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MGB R8 50cc Scooter review / test ride. Looking for a 50cc? A cheap scooter for less than 2000 new!

MGB R8 50cc Scooter review / test ride. Looking for a 50cc? A cheap scooter for less than £2000 new! Have a look around this petrol 50cc motorcycle and then join me for a test ride.

Scooter time today so back it into moto in warrington and today my ride of choice is the mgb r8 50cc scooter that is for sale here for less than two thousand pounds i’ll put details in the description up from into moto direct to one of these so if you’re interested have a look and if you’re interested in more bikes like this more reviews like this don’t forget to

Hit that subscribe button let’s go riding i’m gonna i’m gonna take it for a little ride i’ll find a car park we’ll go around the bike in the usual fashion okay stay with me foreign what do we think of it 50cc scooter as far as 50cc scooters go this it’s got to be up there with one of the cheapest it’s less than 2 000 pound brand new how about that considering

50cc scooters run off pretty much pressure don’t they the mpgs are usually amazing with them so you can get loads of miles done for very little money let’s have a look around it the jeep and gf all scooter so there’s not loads to speak of as far as gadgets and stuff well let’s have a look around it’s a nice colors game i like it bright red bright color up front

As well porting its l plates already so if you were to buy one of these from into moto i believe they put all the l plates and everything on for you yeah as far as scooters go it’s it’s a nice looking thing isn’t it the exhaust i absolutely like the look of the exhaust on this because some of them look a bit enough to be honest but this actually looks quite nice

And it sounds alright as well let’s talk buttons what we’ve got is your high low beam we’ve got your indicators and we’ve got horn what i do like about this is yes you can put your indicator on but it flicks straight back to center and to switch it off you just pressing the button which is good because i’ve seen some 50cc’s and the smaller electric bikes that

The switch stays there till you push it back yourself so it’s quite good it’s got the cancellation on there i like it over this side we’ve just got your engine start and your engine cut off and that is all she wrote this side your left side has the back brake right side has your front brake it’s just like riding a push bike and as far as the display goes we’ve

Got your speedo we’ve got miles per hour we’ve got kilometers on the inside and then we’ve got your total miles there we’ve got engine one and lights you’ve got your indicator lights left and right and they’re quite good they’re quite prominent as well so when you do put your indicator on they do flash quite nicely so you’ll know that you’ve got to switch them

Off because they’ll just keep blinking at you a bugle here at the front but there’s plenty of room to put a shopping bag there so if you are just nipping to the shops you’ll definitely get a bag in between your feet there because there’s loads of room in the center nice bit of storage under the seat as well so that’s nice and easy to do as well no wizardry with

It you’ve just got the key at the side once you turn the key that unlocks your seat so we’ve got fuel goes in there loads of storage there as well you’ll definitely get a helmet in there because that looks monstrous in fact you probably get a decent sized shopping bag in there as well so decent for storage i wear a backpack generally but that’s going in there

Absolute gnome either i like that nice bit of storage side stand and center stand which is good this bike in particular really easy to get onto the center stand so you don’t need to be super strong or anything you literally just stand on it and it’ll do it for you in fact i’ll show you so nice and easy you jump off the bike all you’re doing holding on handle

Back stand on this straight on nice and easy so just like normal we’ll go for a ride i’ll tell you how it performs and yeah you tell me are you interested in something like this this would be perfect for any 16 year old or anyone who just needs a bike to get to and from work to be fair it’s cheap as chips it’s nice and easy to use there’s not a lot to knock it

For really it’s a 50cc scooter and it’s going to get you there albeit you’re not going to win no races well let’s go for a ride anyway and i’ll show you molder i’ve not been on a petrol 50cc for a while so it’s gonna be interesting as far as seat height goes i’m on my tippy toes on this bike so it is quite a tall seat but it does slope down at the front so if

You do shuffle your bum forward a little bit it does feel a little bit shorter all 50cc bikes in the uk are obviously restricted to how fast they can go and usually you’re lucky if you can get to about 30 mile an hour now as i can see here i’m kind of sitting on about 28 mile an hour but it’s it’s got the relatively quickly for a 50cc and it’s comfortable so if

You’re 16 year old and you want to go and have a whiz around on one of these year love loads of fun do like the ease of scooters so easy just start them up twist the throttle and away you go i don’t think you see enough of these in the uk because you go to somewhere you go to abroad you go to france so you go to any other country really abroad you see these scooters

Everywhere you do you see them everywhere you go to a supermarket and you’ll see 30 40 of them lined up whereas here you just it’s just not the same and i think with fuel prices think that may change the mirrors are nice and big on this see everything behind you this one’s trying to creep me over 30 miles an hour that would be embarrassing getting caught speeding

On one of these i’m going to do a brake test while we’re on the car park so that’s one thing if you’re looking at buying one of these or you’re looking at buying one of these for your son daughter mrs husband whatever you want to know they stop so let’s just yeah so the brakes on this are very similar to what you would get on a push bike you’ve got your back brake

On the left hand side you’ve got your front brake on the right hand side like you’d have with any other motorbike if you’re not overly confident you can while it’s on the center stand just step through get into the seating position and just push yourself forward and that way you’ve got your feet either side to balance it they are going to get you to 30 mile an hour

But don’t expect them to take off like a rocket they are just nice and smooth with the power delivery you start picking your speed up but it’s nice and gradual so if you are an inexperienced rider these are really good for that because if you do get a bit giddy with the throttle and you put the throttle on full it’s not going to take off on your back wheel you’re

Not going to start wheeling up the street which i think for a learner point of view is really good because you’ll have all seen videos where someone’s revving the nuts off a bike and they go from doing that to the bike taking off without them or they end up wheeling down the street and then ultimately falling off well you’re just not going to get that with this

Bike the power delivery is smooth and i’ll show you from here if i put full revs on you can see that we just start moving nice and slowly and i’ve got the throttle on full but you can see the speedo is going up albeit smoothly nothing too nothing too frightening for a new rider perfect is comfortable once you’re doing your 30 mile an hour this bike is comfortable

It’s got loads of maneuverability about it you can throw it around because it feels really light and nimble if i could see traffic for miles then i’d be quite happy doing some sneaky sneaky filtering down the middle of everything but for something like this i know those cars are all going to take off faster than me so just chill out i’m not a rush i’ll give some

Safety advice as well if you’ve got a 50cc bike in fact if you’ve got any bike at all you don’t want to be in a rush it’s the worst thing you can do is go out in a rush because you’ll end up going too fast for your capabilities just leave 10 minutes earlier and just enjoy the ride and you’ll stay a lot safer and that’s my public service announcement done i’m

Happy it’s a 50cc bike it performs as you would expect a 50cc bike to perform it takes a little time to get up to 30 but once it does it will just keep that speed on and yeah you’re going to keep up with traffic for 30 miles an hour roads and it’s it’s got a nice comfortable seat nice little seat in position and it’s very easy to use so if you’re interested as

Normal link in the description for these guys here and i’ll catch you on the next one don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss anything cheers guys it’s a buy from me gilly bikes tata

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MGB R8 50cc Scooter review / test ride. Looking for a 50cc? A cheap scooter for less than £2000 new! By GILLYBIKES