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Motorcycle Coolant Flush // AJAX Motorsports Tech Tips

This #TechTipThursday we demonstrate how to flush your cooling system.

Hi i’m cody here with red and this week’s edition of ajax tech tip videos we’re gonna be talking about your engine cooling system or your anti freezing system depending on how you look at it whenever your engine is not running it’s an anti freezing system one of the points that i want to make is that a lot of people in in racing situations there are certain

Racing sanctioning bodies that don’t allow you to use any glycol-based coolant and therefore your system when your bike stored over the winter if you don’t think about it it’s gonna freeze and it’s gonna cause damage with things so it can cause the radiator to expand and crack it can cause an impeller to be in water that gets frozen and then you go out to start it

Periodically then you start it with a water with an impeller that’s sitting in ice you can break the impeller you can twist it off you can cause engine damage and you need to remember if you’ve done this make sure that you go back in you know for your winter storage and put some anti-freezing agent in your cooling system to ensure that during the winter you don’t

Have an issue that’s going to cause you problems later down the road depending on the type of bike you have you may have a reclaimer on your cooling system or an expansion tank you may have a fan you may not it’s important to know that if you have these that those also get drained whenever you’re flushing your coolant or changing your coolant out with going with

A different type of coolant whether it’s an ethylene glycol or if it’s a propylene glycol or if it’s a water with water weather water with water wetter has no glycol in it and that is required by some race racing sanctioning bodies now if you actually race with your bike and you have something in your cooling system that doesn’t have any glycol in it and no freeze

Protection it’s important to remember over the winter especially if you’re somewhere we’re freezing is prone to happen to put something in there just for the storage period that is going to prevent the freezing that way you don’t have costly engine damage or have to replace parts due to freezing and expansion of the water some people don’t realize it on off-road

Motorcycles that do not have an expansion tank the area above the cooling fins and below the filler neck is actually your expansion area so if you fill it all the way to the bottom of that you may not actually be overheating but you’re gonna lose coolant as soon as it it builds enough heat to open that pressure cap most manufacturers recommend you change out your

Engine coolant from every two years to sometimes five just because if overtime and it gains acidity or if you’re planning on changing it just to change different types it’s important that you do not mix ethylene or propylene so you’re gonna want to flush that out with this filled water first thing we need to do is locate our coolant drain which is going to be right

Here on this particular unit whenever you remove the coolant drain screw you don’t have to worry about a whole lot coming out because the cap as long as it’s still on it’s creating a vacuum so a little will come out if it starts to come rushing out then you probably have a leak in your cooling system and then grab our little hose here i just have a fitting here

With a hole straight through it that’s just to direct the flow of our coolant so it doesn’t get on the ground release the pressure cap let the coolant flow so it’s a good idea to observe state and local laws whenever you’re disposing of your coolant should have a coolant disposal center at your local automotive parts store you never want to just dump it down your

Drain since we are doing the cooling system i’m going to go over to the other side of the motorcycle and actually remove the reservoir bottle so that i can dump the coolant out of it as well okay now we’re pretty much drained i’m gonna leave this hose on here so that we can do a flush i want to make sure that you get any residual out of there or as much as you can

Just to help the purity of the new coolant that you’re adding to the system i’m going to use distilled water just for any of the remnants of the water that’s still in there after the flush that has to mix with the coolant you don’t want to use tap water because the minerals in the tap water will actually reduce the boiling point and it’ll make for buildup in your

Cooling system the rate i’m filling will actually exceed the rate that it’s draining so it’ll catch up to itself while that’s draining out i just want to make a point that you can get a coolant that’s already pre-mixed whenever you purchase it or you can get a coolant that’s not pre-mixed when you purchase it it’s important to know what you have if your coolant is

Not pre-mixed follow the manufacturer’s recommendations of the coolant and most cases it’s 5050 with with distilled water make sure that you do use distilled water again because tap water will leave deposits there’s still minerals and things in there that you don’t need in your cooling system now we have everything flushed out really good with our cooling system

We’re drained out we’re gonna remove our draining apparatus reinstall our drain bolt and refill our cooling system we’re refilling this one with an ethylene glycol pre-mixed this is motor x’s 3-year coolant whatever you fill your cooling system especially on a larger engine because everything’s not perfectly level and your fill cap is not always at the absolute top

Of your cooling system there’s possibility for air bubbles to be trapped so you always want to start your motorcycle and make sure that you cycle the cooling system so it can fully circulate and get any of that unwanted air out of the system okay now that our fans have come on we can go ahead and shut it off we want the motorcycle to completely cool down before

We open the cap to add the remaining amount of coolant it’s gonna need for the system you never want to open the cap hot after we top that off we’ll be done anytime you use still water make sure you don’t move it because otherwise then it’s not still these still these these still water these still water here these still water is what

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Motorcycle Coolant Flush // AJAX Motorsports Tech Tips By Ajax Motorsports