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Motorcycle Road Trip in South America

A biker goes on road trip in South America from Chile to Argentina

Again god say this isn’t me leaving cooter rein us to get to rio grande which is basically just another point stopping to get to miss your way she’s pretty been miserable all day again i probably had about an hour a variety that’s closets where it was afraid freedom get round all the way to the ferry and and then also to the border but it’s it was a pretty

Painful day pretty pretty cold big stalls that through basically i wasn’t really went because my long give really protects me pretty well but i ran to the neck area and they end up getting some water and saw the helmet around the neck the bryce and the helmet so he can’t be picked up pretty fun so the trip today was there’s two stages basically one was to get

To the theory and it was pouring who’s driving about books that very something like my body materials at the road kid and there’s a cat body right up to the run inside but waiting there and then from there i just waited for the theory once the very got up pretty much go was one of the first on the berry that wasn’t why i got the front you pay for the ferry when

You get on the ferry it’s like about six us dollars she get across outside you don’t don’t leave the deck at all you can go up above it that’s the cafe really where there’s a very big round it was really cheap food cheese applause and then from there i had to ride to the border and it’s pretty painful to stuff this but the border crossings are pretty easy you’ve

Just got to make sure i’m australian so i have to get a tourist card i think everyone has to get accurate account but any us citizens also have to pay a result reciprocity three recipients would just kind of say and they yeah they’ve got play like an extra hundred sixty dollars but it gets you there for under 950 days so it was really strange because there’s all

Different roads like this is a nice road and then it got to do it again and then it was a nice road they’re basically all wait the last plan into rio grande was great was made but was riding all the way there as well so it’s pretty slow just remember especially i’m dice like nice because i have wide open puppy some up i’ll get my bags and then i’m a backpack i

Have my regionals you know what occurs essential and i have companies in a good perception so this time i ever want to give it away because we give them when they bit at one border it could think like it then stick to other bits of paper and then you’re moving all the social travel so you’re really gonna be you’re really gonna be protective of all the way through

I laminated accountable company as a bad thing but i did want that laminating might be a bit off it you be a good doctor guess i start questioning the original i think so yeah just make sure you keep a little pepper would protect it it was just to station stop the previous station was all in one it won’t stop someone’s eating but this one you have to go to one

When you write about ten ten to twelve miles to the argentinian side and then do the process there that much of a little bit because those are bus people in front of me and then it’s a do ride for probably about twenty thirty miles preppy dirt road and lots of puddles a very very wide different way but not much fun abroad with a pocket was bouncing everywhere

But it wasn’t a bad day it’s all about issue i ellen i’m so close with this favor at this stage i was hoping i wasn’t going to get really bad weather because i was going to be staying there for three or four days initially and make them make my way back to quite a serious sir yeah so i had some patches where it didn’t rain which was which was cool but mostly

They was pretty miserable for me well that’s what part but on my iphone you know over the six months i danced that’s where you get the fear of the other cameras they’re on the run over the six months i had very few quick writing does less than less than 10 as here’s the state of the road out of there it was pretty bad luck just with all the polls those little

Puddles just everywhere just makes the point about you know if you go fairly fast being yourself 68 enormous oh gosh any questions or comments like thank you

Transcribed from video
Motorcycle Road Trip in South America By Chaotic Arcade