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Motorcycle Anti-Theft System & MP3 Player with Speakers.

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Franks so today we are doing a video on a very interesting product well we all love music right we got music in our cars we got music at home sound systems and whatnot i absolutely love music and i was thinking why shouldn’t we integrate music onto a motorcycle everyone this is prateek and now let’s unbox the motorcycle mp3 player from while talking

About the packaging of the motorcycle mp3 player from it has a simple and basic packaging with some specifications on it well these specifications are the features which the mp3 player support they are the sd card slot usb slot a digital fm radio it even has a battery remote control memory slot and a regular alarm and to the other side of the box we

Find the color options of the mp3 player now let’s see what we get inside the box the first thing that we see inside the box is the amplifier itself the amplifier is the brain of the whole unit well the amplifier has some specifications on it such as the world rating power rating peak power standby current working temperature supporting devices supporting format and

Even remote control distance apart from the specifications on the amplifier to the left we find few buttons and both to the left of the amplifier we find three buttons which are used to control the music to increase the volume are the power of the amplifier and the writer of the buttons we find a sd card slot and which you can put as because to access the music and

The writer of the sd card slot we can find the usb female port and which you can plug in a usb device to access music and to the right side of the amplifier we find a huge port and which the vibrant goes talking about the speakers itself we find a couple of speakers inside the box they have a nice grill and inside the grill we find a nice metallic finish together

Which gives a nice look to the speakers and talking about the shape of the speakers the first thing that hits when we see the shape of the speakers is that they exactly looks like an aeroplanes propellers this is because they have a nice streamlined design which cuts through the air and reduces air friction inside the box we find these two mounts which are two

Be fixed to the bottom of the speaker and to the bottom of the speaker we find these four holes in which the mounts are to be faced inside the box we find a couple of remote controls in case if you lose one or if you want to give one to your beloved one well these remote controls have a pretty basic design with a lock button on it and a mode button and accompanied

With two volume buttons with which you can even skip or go back to the tracks they have a nice thin and nice hook mechanism which helps you to put them easily to your keys which gives up a lot of time the last thing that we find inside the box are the cables while the cables might look a bit complicated but they are not this huge board where all the cables join

Goes into the amplifier well i’m not going to go that deep because my brother vikas is going to show you how to install it on your bike so the rest of the video is going to be done by picard here you go so why should we limit our music only to headphones if we are a few frames set of four or five frames park your motorbike somewhere and how cool would it be if we

Have integrated speakers like the cold winters so we are going to be installing this on to my ktm duke 390 and reviewing again reviewing it and as this is a gadget a tech related gadget what i have done is i have invited my friend my cousin bratty because he is a tech expert he reviews camera cell phones i know sound related stuff so do check out his channel and

I recommend highly recommend it to subscribe to his channel really good stuff you find a card right here just down the car you’ll find my channels link over there and even the description i’ll put it names say it loud yeah my channels name is tectonic tech reviews you can find it on youtube terminal of the motorcycle battery and the black is the negative it goes

To the minus terminal of the motorcycle battery and it works on a 12-volt battery and this bunch of wires they get to this area you know it’s like rocket kind of a thing multi pin socket put it on to the amplifier and the control unit now time to put the speakers let me get one speaker and it is straightforward like in thing put it on to this buddies so we have

Finally figured out how this anti-theft system works on this motorcycle sound system so basically after you install this system onto your motorcycle and when you park your motorcycle somewhere where you leave it unattended what you do is you press this red button you get the sound and you walk away because none of us like it when anyone is touching our motorcycle

Or tapping of a motorcycle or sitting on our motorcycle correct because motorcycles are like a girlfriends and we hate it when someone touches them right so now i pressed it and i walked away from my motorcycle so now i’m the stranger yeah let’s see what happens when i touch the motorcycle what happens is that once you press the red button it lets you know that

The joint itself anti-theft system is working now in case i want tabs the motorcycle the first time it kind of you know let the person know that back off the hips then it wants them and second time if they do it again second warning to them and third time is they still do it allows you to not go too so unless you press the right button again it won’t stop yup

So it keeps going on and it’s loud and it alerts everyone around till the time the owner presses the red button you can do it from quite a distance so pretty cool thing you know and now all that you have to do is press you can show it there buddy the mode button on the music music so buddies i hope you enjoyed me dancing that is what i’m gonna be doing soon i’m

Gonna skip all these reviews videos and all that and i’m gonna become a dancer that sounds cool i know i’m dancer anyway so overall this is a pretty cool system now i’m not installing it onto the handle bar right now because i need to get the bracket mount a pretty cheap you can get it from any store the mounts that they have provided along with this you know

Kit they are not a snap-on fit onto my ktm duke 390 so once i do that i’ll probably make another video but right now we know what it is it is a really good value for money anti-theft system and mp3 player it’s really cool because you can put an sd card slot and you can put a usb and also fm and you know nice remote control you have a long with it then if you lose

One you have one here then in case your girlfriend takes one you know you still have one with you so one recommendation is that don’t play too loud because although this is very loud stuff when you go beyond about seventy percent volume the speakers are kind of distorting so that’s fine you know most of speakers are like that unless you and a few thousand dollars

By a good way – yeah enjoy music with your friends we’ll add salt when you’re riding for a long time and these are from the company i got viscom i’ll put up the links section to check them out they’re getting some really cool sale i think made of september – check it out and that is it friends if you got any questions do let me know and do check out

Petits channel as i mentioned tectonics go decker enhance subscribe alright

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Motorcycle Anti-Theft System & MP3 Player with Speakers. By Vikas Rachamalla