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Motorcycle Rain Riding Gear

Some of the gear I’ve use to ride in the rain with.

Because of a few of my videos where i’m riding in the rain i’ve had a couple questions on the gear that i use for riding in the rain and like i’ve stated in some prior videos i don’t really look to ride in the rain but some if you’re a writer you invariably get caught in it and this isn’t all my gear nor do i pack all of this this is just a collection of some over

Time and with experiments and two things i’m looking for is one keeping dry the other keeping warm i found not everything’s made equal i’m gonna start real quick by just covering some stuff for a warmth you can put buffs around your neck to kind of help keep you warm if you get caught in the rain that is often with rain it’s a little colder if you do not have a

Jacket that has a high collar then these are gonna get wet and they’re soon gonna start working against you if you have a jacket that the collar is really tight then these aren’t gonna be real comfortable to put on so a couple things to keep in mind also for warmth this is a down jacket they compress up to really small and this under any other jacket that kind of

Breaks the wind that’s probably gonna be most of the warmth you’re gonna need on to the rain stuff this right here is a textile armor armored olympus jacket this is one of the first jackets i bought and this is more water resistant you could scotchgard it for better water protection but i would also be concerned about that affecting the breathability you do have

Vents on here for when you’re not riding in the rain but a lot of jackets like this they’re really meant to be water resistant so they’re fine for a light rain for a heavy downpour you’re probably going to find it slipping in especially with a lot of the pocket areas on this jacket all in all for rain riding jacket not a bad one at all this particular jacket right

Here is one of my newer ones and i got this because i like the visibility aspect of it because when people are driving in the rain their visibility is reduced and often can’t see things as well so i like to try and be as visible as possible in that situation the thing that is disappointing with this jacket is this part right here is really short in your crotch

Area on your bike that’s where a lot of water is gonna for some reason just kind of want to consolidate it’s gonna kind of want to slip under your jacket right here i prefer rain jackets a little bit longer the neck is short on this one so i find it slips in the back of the neck all in all i like the visibility of this this is good for a light rain disappointed

In this one i think if you got it in a bigger size like this one this is my favorite jacket this is a moto boss and this one is very adjustable high collar not a drop gets in with this jacket one of the things that’s been a major disappointment with this moto boss jacket that has everything almost perfect is the zipper in it has never really worked right since

Day one i got it i got it on clearance so i couldn’t really return it and i haven’t really wanted to get rid of it because it’s one of the best waterproof jackets i’ve ever ever owned and i got it in an xxl extra extra-large and so that it’s longer it’s just bigger i can have a big jacket i mean i can practically have that under this if i wanted so that bigger

Size with getting it longer and just covering you more i find that helps now if you have any helmet other than a full face you’re probably going to get get a little wet in the head and this one’s a modular so this one will be the next best one and with a lot of the openings to have a modular mechanism you’ll probably find that some water will slip in this is an

Nolan n 104 and not a bad rate riding helmet so far something i struggled with it sometimes i’ll close the vent in a downpour but then it gets kind of foggy here i find their new pin lock on this particular one doesn’t seal as well so then either open this and give a water in here crack this open and the defogger get a little water in but that’s the only option

I’ve got for it works for me right now best experience with rain pants i’ve had is just the simple inexpensive pull pull ons i got these from cycle gear these are a built brand i think running new they’re about 40 bucks on sale they’re about 20 and so far a really good experience with these my other set of pants is a textile rabbit and similar to this jacket it’s

More water-resistant you could scotchguard them but light rain they’re okay i can’t find a combination of this and this and i’m golden and the area of struggle is the footwear these right here often people wear these and i wear them too because it’s kind of nice if you’re out in a rural area hop off your bike hit a hiking trail these are gonna be fine for a light

Rain you can scotchguard i’m a little bit more protection but the most ideal rain boot that i found you say is these italian falco’s i hear people say all the time i’ve never found a waterproof boot and well i did and that’s these and if you’re still having trouble with water getting in you’re probably not getting your pants wrapped around the boot adequately often

Rain pants they have this adjustment at your angle you want to tighten this as much as you can for two reasons one it keeps water out second if you have this loose and just kind of flopping around you can catch your pants around on your foot controls on your bike and do a wonderful thing like destabilizing your balance if you’re just standing there on your stance

Sitting there on your bike and then dropping it no now also if you’re having water get in around your wrist some other thing you’ve got to tighten this up here so this comes down to the final piece is the gloves i’ve always struggled with that and this is a thick parallel other gloves more for warmth water-resistant and i’ve had people give me ideas of putting a

Vaseline and other things on them and i’ve also seen that people sometimes use oven cleaning gloves is there writing gloves i kind of like having leather because for whatever reason you need to touch a hot part of your bike i just feel more comfortable wearing the leather gloves so that’s one area i’ve struggled still do a little bit i guess i always have a couple

Pairs so one pair gets soaked but anyways that’s my rain riding gear some of you wanted to see and i generally always have this jacket this jacket and these pants with me one of the two jackets and the pants so pants aren’t really conducive for putting on on the side of the road somewhere but with some of my recent videos on rain riding i’ve had a couple questions

About the rain gear that i use and hey i can keep us off to do something bad pardon the interruption

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Motorcycle Rain Riding Gear By TheRoadRatt