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MaksWerks Reviews 2008 Buell 1125R

Sorry for crap audio, waiting on new mic.

I think this is a rather attractive bike so you up the walk around all right now that you guys know what the spike looks like just talk about everything really because this bike is really unique in the sense it was really engineered as a last around cure before he was uncertain he’s asked by harley-davidson this bike was only made for two years he basically

Took us to harley parts of the good and made a real sports bike with the time that he had left this bike is really in hot water because if you look at the x p o 9x v12 if you’ll put up for this bike they were based on the sportster engine and as a result they didn’t really rub they didn’t really breathe they weren’t bad bikes they were just kind of underpowered

And didn’t really have sports bike characteristics because they took you know the heart and soul have a an entry-level cruiser and attempting to make a sports bike out of it although we’re not even going to talk about the buell blast which is generally considered to be these shittiest bike ever made the heart and soul of any bike is this engine and in this case

We have in the world air-cooled 1125 cc 45 degrees those works custom for erik buell pyro text in austria and if you’re not familiar with rotex gilmer rug they are basically one of the most elite engine builders in the world they do a lot of snap production custom type thanks maybe nothing will make engines and engine transmission in here are built i wrote x for

Fuel officially this pack puts out something in the run 30 horsepower range was about 75 to 80 pound feet of torque i would say those numbers are probably on site but they’re not really as dramatic as they kind of the bike doesn’t throw you back as something with almost 150 horsepower should you know the torque curve is so broad and you’re going so much faster

Than you realize you’re going until you look down and you’re like holy crap i’m in triple digits and you get this this noise that just screams massive v-twin and so it lets you just feels like it’s the ruins of the power band but really once you get over for a grand everything from there on is just gravy the engine uses a background in traditional harley v fuel

Fashion and drives mike is really defined though by kind of its technological achievements that something makes it uniquely a fuel if you will the first is the ridiculous front brake arrangement where you have a single rotor mounted to the outside of the rim and when a piston work had great caliber it’s exceptionally touchy especially with these race paths i

Have in it especially when it’s it’s very grabby it really slows you down what it was designed to do is it reduces weight unsprung weight in the front considerably because that single rotor weighs less than two drools and provides comfortable surface area and because it’s gone to the outside of the wheel which is reimbursed reinforcing the hub of the wheel which

Is where a lot of weight is centered and other bikes by doing this eric – the lower the us from weight on the front considerably over a standard set up now this bike uses a 47 millimeters show of front fork inverted front fork nothing really exemplary about it except for the fact that it’s mounted almost perfectly vertically the rake angle on this bike is pretty

Ridiculous and what i love she gives you and there’s enough troll on the bike which is it’s long enough its wheelbase setting enough that you actually don’t get very much jitters normal on a bike like this with a angle like that in the front you’d find that it’s very agile but very unstable and speed well this bike really integrates the bus the boat for both and

It’s very stable on your speed after the extended swingarm gives you it’s not it’s not extended it’s just the factory string arm is a little bit longer than you’ll find on other bikes and it really helps you put all that work down to the contact patch you have on the rear wheel this front brake is really in my opinion what senses bike apart it is just so aggressive

And so sharp and you have to be very careful with it but the truth is these bike burnt fur left underneath you it’ll ill stopping like a i did that on a couple of stoplights just for fun i’m a little scared the package right up and flip it over i don’t know if the camera can catch me getting thrown up like that on i stalled it throw it up like that by the pike

But that was a little staff evil thanks about so much torque and you can just kind of start a second or third year for whatever that was just takes it the other thing i find that’s really nice about the strike is these air is pal enough that you can really cruise on it at 50 60 miles an hour year down to 3500 rpm it’s up here which makes how we trip not too bad

On the site summary jittery first favor plenty of room powers missing wants you to program the fact really doesn’t have a whole lot of downside i should mention that there are a few i thought about economics for a little the seat is really flappy really hard you know obviously was designed this sort of way gives you a lot of space lets you get up high up on the

Bike to make sure that you can really lay the back down and the burners you’re not catching anything the downside is it’s probably not very comfy for more than you know 50 or 60 miles the robber position is actually interesting the triangle is pretty open i am a little tight on my legs but it’s not bad this bike has amazing good range the other thing that my time

Is coming to negative of the bike is the seat height it’s got a really tough seat i don’t know what the official measurement is he’s probably around 32 or 33 and that’s pretty high and so i am six foot i have a 32 inch inseam and i can just barely 5 flip this bike in the right situation but mostly i’m up on my tiptoes a little bit and it’s not bad the bike is

Really well balanced it’s really stable so you never find yourself kind of you know trying to struggling the sport on one leg but it is something to keep in mind this is not a everyman bike this is not a japanese production bike that was designed you know to fit i’m holding on for some people on the market this is a bike that was made for the 1% by the 1% and in

