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The tale of how a outlaw motorcycle organization became a force to wrecking with

Welcome back for another video today’s video will be about the mongols mc also known as mongo’s motorcycle club and their ties to the barrio the mongols are an outlaw motorcycle gang spawned in california their colors are black and white and their three-piece patch features a genghis khan type warrior riding a harley-davidson motorcycle in the center the top

Rocker reads mongols but it is the third piece the bottom rocker that first caused the gang a problem the mongols have a california bottom rocker and this fact was highly offensive to the hell’s angels outlaw motorcycle gang the aj claimed dominion over california its home state and exclusive rights to the california bottom rocker so they went to war outnumbered

By the aha from the very beginning the mongols formed alliances with the hells angels enemies the big bad to the bone hell’s angels attempted to form a national association decades ago and to place all other outdoor motorcycle gangs or omgs under their control the omgs that resisted this aha takeover formed loose alliances the outlaws motorcycle gang and the

Vegos motorcycle gang were part of this resistance in california and eventually in the southwestern u.s these outlaw gangs are not known for their adherence to juices and coalitions when you deal with the devil you can’t expect honesty and fair play the mongols had already left the devil into the dale in the early 1970s the hells angels were racist and did not

Allow african americans in their organization and many also disdained asians and mexican americans but the mongols were more tolerant and had accepted hispanic and other members of color earnest rabbit solace was an officer in the san gabriel chapter of the mongols his brother robert robert salas was a notorious leader in the mexican mafia prison gang these

Mexican mongols proved themselves in the wars with the house angels and on the road in biker runs the mongols began bringing more and more of these hispanics into the club because they needed more soldiers for the war against the big red machine by the 1990s mongols were recruiting former street gang members from both northern and southern california as prospects

However many new recruits did not own a bike or even know how to ride one the mongol constitution insists on harley davidson ownership before a prospect can become a member but like our own military in a war of attrition with the hell’s angels the mongols lowered their standards and enlisted numerous lowrider cholo street gang veterans some of these east la

Vatos locals even became part of the mongols special enforcer squad and they often wear a black and white ela enforcer patch on the front of their cuts however many of them had been southern california hispanic street gang members or ceremonials who had sworn allegiance to the mexican mafia prison gang and that means a blood-in blood-out commitment in january of

2004 a group of mongols met with a group of members of the bassette grande street gang at a motel room in the city of acadia northeast of los angeles the mongols were there to buy methamphetamine wholesale to sell retail after the deal the bessette gang members invited the mongols to party with them in the motel room they had used for the deal the five to six

Mongols were acting as security for the deal and first accompanied the drugs and their buyer back to a mongol safe house nearby but four of them returned to the bessette party one of the mongol security team was a former member of la’s largest street gang 18th street however members of the bessette gang soon recognized this mongol as a former sereno who was on

The mexican mafia’s green light list he had been placed on this hit list for breaking the serenio code of conduct and that green light list is circulated throughout southern california and especially committed to memory and every county jail and state prison the cerrenos were required by the mexican mafia to kill anyone on the list if they could when confronted

By the bessette gang members the mango went to the bathroom and came out wearing a pistol in plain view in his waistband as a he was expected to represent the mongols and stand up to these gang members he refused to leave the party counting on his fellow mongols to back him up eventually the bessette gang members rushed him in force in the struggle the 18th

Street mongol was killed and another mongol who stayed to fight was badly injured two other mongols ran away the mongols would later hold court for cowards and harness the two who ran on january 10 2004 in the city of rosemead in the san gabriel valley members of the sangra sereno gang had set up a methamphetamine lab in a motel room and started doing business

During that same week there was a motorcycle run going on and several mongols had checked into the same hotel one from the san jose norteno area walked past the open meth lab room and started asking questions over the next hour or so several verbal confrontations occurred between the mango norteno and the sangra sarinos the sangra gang members became aware of

