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Motorcycle ROAD TRIP To BARBER MOTORSPORTS Park VINTAGE Motorcycle RACES Festival 2022 Leeds ALABAMA

We made another motorcycle road trip on the 98 Harley Davidson Electra Glide, but this time to Barber Vintage MotorSports Park for the yearly vintage motorcycle races festival 2022 in Leads Alabama.

Thank you hey amigos what’s happening look we’re on another road trip and this time the mrs king we just got done eating some lunch here at the gourmet gas station restaurant anyway we’ve had better but we’re on our way to birmingham to barbara’s vintage motorsports museum because they’re having the antique motorcycle races this this time and it’s our first time

To go so you don’t know what else uh to tell you other than i’m sitting here on the concrete about ready to get up and go and i’m just yammering my hammer and uh so we’ll just see you guys on the road and we’ll see what this trip ends up being like we’ll see what the whole event’s like so uh anyway i think thank you foreign this is quite a big piece of

Property here i’ve been to barbers before but only the museum i did not realize i had such a huge piece of property like this is only just one lot this whole entire freaking spot is for camping and uh i really don’t know how to describe it other than it’s probably about the size of 10 football fields we got here early it’s thursday the event doesn’t really start

Till tomorrow we just kind of wanted to get here to get a spot before there was no more spots i’m gonna go ahead and help them miss us here and get all set up get our little abode fixed up and uh and there we have it the mahal we’re all set up ready to go here’s some of our neighbors going by but yeah this is it you can hear the motorcycles racing all around

The track that’s not too far away from here and we have a nice spot i don’t know if you can see it but there’s a big old lake behind those trees so we’re gonna put this camera down play this weekend by ear foreign foreign what is up amigos good morning from harvard’s vintage yeah in other words this how you guys doing she’s just arbitrarily sticking the

Camera at my face at the moment but as if i’m giving i’m giving him a taste of his own medicine yeah oh wow look at that sunset our sunrise yeah isn’t that awesome so what are we going to do today i think i think the first thing is we’re gonna get up and kind of like try to look a little more human go for a quick ride and grab some breakfast by the time we

Get back the swap meets should have started i think that’s the first stop that sounds like an idea okay guys i’m gonna turn this off we’ll catch you in a bit ladies country cooking sounds original enough to me you know not like a chain like mcdonald’s so we’re gonna check it out and check this out we’re not the only ones that had this idea too so i kind

Of thought that we was thinking of something original but apparently not ooh and i see an evo wow an evo with a sidecar softail oh that’s pretty cool talking about unexpected that looks like an flstn a lot like my bike it’s what yeah it’s nice and clean not like my stuff i wonder how many miles are on it anyway let’s get inside and get something to eat uh no

That’s not me i thought i had my food for a second but it’s pretty cool place you actually walk up to the register you look up on the wall order from what’s on the wall and they tell you to fix your own drinks that’s pretty neat so i got to fix my own coffee got some orange juice and who’s got what’d you get i know but like what’d you get to eat yeah and i got

Biscuits and gravy with scrambled eggs so i bet it’s going to taste better than waffle house okay i forgot to film my breakfast inside a tree but anyway we’re done we’re gonna get back to barbers and see what we can see isn’t that a good idea yes thank you hey amigos look we ran into a subscriber your name is troy troy okay cool and you’re from jacksonville

Jacksonville florida and how long of a drivers about the same 350 for us yeah not too bad about a half a day driving all right yeah it’s so awesome to meet you all right nice to meet you too bud all right hey i found another guy too what’s your name ticks tex and you’re from tennessee oh imagine that that’s good at the end of the trail title man this is

What’s your name my name is mitch this is mitch from janice motorcycles great you guys are located we’re in northern indiana small town called goshen okay so what can you tell me about your business or what it is you guys do there i obviously don’t know it’s okay yeah we’re um we’re a manufacturing of motorcycles in northern indiana since 2011. we make very unique

