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Moto vlog TU250x/Ruckus/Vanlife

Im back! quick discription of whats to come!

Hey for my city i’m the realest one that’s repping oh my god oh my god if i die i’m a legend when they lay me down to rest i know i was always rapping oh my god alright my words being my greatest weapon oh man beautiful day to ride out there oh man what’s up youtube i just wanted to uh i just wanted to first i just wanted to apologize i know it’s been a long time

Since i’ve put anything out it’s probably been two months since i’ve released a video not like i was dropping stuff you know constantly before but i just wanted to let you guys know that i’m sorry and come back i’ve i’ve got some cool stuff to show you guys the first of all you know if you’ve seen any other of my videos i was rolling around on a ruckus which is

Just really hard to do to just you know commute i was commuting for about a year on the ruckus and you know the ruckus is a great is a great vehicle really fun you know efficient on off-road kind of you know it’s a fun bike i still have it but recently i just picked up a suzuki tu 250x a really cool bike you know it’s a lot of power coming to coming from the

Ruckus 50cc to a 250cc i’m really excited to customize this bike i’ve got a lot of plans i’m going for the cafe slash track your theme on this thing maybe even a little scrambler with some knobby tires i don’t know yet if you guys have any opinions let me know so i just wanted to talk about what’s gonna be coming up on the on the channel in the near future so

I’m basically gonna be doing scooter stuff with the honda ruckus i’m gonna be doing suzuki tu 250 x modifications i’m going to be talking a little bit about this band that i’m in right now i recently bought this kick-ass old worker van basically i turned it into a house on wheels it’s like my office anywhere i go i add up videos in here i take naps in here on my

Lunch break i eat i have coffee with friends in here it’s a really cool little work area i mean this thing has it all i even have a bathtub restroom bed workstation you know just a fun little place to kick back your little home away from home if you will so van life stuff basically i’m gonna be doing some travels in the future this is also going to be coming on

The channel motorcycle traveling i’m gonna be taking this ban all across the u.s. i’m doing the the west coast this year for sure yeah i mean a lot of cool stuff from van life to motorcycles that ventures customization you know just funny cool i would i would tell you more but i have to go help a friend with some editing help her release some videos – i always

Got to help out the youtube community especially if they’re local and whatnot and yeah just give a little bit back so i’m gonna do that i’m gonna bring you guys along for the ride so let’s jump on the tee 250x and come along with the ride you know it’s good to see you guys again i missed you later all right so i hope the audios okay on this i’m heading out to my

Friend said it a little bit man it’s a beautiful day it’s pretty cliche of the first thing a motorcycle it says as soon as he gets on his bike and it’s not raining or it’s not horrible weather any anyway there’s beautiful weather up just about so i’m gonna head over and get some coffee because i feel like i’m probably gonna be editing for a little bit trying to

Concentrate and whatnot so yeah enjoy the ride hopefully no one drives like a jaguar today yeah so this is the first time i’ve been riding with a backpack man i gotten so used to having storage on my other bike that this is just weird i really hope it doesn’t throw me off it’s kind of heavy it’s a computer and some you know microphones and whatnot kind of an

Expensive load in the backpack so i hope i don’t you know hope i don’t fall but we’ll see things would be pretty good so yeah if you have any recommendations on what i should do to this beautiful suzuki 250x let me know i know a lot of people click the clubman handlebars on there’s that little little cafe style windshield that’s pretty cool let me know of a good

Exhaust to get on this thing i mean i’m gonna change basically everything i just got this thing so money’s a little bit tight but the other day i ordered or yesterday went to camp power sports to pick up some gloves since i’ll be popping on the freeway occasionally i picked up some blinkers so i’m excited about those blinkers to come in but yeah if you guys you

Know i’ve done some good monster this thing i know some people get the 16 to struck it on this thing in the front 41 or something like that let me know how that goes i’ve read a couple forums that say that’s the way to go i would say you uh you say town motorcyclists inviting me out and love to ride with you guys if a little 250 isn’t isn’t too small it’s a very

Well could be alright so i’m gonna pop on this freeway little quick show you guys as possible all right time to get that triple espresso shot make you vehicles stand right up in the air all right let’s hop into starbucks real quick i’m always here man i’m here like twice a day you know let’s just you know it’s good stuff it keeps me going it’s a pretty little

Bike go in there cooler than all these cars yo yo thank you sir already headed down how’s it go man yeah that’s what i was going for like robocop hey how’s it going good have the order ready that’s a g that is oh g check out this thing it’s funny ever since i got my van i’m always checking out checking out other vans

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Moto vlog TU250x/Ruckus/Vanlife By MarcoDontYouKnow