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Mini Bike Disaster! What Did I Buy?

New to me hacked up mini bike. Just picked up this gem and i will give a brief show and tell and engine run. I’m adding this to the pile of projects I have, but plan to fix it up and make nice once again.

Alright guys as if i needed another project i stumbled across this today it’s really a impressive machine but you know i haven’t made of many videos yet but i’m sure you can kind of tell i try anybody things cheap bring them back to life play with them but yeah like i said i was thinking of myself hey man what do i need how about one more project so i bought this

And just got it home just unloaded it cuz you tell me the front tire fresh from outside and a lot of really cool things going on here so i will do my best to show you this is currently sitting in the worst list spot in my garage so oh yeah sorry dog was making a bunch of noise oh yeah that’s right warning zone and boom dual exhaust nothing like a galvanized

Dual-exhaust as you see that sick custom white light get this custom fender custom springer front end look at those welds all right so for the time being i’m just gonna try and get this thing started and probably not write it judging by those uh sketchy welds that we’ve got all over this thing but i just kind of want to diagnose this engine put it away in the

Corner thinking it’s around a four-horse probably once i get this thing back to looking like something that i would want to be seen riding i’ll probably get a predator swap and maybe some accessories i don’t know all right guys just took it for its first meeting voyage sorry this thing’s a little too sketchy to try and record and write at the same time it runs but

Obviously not the greatest he’s a lot of cleanup but just kinda way to give you basically right where that seat the front of the seat ends i’m gonna chop the frame back off there where it originally was then you can see this little guy that used to go straight from right here and i have the flat seat on top so basically cut it here cut it here and bring that wheel

All the way back to about right there i don’t know if they modified this frame just so they get to the gas tank with it which is my guess really but like i said where you get a predator and we’re gonna do something totally different for a gas tank and this is just what it looks like today i won’t like look like this for much longer let me set you up on the tripod

I’ll see if i can get it to fire just so you guys will believe me alright we’ll see if she wants to play it for you guys there you go one pole wonder when she’s hot

Transcribed from video
Mini Bike Disaster! What Did I Buy? By WrenchAndTinker