Motorcycles that look like the time period of 1920s and 1930s style of motorcycles and you can kind of show them elongated tank uh the very low to the ground and the simplicity of all the bikes it’s very simple to work on your own bike the engines are based off of honda designs and we make a manufactured majority of the bike we hand roll all of our fenders wow

You can check out a lot of our videos on how we make all that process buy a motorcycle off our website or you can call our shop and uh it’s about four to six weeks on a 250 about six to eight weeks wait time on a 450. just that many orders coming in people putting them down and we have a bike in every single state of the us so they’re all out there how long have

You been in business uh 2011 2011. yeah hey and he’s also got a youtube channel and i’m gonna leave that link down below in the description so you guys can check it out a lot of interesting stuff on that channel oh yeah thank you yeah you guys have a great day hey man are you awake uh buenos dias amigos it is yet another day and uh we have a little bit of

Company because uh our campsite turned into a little bit of a city over here david right here he’s not awake right now he’s still asleep he and shelby over here and doug just came up to hang out i guess that’s what it is so they was coming here anyway but uh we just happened to be here and so we made a little bit of a community over here oh by the way that’s our

Neighbor over there his name is rodney this is what we got going on and i’m just waking up myself as you can hear in my voice so and we’re just gonna get this whatever it is started something like that so we’ll see you guys whenever i start another segment s that are around here is just freaking insane and i’m seeing more and more shovelheads here’s one right

Here and there’s another one right here homemade obviously it sort of makes me you know want to take her more with my old stuff which all my stuff is old wouldn’t you say all the stuff is old right yeah she says it’s older but man we saw a couple of iron heads and some uh other bikes that i had the temptation to consider bringing home but one thing that has

Dawned on me is like i have never been to any kind of motorcycle event that was not predominantly all you saw was harley davidsons but i am seeing a plethora of bikes from all over the world and they’re antiques and they’re kept in mint condition and it’s pretty cool you don’t find one specific brand that is dominant over this whole event and i’m starting to have

A little bit of an appreciation for all kinds of bikes especially the european ones and they’re kind of growing on me a little bit this isn’t a european bike this is this is a yamaha right this bike right here that bike right there i know that bike is an antique but because i didn’t come up with those bikes i just uh you know i know it just looks good for what

It is the bikes that are in the shows and stuff like that and that are for sale all the stuff at the swap meets oh man i mean it’s just so freaking awesome when we saw parts that i didn’t know what they were before but somebody knew what they was for but i did find some old harley parts i found some other stuff and anyway it just is what it is so this is just

One spot here at barbara’s vintage motorsports is this place ought to have its own zip code you know because it’s big but uh anyway i don’t know what i’m going to show you guys next okay i don’t know how in the world did you guys see that how in the world people get so good at doing something like that without killing yourself i mean yeah we’re getting

Seasick i mean think about it you got to make mistakes i mean is it impossible to make a fatal mistake doing that but hey that was one psych to see what do you think that’s crazy so anyway i guess we’re just gonna thank you foreign foreign oh my goodness this is like freaking nuts i mean look check it out full moon oh my god’s going on in

The middle of it slides out all right do it again and just like that the weekend is over with uh we were packing up and getting the stuff broken down as you can see everybody here is getting ready to go home to their prospective homes respective homes oh well never mind that but uh i can’t wait to get this thing to the editing table and oh yeah oh by the way

This is one of our neighbors this is rod and rod’s from atlanta uh but not originally yeah something like that yeah right something don’t matter yeah but anyway whatever is gonna happen with this footage is just gonna happen if you like it go ahead and hit a thumbs up and you know if you don’t like it hit a thumbs up anyway so anyhow guys um don’t know what’s

Coming next but as always you keep the riverside down and you’ll be good to yourself and foreign

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Motorcycle ROAD TRIP To BARBER MOTORSPORTS Park VINTAGE Motorcycle RACES Festival 2022 Leeds ALABAMA By SaddleTramp