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Making Motorcycle Headlight Brackets from Scrap Scrambler / Cafe Racer Build

Making Motorcycle Headlight Brackets from Scrap – Fitting the headlight and making some unique brackets from scrap. They turned out awesome and very industrial looking that suits this build very well I think. Let me know what you think of them in the comments below

So i just had a delivery but you can’t guess where it’s from this one is actually for the spirimals i mean i’ve been waiting on doing and it’s a new headlight this is the way i went just purely because i wanted that old-school look and it’s actually glass not plastic so i’ve been giving some thought into how i actually want to mount this and at the moment i’m

Just gonna use some ebay mounts that i’ve got just to clamp it onto the actual fork itself and then mount it to the sides the lights that i was looking at had the single mount at the bottom which i could have done something like that here and that tidies up that whole section but i really like this idea and i want to make some mounts myself that come off the side

And then just make him out of mild steel and tig them and then paint them so that was an idea that i kind of came up with just something different something unique and i’m gonna use this headlight and then mm-maybe down the track leave it like that i don’t know see how it looks they might do some sort of grille or pattern on the front so i’ve just been rummaging

Through my selection of motorcycle parts and unfortunately i was unable to find another set of headlight brackets i thought i bought some so i wasn’t going crazy i did actually buy some but i’ve already used them on this guy here so so just because i don’t have the headlight brackets just to fit it on to see what it looks like i’m not gonna let that stop me i’m

Gonna do a bit of a quick fix just to try and get the headlight sitting in place just to see what it looks like so i can stand back and actually see the overall look of the bike with that particular headlight so bear with me i’m going to throw something together now and just get these headlight on so that’s the headlight sitting on at the moment i’m really

Happy with that purchase the headlight itself considering i didn’t pay much for it seems like it’s really good quality the glass itself obviously it’s you know steel i don’t know obviously long-term not sure if it’s gonna be great but it’s a six point seven five inch headlight and as you can see from the front it really fits well anything wider than that i think

Is just a little bit overkill and given the fact that it’s a scrambler you don’t want a massive headlight at the front so from the side view that’s pretty damn tough like i said i am stoked with that headlight i’m gonna do some modifications to it just to really customize it and the customization that i’m thinking of is first up obviously a good amount a better

Than a zip ties and the other thing is a grill of some sort the grill might come towards the end but i definitely need to make some sort of brackets for it if you’re following the scrambler build this guy here and you’re not so interested in the cb750 or you’re interested in the 750 and you’re not so interested in the scrambler i will be sprinkling different

Things from each bike into each video just as they happen just to show you to keep you up to date with what’s happening at the time because if i’m shooting something on the other build and you see a headlight so for instance on this one while i’m shooting something on the 750 you’ll be like hang on a minute when did he fit a headlight to that i didn’t see that

Episode like like i said just to keep you updated with what’s happening so always just watch any of my videos just to run through them to make sure you didn’t miss anything that’s happening even if you’re not particularly following that build just to keep you up to date it’s in the middle of the bubble oh yeah let’s just keep it a little bit of force is about

Who needs a milk drill so i’ve just turned the fan off so i can explain to you what i’m doing here with these colors is like 32 degrees today and apparently it feels like 37 according to my little app and i can vouch for that it is hot so the fans off i know thee as quick as i can so i can crank that thing back on again and turn the music on and just keep

Going so i’ve cut these little colors out of some pipe and i’ll run that slit down there purely because i’m going to be welding a lug on either side of this basically bit a hole in each one which will have a bolt that goes through it and sandwich these two together which one will be up here and then one will be down the bottom on both sides of the fork so what’s

Going to happen is that will be the mounting points for the bracket it’s gonna be a triangle from here to the headlight and then back to here again if you can imagine on the inside of this so that it doesn’t move around we’ll have like an adhesive rubber mounted to the inside but i’m not going to do that intellectually well the lugs on obviously and get these

Painted or powder coated or whatever i do with them so that’s how it’s going to work so basically how i’ve worked out where i want the bracket is i got a bit of you know this handy stuff called cardboard and i sort of worked out where i want to put the brackets so essentially that’s what it’s gonna be like so this is real rough drawing when i start the fabrication

Things could change depending on the look that i’m after but this gives me an idea on where i want the headlight so that this point won’t change just so that i can get the headlight exactly where i want it but these little brackets can be moved up and down accordingly depending on what angle i want on these things so yeah hopefully that makes sense so