The presence of los angeles deputy sheriff’s patrol units in the area and broke down the meth lab quickly and began loading the drugs and equipment into cars unconcerned by the sangra gang warnings the mongol confronted the gang members again in the parking lot claiming not only to be a mongol but a norteno as well the sangda gang members shot and killed him

Responding deputies caught the fleeing suspect and seized much of the meth and equipment in march of 2004 the mexican mafia shot callers held meetings with the local sereno gangs and send word to the mongols that they felt disrespected and that the serenos has sustained over 20 thousand dollars damage and loss of drug revenue and personal damages the mafia

Said that they would consider the mongols as just another la street gang they ordered the mongols to pay for the lost revenue the mexican mafia la me warned that if they didn’t the mongols would be on the green light list and all its members would be targeted for murder by the cerrenos in and out of custody in april of 2004 the mongols let it be known that

They refused to pay extortion to the ma they even made a few threats of their own a biker stopped next to a mexican mafia representative while he was driving his car stopped at a traffic light with family members as passengers the biker leaned over and said to the driver through the passenger window see how easy it would be to hurt you or your family he then

Sped away dozens of mongol members turned in their cuts and abandoned their mongol membership the green light was on the mongols and every cerino was under order to kill them on site all this was covered by a good friend los angeles fox 11 news reporter chris bletchford when he featured an unidentified mongol shot caller interviewed in silhouette on the fox

Undercover news program the station was contacted by a mexican mafia representative who asked plattsford to arrange a meeting between the two parties this meeting was eventually made and a full-scale war was averted the m.a rice rocket hitman was later identified and arrested but the mexican mafia suspected that the hitman might cooperate with law enforcement he

Was also green lighted by the m.a the cerino staged a full-fledged riot in the la county jail exercise yard as a distraction while they attempted to murder him deputy javier clift and several other deputies entered the ride fray to protect the victim from the sereno assassins the green lighted sereno was injured but not killed relations between the mongols and

The mexican mafia and its army of sarinios have remained volatile the mafia is said to have made this request of the mongols kill doc the current mongol president and all will be forgiven the mongol president was already very unpopular with many mongols because doc was largely responsible for the recruitment of so many sereno gang members into the mongols and

Because of his failure to protect the then president roger penae at the infamous laughlin nevada hera’s casino shootout with the hell’s angels in 2002 ruben cavazos was born in the highland park community of los angeles and at an early age became a member of the avenues gang prone to violence as a teenager it wasn’t long before he found himself in and out of

Jail even so he ultimately became a licensed radiologist earning a living by doing x-rays at los angeles area hospitals despite having a career and a family cavazos didn’t abandon his gang ties he did just the opposite while never denying his serenio roots cavazos also chose to prospect for and eventually gain membership into the mongols and outlaw motorcycle

Gang with its roots in east los angeles by most accounts cavazos was never happy with the mere membership in the mongols and had his eyes on the presidency from almost the moment he first wore their black and white patch cavazos whose radiology profession earned him the club nickname doc was known for challenging both the existing leadership of the mongols as

Well as the very essence of the club sometimes he did so through behind the scenes politicking and maneuvering and other times through outright and open criticism of club leaders and past practice on october 21st 2008 federal authorities arrested 38 members of the mongols motorcycle club in a sweep known as operation black reign among the arrestees was recently

Dethroned mongols president reuben doc cavazos who was taken into custody at his west covina home kavasols ultimately pled guilty to a single count of racketeering and was sentenced to more than 20 years in federal prison under their new leadership the mongols have allegedly come to an agreement with la me that will prevent retaliation against the club for the

Disrespect shown to them by cavazos after rising from the ranks of the avenues to the presidency of the mongols and landing in federal prison cavazos the men who attempted to merge the cultures of the mongols and sereno’s must now concern himself with when and if the black hand of la me will reach out and exact revenge for the perceived disrespect he has shown them you

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