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Maisto Tech RC Set of 2 Cyklone 360 Stunt Motorcycles on QVC

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The brand-new remote-controlled motorcycles that were designed for qvc we had these incredible vehicles last year but they were cars they weren’t motorcycles now this year same technology incorporated in motorcycles and you get not one but two different frequencies for under 25 bucks so if you’ve got twins and i’m gonna introduce you to or does he have twins or

You’ve got two kids on the list now we can take care of two holiday gift ideas for under 25 bucks this is keith epps he is one of our toy experts here at qvc we had mentioned this before you have not one but two two sets of twins yes it’s true i saw you right after i found out about the second set right i saw him at a coffee shop the day that he found out his

Wife had was having twins for the second time he had a look on his face that was just looked like sheer panic yes you and i we play all the time yeah yep there are two different frequency so you and i can go at it and have some fun oh that was like synchronized car racing right there that was pretty awesome but these things light up and they are sweet can you get

A remote-controlled vehicle for 12 bucks that’s basically what we’ve done here i’m controlling the one that’s black-and-white what color is yours my it’s blue and yellow yeah accidentally we’ve got some red in yours too but you know one of the funny things is that my buddy scott high near who’s gonna be on with the that guy gets so excited about his problem and

He gets mad at me because i get really excited when i come on but when you have something like this these these little motorcycle slash cars are so cool we try to bring something that’s different and unique to qvc all the time and again this comes from this comes from a company called maystow who is just experts in this category absolutely they’re the leaders and

Really good affordable rc and what they’ve done here is they’ve taken a regular motorcycle so normally a motorcycle has two wheels and it goes and it flips over and you can’t flip it back over and so you got to go turn it this one’s so cool because now we have a little button on here that rotates that back wheel 180 degrees and allows you to do these crazy spins

But the other thing is if it ever flips over it literally just keeps rolling and flips back over and so now you can take this outside you can take it 30 feet away from you and just continue to flick on the carpet they go on hardwood floors there $24.98 now you’re gonna have to pick up some batteries oh you accident that you’re going to need four double a batteries

And two triple a batteries for each one of the vehicles but this is a big big deal the fact that you can run both of them at the same time is important because they have to be on two different frequencies and and keith and his team figure that out and made sure that the package included two different vehicles on two frequencies so you can’t have fun so and big

Kids which is spelled d a d that’s right or grandpa yeah oh that so i did they enjoy stuff like this as well and now it’s affordably price to be able to do it i like that you you finally did motorcycle i think that’s cool isn’t that cool and what’s really neat about it too is that we give you two different boxes right so each one comes in the total separate gift

Even if you’re even that you’re getting two but we did that because you may want to give one away to somebody else you may want to give one to dad one to the child you may want to give in both to the child but these motorcycles are on different frequencies like you said so if you give it to the same person or the same family you can run them together and they’re

Not going to interfere with each other and the reason they’re on frequencies is because they’re radio control they’re not radio troll yeah the radio control and the benefit of that to everybody is that you get greater distance you get you get better features and you get better functions and that’s what allows us to control something that’s 20 30 feet away from

Us and do these crazy spins and have every time more fun and and i’ll tell you they are cool vehicles i love the price this is what keeps his family has been doing for us for years here at qvc you will not find these price this way out in the marketplace and we’ve got them and we’ve got them right now we’ve got a whole bunch of toy ideas gift ideas for under 60

Bucks here at qvc and today today we’ll share those with now we will also on those items a lot of them have easy pay we’ve got payments are less than 10 bucks it’s amazing where it’s 6.34 cents i’m sorry $6.24 who radio-controlled car to remote-control cars and we are into november already we’re we’re we’re less than what oh my gosh i think it’s really scary huh

Yes we’re getting and this again one thing that we try to do all the time when we bring radio-controlled to qvc because the reality is you can go out to the toy stores and you can find cool radio-controlled cars but we bring something that you can’t find anywhere else because we know that that’s what the kids want they want something that’s gonna make their friends

Go wow where’d you get that exact into a kit that is the best thing that you could possibly ever hear from your friend and yeah i get about this stuff on air because my kids love to play with it i love to play with it i grew up in this industry and so i’ve been working with toys my entire life and i know that you in a former life work in toys too right and it’s

Just one of those things it’s just it’s just fun this will wake people’s one day on it you will not find a price this low here at qvc for at least six months and obviously that puts us way past the christmas holidays this is the toy idea for those people who are looking and going man what am i gonna do right grandkids i’ve got two nice two nephews perfect for them

That’s right and they can now go back out in the driveway and play with these have fun alone play together down in the basement out in the garage on the living room carpet there’s no better gift than a remote-control car car or toy to a little kid and this is recommended for ages 8 and up so it’s it’s the the young kids are gonna love this the older kids are gonna

Love this and we usually bring one really cool brand-new radio-controlled car to qvc a year and this is it this is it yep yeah this is it and again these are the functions where you hide it that’s all right you’ve got these awesome colors first of all there’s lights there’s led lights in the back wheel and so you’re going to be able to see that in the dark and

Then this is the coolest thing on the controller there’s two buttons that’s it this little steering wheel that makes that back wheel rotate like 80 degrees and then this right here did a little trigger which is forward and then pushes the other way and it’s backwards so it’s simple to learn easy to start using rubber tires inside outside anywhere you want to go

Only way that we could do this was for us to literally buy everything that they had you jumped the gun i know you were slow it’s ok if you bang them into each other they’re very durable trust me we’ve been doing that for the last 20 minutes together i didn’t race though someone that you know and that has been around for a long time doing this so you know you’re

Getting quality one day only price when that the day is over that price is gone take advantage of it be able to get not one but two gifts for well under $30 and remote-controlled as well awesome doesn’t get any better than that that’s a perfect gift idea thank you sir thanks dan thanks dan hey did you guys know everything in the shows under $60 isn’t that awesome

Yeah and that means payments are under $10 with ez pay so take advantage of that

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Maisto Tech RC Set of 2 Cyklone 360 Stunt Motorcycles on QVC By QVCtv