This case we’re not talking about 1% money we’re talking about the people that are absolutely uncompromising and what they want in their bike and this is this is the bike it is really designed no expense was spared everything was engineered discussed measured redone until it was perfect until it was set up in such a way that you knew the every decision that was

Made was made for a reason there’s nothing on this bike were you looking at you’re like huh that’s kind of arbitrary no everything was discussed everything was boiled down every choice was evaluated and only the best made it through and i find that really appealing about this bike i wouldn’t go so far as to say this is an everyday bike you probably cook daily oh i

Don’t think that you’re going to have priority issues or anything like that but it is pretty rough it is kind of rowdy it’s not real happy sitting in traffic it’s not real happy sitting still in general it everyone likes to be ridden it’s really more of a weekend toy then i would say a daily driver the other thing is the underbody exhaust really cooks your right

Leg really badly today it’s you know 50 degrees or so outside and my right ankle is about the temple i could have to kind of shift it forward a little bit right on my heel it’s like a little bit more air flow past the ankle and keep it cool now if you have the factory exhaust you may not have as much of an issue with a lot of the custom aftermarket exhaust ik to

One of those bike sit running the engine for math centralization and you know there are trade-offs on everything and despite without compromise i feel everything was done for the good of the project and anything that example they simplified weakness was i feel like that’s how you will kind of look at this project and and in a lot of ways it makes me really want

To get my hands on one of the new bule’s things on this bike you really have to be a confident rider it smells a weakness and it just fills the battery you you got to learn to trust the front brake it’s kind of so deal is on sports products put we’re going truffle community overall i would say this night is awesome finalized on a man’s resume doesn’t care about

To be having some care about anymore he just sold out to go the best i could i would be proud to have my name on this in terms of money this bike will set you back about 5 2006 out depending on its condition a few things to look out for are going to be frying electronics lack of maintenance because there requires a little bit of fat this bank has a very complex

Electronic system regarding the special cable and software to reset the programming the little baby five six seven thousand five path of service he’s the guy who did the service big thing i haven’t reset them it’s not that big of a deal as long as you want to make sure that the fact has in fact been maintained the other downside is parts well not particularly

Expensive are going to have to be ordered i have a harley dealer close to me that actually still has the fuel find off and they didn’t have any parts for this bike and so if they’re not going to have anything chances are nobody’s really going to have anything available so you’re going to be ordering it food for that i found the prices are much better at my local

Harley dealer than they are on ebay or on amazon or anything like that so your mileage may vary on that one i’m not really sure that if that was just these guys are cool or what but something to keep in mind oh no this is definitely a bike for a motorcycle connoisseur this is not for the everyday guy if you want to go to bike meets and stuff and do burnouts on your

Gsxr 600 this is not the bike for you just move right along it’s going to cost you way too much money it’s going to require way too much effort and you’re just not going to be able to handle it very well but if you’re at that point you’re kind of motorcycling career if you will that you’re looking for something unique you looking for something that you’re not going

To find in every garage and or do you have a pension for something that elyse has an american name on it engine was built in austria in russia so we’d rather leave a litter but note has an american some people don’t support oh no i would say this is an excellent bike but this is going to be available despite like you do when you have pretty much everything something

Funny and very original in terms of i would rate it i would say that this is probably a six out of ten in terms of the daily driver it’s probably a five out of time in terms of long-distance commuting bike probably a seven or a seven half of the track you’re not going to be as fast some of the japanese breath sound and you to have the boss i think this event the

Fake right on the weekend kind of fake carpet five days of the week gonna pay that’s where it really excels beautiful amazing power and i’ve really really spit with his bike and i share alone so that’s all i have for you guys if you have the opportunity to ride one of these you have the opportunity to buy one of these if you think you’re at that point in your

Life where you’re ready to have something like this absolutely go for it it’s not for everybody i’m just going to say that up front is not a bike that is that’s for everybody it’s got a number of little weird quirks that you’re gonna have to deal with over the course of its ownership like the fact that this front brake is super duper touchy but if you’re willing

To put up with it shenanigans it’s kind of like that beautiful redheaded girl funny bird doesn’t make that great of a life masochist i guess this is a beautiful redhead of it’s right up there with an mv agusta i have oh my god practice sensationalism not very good they out that’s up like i said if you have the opportunity of one of these bad boys jump on in if

You can afford it if not put it in the back of your mind i guess they’re either going to go up or they’re going to go down i think they’re going to go up i think the longer you hang on to it the longer these haven’t been made they’re going to start getting a little bit more collector attention but what the hell do i know my stock portfolio is pretty so that’s all

I got for you guys hope you’ve enjoyed this review make sure subscribe leave me some comments i do my best to get back to everybody of that

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MaksWerks Reviews 2008 Buell 1125R By MaksWerks