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MotoAmerica Medallia Superbike Race 2 Highlights at Laguna Seca 2022

Medallia Superbike race two wrapped up the GEICO Motorcycle MotoAmerica Speedfest at Monterey, and it was a fitting crescendo to the event. MotoAmerica’s best riders showed their stuff, so check out these highlights.

Hi this is matthew scolds riding for westby racing thank you for watching our youtube channel like and subscribe 20 laps for medallion superbike race number two we’re away and it looked like petrucci got a really good start from the middle of the front row there goes got you at the inside again and look at cameron peterson trying to go around the outside a little

Bit of wheelie for him on his yamaha r1 so it looks like it’s going to be kanye petrucci boy gagne held up petrucci breaking down into turn number two but now it’s about that acceleration and drive out of the corner between the two guys that were battling for second and third yesterday gagne has opened up point eight already oh and it looks like cameron peterson

Oh and sculpts they both went out wide yeah but peterson was down and another rider down behind him but i mean cameron peterson had completely tucked the front on his fresh and lean progressive yamaha what a tremendous save by the 45. look at the save j look at the look at him tuck the front oh he’s gone right there yeah he was and i was looking at sculpts when

You said that so i didn’t see that at the start i really believe the key to richie escalante’s weekend gw was how good he was on friday right off the bat he unloaded that bike and looked quick on that vision wheel m4 x-star suzuki and he just continues to try to progress and move forward it’s one second exactly so petruccio only lost two tenths that last lap by

23 four wow for jake gagne fastest race lap of the weekend and right behind him must be racing’s matthew scholz the fight looks so much better it does look better for matthew you had a talk with him yesterday we actually just kind of had a bit of a laugh as you see cam peterson has gotten through on richie escalante going back to schultz we had a bit of a laugh or

Or half seconds on the brakes it’s an exhausting way to ride and uh it’s very difficult so let’s see what it is this time by we’re going 24-1 to 24-5 and just like that it grows to one point eight seconds almost two seconds i’m going to keep an eye on this gap between cam peterson and danilo petrucci because right now it’s at 1.7 with cam going two tenths quicker

On that lap and some of that time was made up in sector three last lap by cameron peterson escalante is very difficult to pass into breaking as well as he breaks so deep turn 10 is a hold your breath kind of corner you got to really commit to it this one right here into turn 11 is very typical so sculpts with a nice move up the inside ease is on by escalon they

Turned it back up underneath them though and sculpts is going to have to relinquish that let’s see if he can do anything down in turn two and he’s going to try to go around the outside of escalante and make this work wow what a pass by matthew skull grip is at a premium especially this deep in the race things are really hard to fight it’s fine hard to find grip

Now here’s a couple teammates battling it out jay yeah corey alexander travis wyman there and it looked like is it hayden gillam just behind them so that’s right it’s going to be inside look how much room he gave corey to they gave each other plenty of room there so the two titles teammates giving each other room through turn two and look at hayden gillam so this

Is like watching the stock thousand race isn’t it between these three guys much tidier from cam peterson that time out of turn two and through the middle of it so jake gagne is leading the way this is the battle for second and third place currently led by danilo petrucci on that war horse hsbk racing ducati new york kindergarten v4r the yamaha r1 behind him is

Freshly progressive yamaha’s cameron peterson in his first year on this team it’s where can i pass him so he can’t fight back a couple corners later what are you thinking yeah that’s going to be the thing is this where’s cam going to line them up you can see when they come through the core screw here cam has pace down through this little section of the racetrack

It’s crucial spots it’s not always the easiest place to pass you can set somebody up out of turn uh nine here down into turn 10. barbara having another good day on the titler cycles bmw at 3.8 behind escalante in fifth place with his teammate pj jacobson to drift a couple more seconds both those riders talking about struggling with grip once the tires start to

Lose a little bit of that grip setting up the motorcycle continuing to build that team whatever he does it’s gonna have to be something spectacular here on the last lap i haven’t really seen anywhere where it’s a a big enough move or an easy enough move to where it could not be a big move so they come into turn 11 again he’s got to get a good run out of here as

You see the white flag displayed for your race leader jake ghanian here’s that battle for second as they come across the line where’s cam peterson thinking about doing this is there something that we haven’t seen that is significantly better than petruccia i think for cameron peterson he’s done a lot of work but he’s going to have to settle for second spot unless

Something miraculous happens here but for this guy jake gagne coming onto the front straightaway takes the checkered flag and another win medallion superbike race number two and danilo petrucci will hold on to second place with cameron peterson in third and that also means that with that win jake gagne will take over the championship points lead for the first time

This season and how about vision wheel m4x star suzuki’s richie escalante who will come across the line and score another fourth place finish on the weekend you

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MotoAmerica Medallia Superbike Race 2 Highlights at Laguna Seca 2022 By MotoAmerica