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MOD 2 2019 – All motorbike Show me Tell me questions 3/7

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This video is going to be an add-on to the previous mod 2 video but we’ll just be specifically on the show me tell me questions you can get asked at the start of the test and also the questions you can get off about having a pillion passenger there is only a possibility of getting off 13 individual questions and i’m going to be going through all of them using my

Bike as an example which is a yamaha r125 but the majority of the same principles apply so it’s just going to be used as a reference so the first question is identify where you would check the engine oil level and to show and how you would check that the engine has sufficient oil so you don’t have to actually take out the dipstick for this but some bikes there’s

Actually a site gloss which you can just use so you just show them you check between the min or max mocks all the way the dipstick you just say you remove it you and you wipe it clean against the cloth and you check between the minimum maximum for that but again you don’t actually have to remove the dipstick for that next question is to show them how you check

The horn is working and so you just simply turn on the ignition and you press them to show them the operation if the horn doesn’t sound then it’s not your lucky day the next question could be to identify where the brake fluid reservoir is so for the rear brake is usually above the rear brake lever and for the front brakes is usually by the front brake either and

Once identified you just tell the examiner you check levels against the low end or high markings so the next question is to show how the brake lights are working so you simply on some biking may not have to turn it on on ignition or some you do if you do just turn on the ignition and either press the rear brakes rear brake eva put your hand against it the lights

And you can see the reflection or you can do the same with the front brake lever you can also say you can use someone else to help you with that or use any reflections in windows so the next question could be on how you would check the condition of the chain so you just say you’d check for wear or the correct tension and you’d also check the rear wheel alignment

You can also say the drive chain should be lubricated to prevent excessive wear so for the next question show me what checks you would make on steering movement before using the bike so you just say the handlebar should be free to move from full left lock to full right look without any cables being trapped stretched or pinched and without any snagging between

Moving or fixed pots so the next question you could be on asked on tiles you’d want to make sure in terms of their getting the correct tire pressure you’d want to use the pressure found on the owners manual and the pressure should be checked using a reliable gauge also the tread depth should be at least one millimeter deep forming a continuous band three at least

Three-quarters of the breadth of the tread all the way around and there should be no lumps algae’s or tears with the tyre so with a question on the operation of the front brake i’m just put the bike up straight in pop up the kickstand i will the bike forward and gently press on the brakes and there should be a compression small compression with the fork showing

That the brakes front brakes work i just play it back down with the question showing how you check the operation of the brakes so this is a general one you don’t actually have to do anything but you just mentioned you check for excessive travel on the brake lever and with the brake pedal you’d have to check for unusual play or sponginess to make sure it filled

As it would do normally ok the next question would be to show them how you check the operation of the engine cutouts which so most bikes it is red and quite obvious and so you just simply flick the switch you do not actually have to turn your bike but as a demonstration on how it would work so the works finally should just simply cut out that engine without having

To turn off the ignition but again you do not have to turn on your bike turn on ignition for this if you have any fog lights fitted on your bike you could get off on how to use it so you just have the switch and you go around the back checking it on if you don’t if you don’t don’t worry about this and with the last question you could get asked how you switch your

Headlight from the dip to the main beam so just switch on your bike or the ignition and turn on the switch which will change it from fifth to main beam again you can just go around the front after you’ve done this to check it on and on the dash there should be an indication of the symbol for the main beam again it’s up to you if you want to turn on the ignition to

Do this and if in any doubt just ask your examiner who would be more than helpful in letting you know so with all those questions covered now those are the only questions you can get asked regarding a show me tell me once afterwards you can get asked questions about carrying a pillion passenger and also any other adjustments you may need to make because of that so

There are three main categories the first one will be on what adjustment you’d need to make before carrying opinion so first bit you can say to increase the type sure so you’d increase it as necessary according to your owner’s manual due to the extra weight secondly you can say you may need to adjust the rear suspension also you can say with the mirrors too you

May need to tilt it upwards to account for the extra weight and lastly for the headlights you might have to adjust it downwards for the second category it will be on what information you would give to a pillion before taking them on the bike so there’s the quality of different answers you can give for this so in number one you tell them to keep their feet on the

Pegs at all times and you should tell them to hold onto the bike either by the grab rails or by holding on to the rider depending on whichever is safer or easier for the pillion also you can tell them to lean with the rider around corners or tell them the best way to communicate with you says any problem for example a tap on the shoulder also tell them to don’t do

Any other hand signals apart from this and lastly to not mount or dismount the bike until told to do so ok with the last category how carrying a pillion affects your motorcycle again a couple points on this you can mention when pulling away you’d have to give more throttle but also be steady with the clutch you can also mention with regards to braking you need to

Take into account the increased braking distance needed to stop at the required point which basically effect the two-second rule so lastly you can mention cornering where you need to take corners slower to account for the week and that covers everything i hope this is helpful if you haven’t already done so is checked out why what 1n multi video

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MOD 2 2019 – All motorbike Show me Tell me questions (3/7) By Future