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Most Convenient Sissy Bar Bag That Converts To a Backpack – Rider/Photographer Explains Why

Will Carey most popularly known as careyon_photo (IG handle), is a avid rider and professional photographer.

Hi everyone this is uh my review of the viking bags trident bar bag um i’ve actually gotten this bag to replace another bag that i have which is another vikings bag um this one i actually used this one recently for a trip to florida it’s really huge it has plenty of storage um and i enjoyed it a whole lot problem is is that it’s really really large and i’m

Also a photographer so i like to bring my camera with me and keeping my camera gear in this is great but when i want to walk around with my equipment this wasn’t working out for me so i went and got this bag which is perfect it’s a lot smaller but it fits everything that i need as far as my equip camera equipment um and the reason why i went with this bag is

Not because of just the the amounts of storage we have a zipper area here we actually keep um batteries sd cards stuff like that um we have three uh pouches here uh they use velcro to um keep those clothes uh but i keep a lot of equipment in there as well um keep my flash in here um but the main reason why i wanted this bag to use as my everyday part bag

Is because of the fact that it doubles as a backpack um this is what really drew me to the bag um viking bags make a lot of really great accessories for motorcycles um their bag line is amazing actually between this bag now um and then that bag i also have another one of their bags here um so i love their products um but this bag in particular worked out

Perfectly for me i’ve been using it for a couple of days now um and like i said the biggest reason why i chose this bag is because it converts from a cc bar bag to a backpack which this allows me to actually you know take it off the bar uh set up the the straps to convert it into a backpack and then now i have my all of my equipment on my person so some of

The shoots that i go to instead of having to ride around in my cage i can literally just hey i’ll meet you there grab the um grab the bag put it on my bike go where i gotta go and if i end up having to walk away from the bike or further enough away from the bike where i still need equipment i have ability to actually carry that equipment around with me now um

And i really love that bag for that the old bag um i’m still going to use i’m still going to keep that’s just going to be primarily just for travel um and to be honest which i’ll probably end up with another one of their bags uh there’s a few other ones that i really um like as well especially if i get a second bike here soon um i’m looking at having separate

Bags for for for both bikes so that’s something else so that’s just my review of this bag and like i said it’s it’s been really really great um something that i haven’t really seen especially when as a photographer uh there’s a lot of camera bags out there that are really amazing but they don’t have a way of being able to securely mount onto a bike that made

Me feel comfortable and then a lot of the other manufacturer of 60 bar bags they make some great bags but they’re not transitional from bag to backpack in a way that once again made me feel comfortable they they usually come with like these straps that you can kind of clip on but they you know they’re really uncomfortable i can’t wear them all the time but with

This bag literally it’s like wearing any other backpack that i have or any other camera bag that i have um in order to turn it into a camera bag what i did was i bought a protective insert for my camera equipment and i just pop it down in in there and i actually still have plenty of space even after putting my equipment in there i don’t have a lot of equipment

It’s usually i carry one camera body and about three to four lenses um so it carries exactly what i need in it and i still have plenty of space to be able to add anything else in there like you know if i buy you know some food snacks or something like that i can actually just throw them in there and it’s not gonna be an issue it’s not gonna get crushed or

Anything like that um so i think overall this bag was very well uh designed and i hope that they continue to make this bag um if not if they ever do a version two i’ll probably pick up a version two um simply because of the fact that like i said even if even in the short time that i had the bag it’s been really really wonderful so yeah that’s that’s my review

Of this bag and um you guys should check out their website they have everything for everybody i if you can’t find it on their website chances are i don’t know what to tell you they they make so many great um bags i’ll probably even pick up a um saddlebag because i hear that their saddlebag for the scalp is actually um bigger than the one that indian provide

I currently have the indian one um so i’m gonna look into that i met a guy that had a scout bobber and he had one of their bags and it it appeared to be a lot bigger well not a lot bigger but it appeared to be bigger a little a little deeper um so i’m going gonna try and check that out next um but in the meantime you know i got this uh this bag oh one thing

I forgot actually um one of the things that viking bags actually thought about was the the fact that you may want to use this for much longer um trips so like instead of like a day trip or a night of one overnight trip the bottom actually expands out um there’s some zippers that kind of hold the bottom together but when you unzip that completely it actually

Expands out quite a bit and you get almost a half bag worth of space for more more equipment so that’s something that was kind of different i didn’t expect that at all so when i got the bag i didn’t understand what the zippers were for until i unzipped it and realized wait a second there’s a whole extra space here it wasn’t just like a weird compartment thing

Or anything like that it was literally an expansion of the space so i’m actually going to try and hopefully here later this summer try and use that space to see if i can use this as my primary bag instead of my old bag because that that might actually save me time with uh bringing stuff in and out of hotels and stuff like that so um but yeah that that’s pretty

Much it for my review um like i said go check out their website um because they they just have everything that you need and if you can’t find it there then chances are you’re probably looking for too much because they they pretty much have everyone covered when it comes to bags so alright guys take it easy

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Most Convenient Sissy Bar Bag That Converts To a Backpack – Rider/Photographer Explains Why By vikingbags