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Most RESTORATION videos are FAKE: how to spot them

A lot of restoration content on YouTube is fake, including gun restoration videos. This video is a short guide on how to spot fake restoration content, and it can be applied to videos featuring not only guns but steel/iron items in general.

Hello there welcome back to backyard ballistics i’ve been doing many restoration videos recently since that allows me to provide some sort of scientific content while keeping people interested and in this period nothing interests viewers more than the word restoration combined with the rusted object on a thumbnail however wherever there’s people attention there’s

Money and wherever there’s money there are scams a lot of restoration videos on youtube are in fact fake and a few people have been commenting under my recent videos suspecting that they were fake as well so i thought i’d make this video to make it easier to spot a fake restoration content when you see it i’ll mostly be focusing on gun restoration but most concepts

Apply to objects predominantly made of steel in general i don’t want to spray it any height nor upset anybody so i won’t show real content that i believe is fake but only my reenactments however i give you the resources needed to tell them apart from genuine content first of all we need to agree on what we call fake well generally when we say that our restoration

Is fake we mean that the object being portrait was original in good condition and then ruined on purpose by the content creator in order to make an appealing video this is very common and i’ll soon explain why but first let’s differentiate between what i call strong and mild fakes a strong fake is one in which the look of the object is altered through a process

Different than natural decay phenomena in its most common form the item is covered in a mixture of dyes pigments binders and fillers usually tailored to look like some form of corrosion product it’s basically painted over often with commercial available products you can usually spot this kind of scammy content quite easily just by looking carefully for example

There is no reason for a plastic or rubber piece to become rust colored nor for a steel object to develop green or bluish corrosion products if you see a steel object with green stuff on it then what you’re looking at is most certainly fake stills products of corrosion in a natural environment can be of any shade of orange red brown and black but not green blue

Or bright yellow actually there is one of my videos that unfortunately looks like it’s a strong fake and it’s this gun look at the grips usually they’re made of plastic or wood so they definitely do not rust and a few people pointed that out in the comments however on that specific model the groups are actually made of stamped steel so it was natural for them

To rust together with the rest of the gun another thing that could give away one of these fakes is the presence of uncovered areas that have been missed during the application of rake rust for example as link’s weaver could leave a shadow during spraying and there’s no natural process that would leave such an opinion so we can conclude with high confidence that

We’re looking at some form of fake rust another way to spot the use of a crust is to look at the condition of the metal surface once it is cleaned if all the material that was on top of it is made up of corrosion products there must be a proportional amount of metal missing for example resting on this part was very superficial so it’s okay to find a relatively

Smooth surface underneath finding a smooth surface under this one would instead be incompatible with the amount of corrosion product now mild fakes are harder to tell apart but they are also less of a scam what happens is that the content creator takes an item in good or fair condition and subjects it to the same decay processes that can occur naturally often in an

Environment that causes them to happen over a much shorter period of time this still means that gallants or items in good conditions are deliberately damaged for the purpose of making a restoration video but at least the damage is realistic and the recovery process genuine in other words you can still learn something useful from the video it’s a bit like fireman

Training the fire is caused on purpose but the actions used to manage it are exactly the same as if the fire broke out on its own but i get it that you’d still rather watch something whose aging was also genuine rather than something that was ruined on purpose mostly because we don’t like the idea of being lied to if the accelerated aging process is done properly

It’s practically impossible to distinguish it from a natural one it’s a bit like artificial diamonds they are made in a lab setting over the course of a few days instead of millions of years in the earth’s mantle but if you do them right the end result is practically indistinguishable if the neglect that cause the decay happen over a relatively short period of time

The difference between genuine and fake is even more blurred just think about these i could have buried some of these guns a few years ago just to do these videos now it technically doesn’t make any difference if it was me or somebody’s grandad however there are many giveaways that you can look for if you want to find out whether the item was deliberately damaged

Shortly before filming the video first of all corrosion that happened over many years looks different look for these lamps they are very hard crystals of corrosion products and they take very long to form this one was in the k98k i restored another one where you can clearly see them is the more than 91 car canal and also the stay in 1912 that i did last in order to

Cause this frosting on purpose i would have needed to start doing it before i even thought of doing youtube so if you see these dedicate was probably genuine another useful thing to look for is wood while the average youtube restorer can figure out how to speed up the corrosion of steel aging would realistically is much harder have you even seen somebody childhood

