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Max speed does Rs 5 lakh! | PowerDrift @Home

What do we want? We want it to be safe again and be let out of our homes. Yes. But what do we really want (after the crisis is past)? We want bang for the buck as usual! Autoninja’s thrown together his guide to getting the maximum performance for your money. Here’s PowerDrift’s list of fastest bikes you can buy for Rs 5 lakh.

The squid are choppy verified bright-orange crotch rocket that zooms past you in the sound of the rumbling wind that keeps you up at night performance motorcycles under 5 lakhs have really taken off in the market this is no that today was to talk about the fastest motorcycles you can buy under 5 lakh rupees no thanks to me let’s begin with the benchmark the mad

Mad ktm duke 390 when it was launched it turned ryder’s brains into mush nothing came close to the amount of performance it had to offer this ktm bajaj alliance brought to the table and level of premium components at an unbelievable price which even now with several price hikes and emission restrictions remains the most insane bhp per rupee option there is and as if

The duke wasn’t aggressive enough he might reduce the rc 390 although it is do a major overhaul that has been set back due to the current global crisis the 390 is a no brainer option many compare the intense acceleration the 390 provides to that of a few stroke ready to escape at the crack of a throttle pushing your eyeballs to the back of your skull the ktm 390

Does have its pawns running a high compression single cylinder means high temperatures but then that is to be expected from our high performance motorcycle the new bs6 390 twins and the new ktm a 2003 90 are a lot more refined than before and they would be a wise choice up next kawasaki ninja kawasaki ninja 400 carrying the legacy of the og kawasaki ninja 250r a

Brilliant motorcycle in every aspect putting out almost 48 php with the right amount of comfort and performance is a perfectly balanced motorcycle where it does take a hit though is with its pricing at almost 5 lakh rupees it is one of the most expensive motorcycles here on the disc 5 lakhs you could buy 3 mr 1 fights for that much money for royal enfield bullet

350 or 7 hyundai activist or 10 euro splinter’s hell you can buy an almost new ninja 650 for that kind of money more about that later the 408 is not as aggressive when it comes to the riding economics compared to the rc 390 it feels a lot more relaxed and accommodating and can handle daily commuting duties quite easily the brakes on the ninja are far superior

When it comes to feel and bite which brings us back to the only downside the pricing kawasaki decided to import the 400 and the ckd unit hence attracting higher taxes and robbing it of the hands of being priced competitively honda extracted the newer of performance motorcycles in india with the cbr 250r but then failed to give it any relevant update even after the

Introduction of the cbr 300r abroad we never got any of those updates only a new paint scheme and a few minimal updates here left after a long wait honda finally launched the cb 300 are a neo retro street bike with a beautiful design and a power plant from the cbr 300r look up weight and with 30 bhp on tap the cb is genuinely a fun and fast motorcycle no doubt the

Pricing is a little bit on the expensive side honda also announced the expansion of the big wing program for the new bs6 era with seven premium motorcycles in the 300 to 1800 cc range local production of these premium motorcycle seems to be a possibility if true that would make the pricing on these motorcycles a lot more attractive the tv sfotch a arith written in

Its ps 6 version is much more refined package than before with clip-ons and an aggressive fairing one might mistake this for a super sport bike though almost 10 kgs heavier than its bmw sibling the apache makes up for it with a claimed top speed of 160 km/h compared to the bmws 143 km/h plus the newbie s6 version comes with michelin road spikes which makes a huge

Difference in the way the bike handles from its previous versions of color screen riding modes and several new bits make the new era 310 a well rounded package and it last the one you’ve been waiting for the royal enfield twins so people don’t put together the words performance and royal enfield next to each other often the 650 feels planted 46 bhp from a 650 is

Nothing to write home about but royal enfield was clearly going for a 650 cc twin cylinder motorcycle where the price was the key not the performance but the numbers of modest but the price is outrageously low and in time they’ve proved reliable and a 650 will actually out axial rate at 390 over 400 meter run so they’re not slow either the chassis is in an all-new

Your griddle frame that has been developed by the new technical centre in uk and it works while interceptor is more of a relaxed roadster the gd is a bit more focused cafe racer with a few changes to the seed handlebar and foot pegs and a smaller time with the price of just 2.8 5 lakhs ex-showroom are you left us matching our heads you can see a lot of cost-cutting

Has been done with the lower spec suspension and briggs although that was in the favor of the 650 serving a reminder of how simple motorcycles used to be yet retaining the modern features like fuel injection abs to be relevant enough and provide a hassle-free experience yes hey what about your motorcycle pocket yeah right now the used motorcycle market has more

Options than ever before and you can totally get yourself a pretty good one under five lakhs i for one would just get a ninja 650 the later one the one with the abs but beware prices might be low but parts and service costs are no big bike prices you make sure you give it a thoughts before jumping in the market is ever-expanding with new brands making their entry

Into the game and existing plans also coming up with new and exciting models and then we have the electric motorcycles coming our way like the ultraviolet f77 and m flux one promising to redefine what we consider performance the past was the starting point the present is fun in the future is exciting i almost sounded like run over you

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