me see you do some figure eights like we just did i’m like dude floorboard on the ground if you’re not going quick enough to lean the bike over lean that thing over if you only try to rely on the handlebars you’re

Never going to make tight turns lean angle is what does it so low speed stuff lean as much as you can faster speed turns you want to lean as little as possible because lean is risk when you’re going faster that’s why by position on cruisers are so helpful because the bike stands upright bye to the inside but for low speed stuff man throw this thing on the ground

Do something right ah and that’s what i recommend doing for you’re starting to do your low speed stuff clutch and throttle eventually at the rear brake you can kind of keep a little bit of pressure on on and off the pressure slowly he’ll help out but don’t let it become a crutch so only clutch and throttle first figure eights figure eight squares going

Through now if you if you saw my body go back and watch i’m not purposely trying to go to the outside or the inside i just don’t move i let the bike lean under me am i counter bouncing not really counterbalancing is i put all my weight on one side and let the bike lean if i’m going to demonstrate right now i’m going to put my feet up here on these damn bars

Obviously my weight won’t be anywhere but straight up and down i’m not worried so much about counter mounting i’m just worried about clutch and throttle check it out this is where it’s at that’s it clutch and throttle small movements let the bike lean lean that damn thing over so i’m going to add a little bit of rear brake and that’s fun with a little bit

Of rear brake steady throttle slip in the clutch you can start to pause and balance that’s how you win slow races check it out so all right everyone hope this helps hit subscribe like comment below tell me

Transcribed from video
Low Speed Tips for HEAVY CRUISERS By MotoJitsuĀ®