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Memphis Shades Spoiler / Recurve Windshield 6.5 vs 8.5 // Install // Comparison // Review // Test

Have you ever wondered what a different-height windshield would do to the wind buffeting around your helmet on a Harley Batwing fairing? [Street Glide, Electra Glide, Ultra Limited]

What is up my friends welcome back to the channel this is not a vlog no sir i am pumped up you should be pumped up too because this is gonna be unlike any other windshield video i think you’ve ever seen i’m in the unique position to give you a real world example of what the wind buffeting sounds like and we’ll get into measurements later but this is a six and

A half inch memphis shades and i did some testing on the highway and i’ll play that in a little bit but you see my windshield here is a couple inches below my nose my nose is here my microphone is here it’s only two inch difference i measured it’s two inches so because of that you’re going to hear what the wind buffeting sounds like on the highway from both

Windshields because i’ve recorded the entire ride out to old glory harley and the whole ride back i’m going to record that as well so i’m going to splice it in and it’s going to be awesome so stick around cue the intro enough of that intro i am so excited and i’m so happy to be bringing you along thanks for checking out the video i hope you learned something

From it and anyway the uh i’ve had this windshield on here this is the six and a half inch memphis shades i think i mentioned that but i had it on here for 10 000 miles and almost two years and it’s been great don’t get me wrong the stock one i just get all that wind on my face and that’s uh that’s just not what i wanted so i very quickly upgraded to this one

I found that i was still getting some wind buffeting like right around here in this area so i decided to order the eight and a half inch and give it a shot the proper from what i’ve read the proper measurement for your windshield should be at or slightly below the tip of your nose now i’m 5 8. so let’s get into that real quick okay i’m 5 8 i have a short inseam

Of 30 inches and i have kind of a long torso i can’t quite flat foot this bike stop height but i’m good enough and the bars seem to fit me okay but i’m just getting too much wind bumping even from this windshield so we’re gonna upgrade and this is a bumpy ass section of road let’s try to scoot over on a smooth part precise love it i said this wasn’t going to

Be a vlog and here i am rambling along shut up john all right let’s go inside here we are jason doesn’t want to be on camera that’s his hand there’s a guy in the background i’ll blur his face out later but we got rider foot pegs for my wife’s bike she’s got a sportster 1200 custom i’m gonna do an install video on those later but here’s what we came to get and

He’s opening the box he’s in frame a lot it’s gonna be a lot of work to edit him out oh he’s good okay he wants to be on youtube awesome all right jason’s unboxing it for us brand new out of the box eight and a half inch memphis shades recurve windshield dark smoke tint am i right i’m right he’s nodding his head he really doesn’t want to be on youtube anyway

Uh this is it so we’re going to take it out to the bike and install it after jason carefully packages it back up so what this is going to do that that kick up yeah right where that kick up is yeah i’ve got the six and a half inch on there now take that turbulence that you’re feeling and it’s gonna kick it over top yeah okay there’s the receipt we’re already paid

Time to hit the road after we put this thing on the bike all right in order to be expeditious with my time we’re going to do this here in a parking lot step one remove this whole rigamarole here and you do only need one tool for this yeah there it is see it’s a t27 bit with a socket wrench and i’m gonna take this bit off of here easy peasy and this should rotate

Around nice and easy and that’ll pop off there that’s the rickrack mount i did a review on that great little mount pop these washers off and then we’re going to come over here and loosen these two bolts wow they’re pretty loose maybe i didn’t tighten them up all the way last time oh this one’s tight oh yeah that sounds good in the background doesn’t it all right

Not yet he’s a little more persuasive now if you notice on the new windshield these are all open so you don’t have to fully remove the bolts on the fairing to get the old windshield off pulled it right off see totally naked and now the new one slots right in here you just kind of peel the front fairing there piece off just a little bit just a little bit

Just enough to get it to drop down solidly in place and we still have our bolts here how cool is that so since we didn’t remove them all the way i’ll just get them sort of snug with my fingers here and we’ll use my calibrated torque arm to give it one a dugo okay maybe two you don’t need to over tighten them there we go they’ll snuggle do check them periodically

