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Malcolm in the Middle – Malcolm beats up Reese

From Season 4 Episode 10 – “If Boys Were Girls”

You brought my space fighter give it you get it what is going on here you stole my pen my favorite pen look at him holding it we always get the pen i never get the pen all i want is the pen what is wrong with you boys we have a whole drawer full of pens right here they have everything i want i never have what i need i don’t even have my own bed why does everything

In my life suck you owe me a new space fighter show up and get your own pen die give me my pen i’m warning you oh i’m scared what are you gonna do what’s the baby gonna do malcolm welcome you can take reese no one’s taking anybody i can’t believe you boys oh my god look at you he better not need stitches oh yeah like you weren’t begging for it will you hurry

Up we’re gonna have to park like a mile away why do we have to go shopping anyway because you ruin everything you own new clothes don’t just magically appear in your drawers i do one salad with light dressing and three grande chili stampedes one with extra onions one with extra beans and extra onions and one with extra beans and extra extra onions you shut down

My star pod for the last time zoltan whatcha gonna do what’s the baby gonna do huh my lips all right we’re going in you see anything in your size grab it and hold on to it no matter what anyone tries to do to you protect your heads don’t trust anyone what time did you scare us yes fear is good it’s an 80 off sale fear will keep you alive don’t worry we’re with

Malcolm i can see through that old lady’s bra we gotta get out of here before we’re scarred for like you did not already try on those clothes and you do not have a term paper due and you are not going to suddenly develop stomach cramps how did you please who do you think you’re talking to now go try on those clothes you another one excuse me wow what happened

To your face i something it wrong what do you mean well i was sleeping like this and then my knee went up into my elbow and my elbow hit my hand and it went in my mouth and no one hit me okay i don’t want to hear any more of your whining you try this on right now understood look at him yeah they still may want the same deal i had with him what are you talking

About look grace is as good as dead at least on the inside that puts you in charge you get half my candy full control of the remote and since i can’t do your homework for you i’ll put a nice warm towel whenever you come out of the shower you shut up he’s gonna be fine whatever you say sir come on hey i’m sorry i was here first no you weren’t we’re next i’ll only

Take a minute i’ve only got two things to try on lady we’ve been waiting in line for a half hour we have to meet our mom i’m sorry but we’re next back off brat this may be your first sale but it isn’t mine let it go it’s our turn looks like you need someone to teach you to mind your elders you looking for a dance partner you think you can do whatever you want

Don’t you that people aren’t going to say or do anything because you’re frail heels off all right reese is back you want to take your teeth out before we start this grandma oh no rhys is back

Transcribed from video
Malcolm in the Middle – Malcolm beats up Reese By Malcolmable