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Motorcycle Insurance for Young People

What’s up everyone! In this video I want to talk about motorcycle insurance for young people. I receive a lot of comments and questions about how difficult it can be for young people to afford motorcycle insurance, or for younger people to even get insurance for a motorcycle. So here we go with motorcycle insurance explained.

Motorcycle insurance dr. cha cha what’s up everyone it’s alex this brought to my attention recently that in some of the videos i’ve done about like younger people and riding motorcycles and getting into motorcycles and some of the reasons why and reasons why not people are deciding to ride motorcycles at younger ages like they used to now i haven’t covered the

Insurance aspect of it what an idiot okay so motorcycle insurance if you are a younger person like in the us and i can’t speak for all countries but in the us if you’re under 25 and you’re trying to get insurance on a motorcycle it can suck okay there’s no two ways around it it just sucks if you’re the kind of person that wants to ride a sport bike especially a super

Sport and you’re in the us and you’re under 25 your insurance is going to be kind of freaking expensive now if you are lucky enough you can if you’re a real young person you can try to get on your parent’s insurance and if you’re insured under your parents on a motorcycle it should be considerably cheaper but if you’re not here’s a couple of tips for you okay if

You’re struggling you want to ride a motorcycle you’re younger you keep getting insurance quotes and it’s just freaking astronomical there’s a couple things you can do to make that a little bit better understand in the u.s. i’m talking about if you’re under 25 and you want to ride a motorcycle your insurance is just gonna be a little bit high unfortunately that’s

Just the way it’s gonna be i’ve got a couple of ideas for you here we go so if you’re in the u.s. you’re under 25 you want a motorcycle the insurance thing is just freakin killing you a couple things to know one the insurance is way way way worse on anything that is categorized as a super sport so if you’re a young person you want a motorcycle insurance sucks and

You’re looking at stuff like this and that and that and these you might need to stick it out on a less performance motorcycle for a couple of years until you can hit that magical 25 or whatever and get your cheaper insurance okay you might have to just regear you’re thinking a little bit and change around to something more like this still in the sport category but

It’s not a super sport so the insurance is a lot better on something like this fc7 or like mto 7 you know the other name for it anything like your dual sports your insurance is gonna be a lot better than it is on a super sport and any of the smaller sport bikes your 250 s and 300s all of those are gonna have considerably cheaper insurance my first motorcycle was a

Ninja 250 i was 21 years old and i afforded my own insurance because it really wasn’t that bad now my buddy that bought gsxr 600 the same time his insurance was like 250 260 a month and it was absolutely murdering him because he insisted on having a gsxr 600 okay if you’re in love with that kind of bike but insurance is killing you you might need to ride something

A little bit less sporty for a little while and just have some fun until your insurance goes down okay that’s just all there is to it on your cruisers insurance is not as bad but if you’re looking at a cruiser in your young person you’re looking at classic bikes and everything it really shouldn’t be that bad if it’s really bad on the bike you’re looking at try

Looking at something with maybe a little bit less motor too because the insurance companies do charge less on cruisers for smaller cc motors or smaller motors like i said the only other thing you can really do if the insurance is just way too bad on the bike you’re looking at and you don’t want to compromise on maybe a smaller bike see if you can finagle or see if

You can work out getting on insurance with your parents and getting a little bit of a break that way you could also if the insurance payments gonna absolutely murder you you could also just really look for as cheap of a used motorcycle as you can get your hands on to pay cash for that way you’re not saddled with you know a bike payment and an insurance payment if

You just can’t afford that if you can easily afford that that’s what you want to do awesome if you can’t easily afford that maybe just look for a really cheap used bike to ride for a while so you can afford the insurance and then when you get your insurance break then get the bike you want there’s a lot of little ways around i don’t want people to be defeated by

Insurance okay like riding is such an incredible thing has been such a huge positive impact on my life that i found a way to make it happen and what i had to do was ride a little bit smaller bikes for a couple of years i had an awesome time i learned a lot i learned a lot safer because i was on smaller bikes and then when the insurance went down i started getting

Bigger bikes okay it’s not the end of the world this is a hurdle you can overcome if you want a ride and you’re a young person and the insurance is gonna freak and murder you just look at some different bikes and look at different ways to get around it so you can ride for a few years get those skills under your belt and have an awesome time and then when your

Insurance goes down sky’s the limit you can get whatever you want i want all of you guys to have as much fun and have as much of a positive experience in your lives that motorcycles have provided me i mean they are such a freakin awesome life-changing freeing thing and there’s so much feeling of family and community surrounding them but i think some people miss

Out on just because of the barrier of what insurance costs okay don’t let it get you down alright find ways around the insurance thing have insurance i’m not telling you not to have insurance have insurance but find ways to get the insurance cheap enough where you can afford it and still ride until your insurance costs go down and you can have whatever you want

Okay hope that was helpful put questions in the comments below i answer as fast as i possibly can you guys have been awesome about having discussions back and forth lately with the community that’s what we’re trying to do we want to have a community that’s what i’m trying to build here so put your questions in the comments below peace

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Motorcycle Insurance for Young People By Alex Simmons