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Mini chopper / mini bike restoration part-1

Guys here we have a 49cc 2 stroke mini chopper this is my bike #69 in my builds and this is also my Halloween 2020 bike

What’s going on guys good morning good morning it is about 1 30 to in the morning oops garage let just shut off it’s about 1 32 in the morning right now guys here in california we’re expecting a beautiful day hopefully hopefully and uh yet again we have another bike so um what we’re going to be working on today is a chopper that i very much dislike and by

Dislike i mean i dislike i don’t like this bike however i’ve never done one and i want to get rid of the experience on one of these bikes from what i could tell that we need on this bike there goes our light back perfect from what i can tell that we need on this bike right off the bat it needs blinkers because the blinkers are broken so it needs blinkers it

Needs a rear tube it needs gas lines a battery and a carburetor i think that’s it yeah so uh nothing major a little minor stuff here and there uh obviously we are going to be painting not the frame frame looks like it’s in really good condition paint wise uh we will be painting the body panel for it uh it’s this weird kind of gold looking color that i really

Don’t like so yes we will be painting the bike uh a different color which i don’t know what it is yet uh we’ll just have to see rope with punches so uh i’m gonna put you guys up show you guys what we’re gonna be working with and uh hopefully we can get this in and out pretty quickly because uh there’s a lot of bikes in here so yeah stick around so

So then then foreign foreign hello you got me down you got me down again uh foreign uh so i’m so you got me down foreign so oh so yesterday i was up uh pretty late uh working on painting and cleaning and getting everything all set up and completed for the chopper um have

Some videos kind of intertwined and mixed in anyways guys uh that’s gonna be a wrap on the video uh i was working uh last night i wasn’t even able to do an intro uh sorry a close-out video in regards to the bike but uh i got a lot of work done last night i got a lot of work done so i was able to paint everything i was able to get everything done so hopefully

Today we are able to reassemble everything and um put everything back onto the bike because i want to get the bike out of the garage already it’s usually around every halloween i do a theme bike so on part two um i will show you guys some pictures of some of the theme bikes that we’ve done for previous halloween years and uh i mean i haven’t done it for very

Many years i’ve only done this is gonna be the third halloween bike so we did one in 2018 2019 and this one for 2020. so um like i said guys in part one i mean i’m sorry in part two to the chopper i will go ahead and add some pictures of our previous halloween bikes that we have had in the channel actually that we have that i have done completed before however

They are not on the channel so you guys want to see something like that guys make sure you guys check out part two through this video and also we will be having more choppers three three more and some kopets somewhere in there guys make sure you guys stick around and you guys like and subscribe if you guys like the content you guys are viewing but i’m out of

Here gotta get to work sun is coming up and i’m falling behind peace out guys you

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Mini chopper / mini bike restoration part-1 By AA Restorations