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LunaTrike Recumbent Trike, 2017-04-11, carbon fiber, aluminum, custom

I apologize to Eric for inadvertently ‘relocating’ him from his (correct) home in Greenwich, NY to the (incorrect) title page listing of “Cushing, NY”. Sorry, Eric……..; I be excited!

Eric where did you start with this concept haha so originally i i guess i was thinking about growing up and riding go-karts around and how exciting loves it to come make something that day and write as crash it and build it again and just the fun of being close to the ground long fast i’m a lifelong cyclist i brace for years i always thought the trike and i used

To see them with much kind like a go-kart and that looks like a fun low-to-the-ground rocketship of a ride i got come inspired from the design aspect because i’m an architect that tinker with the concept there’s a lot of strikes i have saw designed where students barry didn’t have enough sex appeal in my mind i guess they were very functional and very worked

Very well they didn’t have enough i don’t know i just i wanted to see some more curves i guess and that was a thing attracted me most was the was the overall shape of things and how they went together the shock system on the seat i don’t know what your inspiration was had you ever ridden a ride over trade never let me strike him and through the design process that

Started getting very interested in him just kind of obsessed with wanting to ride them so i had with some folks online and constantly you know in connecticut have to drill down and throw it around fires again whoo giggle deeper and you know there’s obviously a lot engineering involved because i wanted to make sure it had the proper steering centerpoint steering

So i got the caster angle and mechanically inclination right you know i’ve got the little spreadsheet from looking hora with 15 years ago online well we talked about rick and i think you had mentioned the steering and this componentized section here was probably where ricky was most influential yeah you know he had a little spreadsheet which is a real simple thing

But it told you you know what angle these had to be i mean this is basically a geometry to make sure this hits at the point where the wheel hits the ground but also what angle leaned back makes the most sense to have a steering snap back to the center point and also he gave an information i think for those the length of step where this connection point is and

How long this line is and what the angle to that connection point needs to be basically wasn’t adjustment you just one the other thing with changing spreadsheet it was very helpful the test different geometries cuz i tested a couple different things actually was designing a steering system that would do this where you want to turn like you ruin it and it was just

The linkages underneath this appears his is a novel yeah apparent had you ever seen anything like this no so i knew i wanted i knew i had to have the front derailleur hanger somewhere but some reason that just the straight up tube just seems a little awkward to me so i want to do something more that blended with the curves of the trike and i originally had just a

Plate steel here a plate piece of aluminum they also want to place at the mount lights and things but when frank the welder got ahold of it who’s the welder for this he was a famous bike builder his first gentlemen i were to build mountain bikes i have aluminum and he built one for missy tomac and missing jovi and tom tomac i forgot the guys but the famous first

Mountain bikers he built their bikes and he just happened to be local and her semi local and took on the challenge and the end of the hammering miss out of thin aluminum and folded it into the shape and welded it this beautiful form so so all of this all these brackets that had to be custom-made yes yep this is this pieces custom-made stand this custom-made these

Are just these are made independently but these this is the only part of steel on here this is chromoly here and the kingpins are made custom and he had these plates that he made custom cut holes in them and did a really beautiful job on that so everything is aluminum you said been heat treated as well yeah yep he treated after the fact you can pretty much have to

Do that with women i’m gonna have fun with this i just just attended a hot rod show or run in pigeon forge and this will be in some shows don’t be in someone i get that flat tire fix this i think i’ll leave it like that was there ever any other color that you had anticipated and why the yellow yeah i want to think the yellow and black won’t be kind of thing i’m not

Sure but i did do a bunch of tests i did a studies and and all sorts of colors i had thought about blue at one point and then i was just going to do really a matte black which wasn’t popular at the time it was hard to get actually get at the time i was doing it 15 years ago but some reason i think the contrast of the yellow the black curve and just seemed to work

Out and you know i guess it’s the desire and me but i wanted to be able to accessorize and black was an easy easy color to get that kind of blend everything together there was a fun project first it was designed then it was rendering and then you know i realized as i got gone this thing like i probably build this thing so i started doing some research how i

Could actually get it to happen and the carbon fiber seat was a big challenge for me i mean it was it was a real fun thing was a lot of learning involved 2003 when i completed that first step is for me to figure out what geometry i wanted to see i had a saw a couple seats online i liked but i thought this design lended itself to having a longer lower look to it

And they keep the aerodynamic feel i had going the back seat was the place that i could actually hang a saddle bag from if i wanted to or it also kept the water off my back but the form i made out of plywood bondo and got the shape and it was laying back got the photographs of me sitting in certain positions to find out what the most comfortable riding position

Would be for my hands for my you know that’s how i locate the steering and the handle book grips and all those pieces came into play the geometry then into cad and then i printed out full-size drawings to make the seat to scale and made out of bondo and i made negative out of fiberglass and the resin on the insides will have a smooth finish on the final coat which

At the top coats then you kevlar for the for the innards of it to keep it nice and strong and then carbon fiber is the outer cover to keep it lightweight and looking pretty cool i actually had pros put the final coat of fiberglass or carbon fiber around here i did the rest of it and they put the last coat on pro so they could gel coat it just right so it came

Out looking nice well i talked to you about the mold hoping someday we can get together on the mole yeah great i don’t anticipate repositioning the trike what i would like to do is to is to really have a nice display i build canopies for the trikes and they they can themselves attract a good sized audience but i think when you have such a diversified display a

Trike like this is really it’s really unnatural i think for people who are interested in in equipment here was a eye catcher driving around people seem to gather around and what the heck you ride around it well i think what you experienced was probably the newness of the trike in in circles i travel it would be the newness of design beyond just being a trike to

See right so i think i think what what what my audience is is likely going to experience is a is another level of booth i just i don’t even know where where to go with it with questions it’s just a beautiful piece of work and i’m i’m real proud we will own this number thank you very much for them and i hope you get as much enjoyment as that is i did and load

This thing up then this piggyback mark powers pretty interesting check out this theory that is actually something very similar die you look at that spread accent where it’s pretty close what does this bar up here remind like this green speed arrow exactly it’s just early 2000 hurry he finished in 2003 the same thing back hearing them in the back you know them

At crossroads crazy doesn’t mean that people maybe the other women with it there’s a there’s a pushing under here as well just a little i really blessed to have lots of the shop on smart peering down

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