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Magellan & Mulloy Biker Boot Review

Magellan & Mulloy are known for their high quality Country wear boots, with an equestrian background. The Adventure is their first foray into the world of motorcycling. Available in both Mens and Womens ranges.

Hi attorney here at fusion to maintain and today i’m taking a look at a new pair of boots from magellan and molloy okay before we start i have to be honest and say i’m works out how you pronounce the name it could be magellan it could be magellan but if you’ve not heard of this company you’re not alone there are a new name to me and this is an example over the

European union working at its best because these boots are manufactured by a dutch company using an english name and the boots are handmade in italy now the company are making their first foray into the motorcycle boot with this which is the adventure biker boot now there’s some interesting styling on this this is made to look like a walking boot which apparently

Is bang on trend at the moment so although this is a short book one of the key points about this boot is its ee level 2 rated now there’s not many if any other boots certainly in this short style out there that come with that kind of guarantee this boot is the denver black with red stitching and this comes with red laces and they said a black laces as well if

These are a little bit too loud there is also a version with orange laces and orange stitching they also do the black boot with blue stitching and blue laces so there’s quite a bit of choice if you want a black boot as well as black they also have the boot available in a brown and a tan color which they refer to as brandy and all these boots come with two sets of

Laces so you can have contrasting or matching laces now mittal ii i don’t have very many female viewers on this channel i guess the name probably puts them off in the first instance and but these boots are available in men’s and ladies sizes and the one thing i like about the manufacturer is if you get the women’s boots they’re exactly the same as the guys in terms

Of the colorways so there’s not a hint of pink and i think what frustrates some women riders is they don’t want pink that ethos of shrink pink it certainly not something to do here so exactly the same color ranges available in the men’s range and the women’s range okay so let’s take a closer look at the boot as i said before traditional walking boot style which

Apparently is bang on trend if you go to any of the big design houses this year this is the look they’re going for but it also makes it a nice looking boot and it doesn’t scream that it’s a bike boot other maybe then it’s got a shifter protection on there all of the boots have this sort of suede nubuck style finish you’ve got the branding again quite minimal just

Pressed into the leather so here i’ve just shown the boot as it comes in the box once you’ve got the black laces in they’ve become quite a subtle boot typical walking boot style you’ve got just very easy eyelets here so far up to the ankle and then you’ve got speed hooks so they’re very quick and easy boot together on the fact that they’re a short boot as well helps

If you’re looking side you’ve got a full gusseted really nice soft comfortable padded tongue you’ve got a really soft leather collar around the top of the boot if you look inside the boot you’ve also got a really nice padded leather foot bed liner as well these are exquisite boots there are as i say they’re handmade in italy and the quality is really really good

So when it comes to the sole no messing around vibram so everybody knows those great quality and they’re also welted on there so they can be replaced there’s a good level of stiffness in the boot without them being uncomfortable these boots are also waterproof they have a full simple text line up you’ve got the benefit of having c-level – in a short boot that is

Waterproof that looks like a walking boot so i think these are really good the one thing you haven’t got which you’ve got some of the others is there’s no hard protection on the ankles in these now i must admit when i saw these for the first time i wasn’t overly enamored by the styling but once i put them on actually when you’ve got them on certainly with the pair

Of jeans i think actually they look really good and i have to say they are incredibly comfortable you don’t need to go up or down the size in these they’re pretty true – to uk sizing they’ve also got a very shallow toe box and that means that’s great for getting underneath your shifts that you’ve got plenty of clearance room they don’t feel clumpy and there’s no

Problems with shifting in these boots at all so there you go the magellan and molloy adventure biker boot i think a great-looking boot beautifully constructed the quality of these is really really high it’s also quite nice that there’s no variation in the colours available for the men’s and women’s boots so what do i think of these well initially as i said when i

First clapped eyes on them i wasn’t sure about the styling actually once you get them on with a pair of jeans they look fantastic they are incredibly comfortable and at the moment these boots are exclusive to moto legends as usual i’ll put links to the boots on the closing credits there’ll also be a link for you to click to subscribe thanks for watching and until

Next time take care ride safe and i’ll see you soon bye

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Magellan & Mulloy Biker Boot Review By Man Cave Moto