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MotoAmerica Supersport Race 1 Highlights at Road Atlanta 2022

The Supersport class has a different look this year, but the excitement is still there, and it really showed in race one at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta. Check out the highlights featuring some of the world’s best middleweight riders bringing the action and excitement.

Hey what’s up this is pj jacobson make sure you watch moto america on youtube and you like and subscribe so race one getting ready to start again when you see those red lights go off we’re racing here we go josh herron another good launch a little choppy but look at the distance he’s able to put on the rest of the field boy you called that it was a little bit choppy

But he got off and how about lock off what a start for him this is right where sam wants to be now he hasn’t really been sort of on pace all weekend so we’re going to see now if lock off on that gsxr 750 i’m excited to see these two bikes go down the back straightaway together and see how they kind of pan themselves out as the field makes it through the spot greg

That we have that incident and then the famous s is here at road atlanta as they go up to turn five not quite as big of a grab for heron as there was the first time so we’ll see if these guys in second through fifth sixth can close that gap up josh herron leading us into turn number six sam lockoff in second on the 44. so here we go through turn number seven the

All-important drive and run onto the back straight away as aaron has a look over his shoulder just to check the gap again so it’s lock off the 44 and then rocco landers right behind him and i’m going to say that’s probably the guy he didn’t want to see he probably felt a lot more comfortable when he didn’t see anybody that would be like main title contenders and

You can see that gsxr 750 greg is able to draft up to that ducati is lock-off already looks like he wants to take a shot you can see rocco landers there benjamin smith angles almeido now trying to get through on chad lewin another guy that i’ve got to see quite a bit of this winter riding number 33 good to see chad lewin back in moto america running right there

With the guys that have been racing for the last few years with that 750 at lock-off sam lockhop laying a nice tight tuck and here’s a battle of yamaha r6s as landers goes up the inside and then kicking down the hill oh the bike down they’re heading into turn number 10. tony blackall that’s turn five that’s going to be coming up over the top of the hill it looks

Like so if you’re looking at stock horsepower numbers of an r6 to a gsx r750 thinking to yourself well wait a second how is this possible there are rules in place set by the fim and moto america that are allowing these motorcycles to compete to a balanced playing field and of course that will continue as the class develops nice battle going on here between kevin

Almeido and the 16 chad lewin on the 33 and number 35 welcome to moto america diego perez about 10 corners to go for josh herron as his gap has now increased to well over three and a half seconds and when push came to shove and lock off made that one mistake just through the s’s jason that’s when we see lockhop start to go a little backwards but nonetheless the

Amount of data being collected for that vision wheel m4xr suzuki team critical in the continued development of that g6 r750 but how about this too i mean this is information that’s being fed to ducati at the world scene and back in bologna on how josh herron is doing with this motorcycle the data they’re going to be collecting it and keep in mind this is not a

High-tech motorcycle like a superbike with traction control and wheelie control josh herron is having to do this all out of raw talent himself with the great team around him in the warhorse hsbk racing ducati new york team down into 10 a and 10 b goes josh herron he talked about it at the open of the program that his goal this year was to have fun and win races

As he throws a wheel in the air and he’ll head down into this final set of corners it’s josh herron on to the front straightaway look over his shoulder wheel in the air stand up wheelie and the first victory of 2022 goes to heron and the ducati coming across the line sam lock off on the 44 will take second benjamin smith in third rocco landers in fourth great

Race rocco landers was coming on hard there at the back end of that race 29-6 for landers he closed within a second of that battle for second and third and you can see this is what this guy was all about having fun but if you look at those lap times they’re great i’m looking from lap five down to lap nine there 29 twos 29 threes that’s what eventually was able to

To spearhead him this victory lock off has got to be over the moon with that second place you can see landers strong there at the end of the race as well benjamin smith nice podium to start the season a little further back diego perez in his debut with us ends up fifth in albedo six lou and seventh with luke power angles and thermiotis rounding out your top ten

So there you go super sport next generation has kicked off in the united states for moto america a next generation ducati wins the race over the next generation suzuki and those tried and true yamaha r6’s collect third fourth fifth sixth and seventh a look at our results as josh aaron is gonna head his way to victory lane when we return we’ll get to talk to him

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