That seems snug snug then i can just reinstall my mount here perfect there we go and then rotate it out and that’s about where i put my gopro for recording the view of me so now the new windshield is solidly mounted look at that i love it when a plan comes together you can see that it’s about two inches shorter i’ve lined it up pretty much where it was gonna go

And you can see the difference so now with the new windshield installed we’re gonna do what he’s doing let’s get on the bike all right first impressions i’m doing about the speed limit here 45 and boy you can really tell that extra two inches that’s what she said oh man anyway this is pretty awesome and it definitely feels like the wind is a little bit higher i

Am not getting nearly as much buffeting on my helmet go go go go go i don’t want to stop hey look at that so the windshield is definitely at the height of my nose so i’m looking a little bit more through it than i did on my last one i can see through this one maybe you can see through it too it does not appear to be a ton of distortion or anything so it’s really

Clear very happy with that and it’s kind of windy today so i apologize if some wind noise makes it through my post-production magic but them’s the brakes i definitely noticed myself slouching less even already just after a mile or so that’s pretty awesome i will take that to avoid the wind usually i duck down like this but now when i tuck down like this hell

The rain won’t even hit me so those are my first impressions of the memphis shades six and a half versus eight and a half windshield i’m a huge fan i am looking through it a little more than i like though i do prefer a shorter windshield just so i’m not looking through it but i’ll just have to also have to sit up straighter i guess get better rider posture next

Step get on the highway test this baby out at like 70 again so you have a real back to back comparison same day same weather pattern just opposite direction so this is a test at just about 70 miles an hour this is what the six and a half inch windscreen sounds like this is the kind of wind buffeting you get that’s what the wind noise sounds like with this

New windshield and i’m a little bit slouched right now if i sit straight up my nose is level with the windshield and hell it it is so much less buffeting i can feel the wind bubble starts right about here which it started here before so that’s a few inches of difference the recurve is doing its job so this is a test at just about 70 miles an hour this is what

The six and a half inch windscreen sounds like this is the kind of wind buffeting you get that’s what the wind noise sounds like with this new windshield and i’m a little bit slouched right now if i sit straight up my nose is level with the windshield and hell it it is so much less buffeting i can feel the wind bubble starts right about here which it started

Here before so that’s a few inches of difference the recurve is doing its job wow wow wow wow what a difference my friends this thing is money oh yeah i can still feel the wind hitting my face a little bit but it’s nothing like it was and side note my uh my stereo got louder there’s less wind turbulence back here so my fairing speakers are a little bit more

Efficient i guess you know they don’t have to pump as loud so i can hear them i forgot to mention it earlier i’m a huge fan of the recurve windshields because it doesn’t have to be as tall to pump the uh the wind pocket up over your helmet so you can look above it more which i’m a huge fan of i had a nine inch and then a 12 inch recurve windshield clockworks

On the vaquero that i owned for a few years but on the street glide i went with memphis shades it’s a little bit thicker so this thing is this thing is thicker than the stock one it’s thicker than the clockwork one that i’ve noticed um it’s just a real scout piece and you know you watched all my videos when the cicadas were out i was hitting bugs left and right

To that thing and this will uh this one will take a beating let me tell you well we are home sweet home got here safely new windshield is awesome that two extra inches of height really means that i’m looking through it a little bit more but because there’s no distortion it i found it very easy to just see everything and then the the wind pocket being so much

Higher up really made things a lot easier a lot more comfortable for me so if you’re going to tour i highly recommend the memphis shades recurve because of that extra curve on the side that i showed you earlier on the side profile rather it bumps that wind pocket way up high compared to a taller clear windshield so i like that a lot and i’m a huge fan of this

One i will leave links in the description below to the memphis shades windshields that i demoed in this video they are affiliate account links so if you do purchase through them it helps the channel out a little bit no extra cost to you should you choose to help the channel out i appreciate it also if you found this video informative don’t forget to hit that

Like button it’s right down here and if you like what i do here go peruse the channel see what else i come up with uh leave us leave a subscription they’re free i appreciate it and until i see you in the next video or you see me rather um have a great day keep the shiny side up check on your family check on your friends i’m still stealing other people’s outros

So y’all have a good day bye coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee are you still watching go click on one of these links you

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Memphis Shades Spoiler / Recurve Windshield 6.5" vs 8.5" // Install // Comparison // Review // Test By RoadReality