Now that i’ve got a bracket in place i’m pretty happy with how they look actually i’m actually more impressed with them now after i built them than the idea that was in my head the only thing is i’ve only tacked them in like i’ve only tacked these guys on here and these guys are only tacked on as well purely because i wanted to pre fit it and i’m really glad i did

Because if i look at it from this angle here you may not be able to see it but now but bring you around this side so it’s really hard to see but this is sitting on an angle going kinda that way if you can imagine and the same with that side so what i’m gonna do is get the overall measurement from the side of the headlight on each side like this measurement here and

Then work out where the center of the actual fork is on both sides so that i can get it to sit as close as i can to that measurement these little tabs here that i’ve welded on to this pipe i may have to angle them ever so slightly to get it to work as long as they’re both on the same angle when they sandwich together they will close up perfectly so that’s my so

That may be something i have to do so i’m gonna do a few measurements and try and figure that out but overall i’m really happy with how they look it gives it that industrial toughness which is kind of what i was after it’s a scrambler after all it is on a budget they pretty much cost me nothing to make those brackets all it is is just a feed box and realistically

That was it i just had a little bit of scrap sitting around so you know i can use this i’ve used those so a free set a headlight brackets which you could have bought brackets from ebay which wouldn’t be that expensive but this is completely custom i think it looks super cool it gives that bike a totally different look so they’re not going to stand out too much

Because i probably will paint them black but i might leave these guys silver these are stainless so that’ll match some of the other stuff that i’m gonna do on the bike anyway well let me know your thoughts about these let me know if you think it was worth the time to actually create my own brackets or would you have just gone and grabbed some ebay ones or if you

Had the skills of the tools would you create something like this or something of your own design so this idea after bending this first tab won’t work as well as i had originally planned and the reason for that is you can probably see it as soon as you’ve been one of them the other ones obviously got to be lengthened so that the holes line up but that wasn’t a

Huge drama i was more thinking that when this clamps that it’s pulling this way as well as that way so i don’t think that bolt hole will line up even if i do lengthen this tab not entirely sure about that yet i’m still trying to figure it out but i just thought i’ve mentioned that because plan a may not work i may have to resort to plan b which i actually don’t

So i was just going to use my air die grinder to do this job but unfortunately the little collet that holds this piece this little bit here just was too big i just didn’t have the smaller collet so i decided to use the dremel i’m extremely impressed with how it just went probably about 15 20 minutes of flat out use with this and just all in getting those little

Holes there on those brackets here and it is just it’s hot like i’m not gonna lie to you it’s hot but the battery in this thing if you’re worried about the integrity of these batteries and how long they last i was giving it a hard time and i’ll turn it on just so you can see the lights there you can see three lights showing but it did wonders drop just recently

So if i crank it off the other one will probably just broke so there you go that is incredible i am just so stoked for that i hate tripping on quartz i hate having something that’s got a record on a grinder something that’s really going to use a lot of power i can’t get away from our having a cord cordless drills and dremel ‘s and things like that it’s so handy

I would prefer to go and buy a second battery then buy one of these with a cord because it’s just something that gets in the way and you’re trying to do some fine work and the things pulling while you’re trying to do it i haven’t used it to death like some guys do but i can tell you what i can vouch for it because the times that i have used it it is never let me

Down and it has got some serious power in that thing so good job dremel big thumbs up from me well i think we have ourselves a winner winner chicken dinner over here well that pretty much nailed it as you can see from the front it’s it’s perfect straight in line with that fork same with that side there so i’m really happy with how that’s turned out exactly how i

Wanted the only thing i’ve just noticed just being fussy as i am this one here at the top is just sitting a little bit in compared to the other one so when i pull that off i’ll just make that slight bend adjustment and should be all good these guys here as you can see one of them obviously is longer than the other what i’m gonna do when i do take them off is put

The bolt through as it is now tighten it up and then run it over the actual belt sander just to get them identical so once all that’s done then i’m pretty much going to run the teague over everything so i just finished painting it and mounting it back up on the bike it is firm like i haven’t put any anything on there on the inside of these actual clamps

Here i will but i just haven’t done anything at the moment i just decided to do it up and see what it was like so whatever i do put on the inside is gonna have to be super thin just so it will be able to go on there i guess i can always obviously stretch him out and put it over the top of him pull it back in again but she’s on it’s looking awesome i’m really

Stoked with it i was aiming to get the headlight pretty much level with the top of the tank which are pretty much achieved i can adjust the headlight if i want to and yeah it looks awesome stoked

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Making Motorcycle Headlight Brackets from Scrap ★ Scrambler / Cafe Racer Build By Cafe Racer Garage