There is no natural decay process that i know of that makes wood look like that i just really hope they didn’t throw the whole gun in the fire since that messes up heat treatment and can cause the bridge to fail so look if wooden parts are convincingly aged the next big giveaway is gun type some guns are by far more likely to be found in miserable conditions than

Others for example in italy but i think the same applies to the rest of europe the vast majority of guns being found buried or hidden in buildings are world war ii era or earlier this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to stumble across newer firearms in bad conditions but it’s much less likely you’ll never find a recent and expensive gun buried underground or in a

Building it just doesn’t happen mainly because modern weapons are heavily tracked in europe so it’s very unlikely for somebody with a license to stash away or lose one it’s just very uncommon to stumble across heavily rusted firearms made after say 1980. military firearms are a bit different in that they can be worn out and have lost their finish even if they are

Relatively recent but they rarely get rusty because even this crappiest arsenal sucks them in oil saying greases them for storage it’s the private citizen that has to stash away guns in hurry that typically lacks the knowledge to do it properly however this is not good for the average fake restoration channel since very popular in video game famous guns are way

More likely to gather millions of views so restoration channels are actually encouraged to ruin some modern ones anything like callahan’s 44 magnum revolver a glock pistol ak-47 m16 or desert eagle would surely get a higher view count than a 1930s gun it’s just how the internet works and this brings us to another very important risk factor for a video being fake

You see if i had a two grand gun with my typical view count i would actually make more money by selling the gun rather than ruining it to make a restoration of media especially considering how long it takes to make these videos for channels that typically get a few hundred thousand views per video like mine doing these buy new ruin and restore business wouldn’t

Be economically feasible on the kind of guns that the average viewer wants to see keep in mind that our finished gun is almost worthless on the collector’s market so i wouldn’t be able to get any meaningful percentage of my money back after restoration on the other hand channels that get several millions of views per video actually earn so much from it that an

Expensive gun to ruin is an affordable expense so to recap here’s what you should look for whenever you see a restoration video as with anything you find online treat it as fake unless proven otherwise first try to understand if it’s a strong fake that is the corrosion product buildup is fake if that’s the case that video has most likely little or nothing to teach

You and the recovery process is probably just a masquerade i’m not saying not to watch it it could still be useful as white noise for getting a sleep but that’s all it’s just white noise if not then the part is generally corroded which means that a proper recovery process must be performed and there could be something to learn from that still treat anything you

See as potentially fake compare it with other sources and your own experience to assess the reliability of what you’re watching i always provide all the data necessary to perform any procedure i’m showing so if you’re still not convinced you can do your own experiments and tell if the restoration process itself is real or not which i think is the most important

Thing if you also want to find out if the corrosion was caused on purpose you can look for a few hints first agent price of the gun compared to its condition an expensive gun made after 1980 and heavily rusted has most likely been arrested by whoever made the video second view count compared to gun value channels that consistently get several millions of views can

Afford proposingly ruining even expensive guns a channel with an average view count lower than half a million can’t third look at wooden part if the wood looks burnt it probably is and finally presence of hard dark rust lumps if they’re large the corrosion was probably natural now that we’ve seen what is a good giveaway that a restoration is fake let’s see what

Is not the presence of leftover bluing and the lack of corrosion on internal components are not clues of a known genuine aging that is because some parts especially if they are covered by something else including the stock tend to retain lubricants and preservatives and therefore resist corrosion much better than other more exposed parts it’s not uncommon to find

Guns in absolutely dreadful conditions but with their inside still greased or the area under the stock in perfect condition so what about my videos is some of them fake and if so is he a strong fake or a mild one i’ve given you the knowledge to tell so give them a closer look and let me know what you think in the comments i give you a hint i’m telling you that in

One occasion i made a small beat of a gun look worse than it was for a thumbnail i regret doing it but you live and you learn which would be able to spot which part i’m talking about and also why i could make it look worse without doing any real harm to the item i hope you found this guide useful i just asked you not to spread height and line it doesn’t help and

Can actually be counterproductive once again a huge thanks goes to my patrons which as usual are all listed here thank you all for watching subscribe if you’d like to see more and i’ll see you next time bye

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Most RESTORATION videos are FAKE: how to spot them By Backyard Ballistics