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Motorcycle rules you didnt know existed

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What’s up guys sean it from rest our case cycles calm and we have motorcycle rules you didn’t know existed let’s do the intro i’m shelling kirk in this case i’m number one anytime a motorcycle man is a near a motorcycling woman it’s the obligation of that man to go out of your way and give her some motorcycle riding tips and to assure her everything’s gonna be okay

And to do it in a very sexist way and the throwing a couple like sexist like underhanded back you know like like jokes and stuff like that that’s number one number two never touch another riders motorcycle think of it like this think of someone else’s motorcycle as someone else’s hair would you ever walk up to someone and that’s really nice-looking hair and start

Touching some stranger’s hair now you would never do that that’s really creepy that’s very unusual don’t touch someone else’s bike you never walk up to someone and start sitting in their car you know i mean don’t do it it’s weird it’s awkward don’t do it number three never touch another motorcycle rider don’t be out touching people you know i mean sometimes i’m

Driving i see some hand just kind of reach out of the car just sort of like touch them with jack and stuff i don’t want that don’t be touching people there’s no reason for it alright to stop touching other riders i know that guy you got you get that guy and you have a motorcycle meet up and he wants to touch everybody stop number four don’t ask to ride a stranger’s

Motorcycle now if it’s your best buddy or it’s your dad or it’s someone you really really know it’s like hey man your switch bikes for a little bit together that’s cool but if it’s a stranger the last don’t don’t ask to ride a stranger’s motorcycle it’s like it’s like if someone came up to you and asked if they could ride your dog it’s awkward it’s weird you’re

Not gonna let someone ride your dog you’re gonna hurt it they’re gonna mess it up this is a bad idea only your kids should be riding your dog number five it doesn’t matter if you have the right of way in a traffic situation if your dit oh you’re on the bike and you’re like no no this as much this is my shot i’ve got the right away this cars gonna get out of my

Way i do not have that idea always have a backup always have an out although the good if you do the right away and you die your family might win in court when all said and done if someone actually saw what happened number six don’t just start riding with other groups of riders if you’re riding your bike you see a couple other guys they’re riding their bikes don’t

Just assume that you can start riding with them that’s weird it’s like going to a park seeing a bunch of other people hanging out you realize it’s a family reunion and you just start like eating hot dogs and hang out with them trust me they know you’re there they all know each other and they all know that they don’t know you people are very cautious when it comes

To riding with new riders for people that they don’t know you don’t want to get involved in that also if you’re pulling up to waste if you’re pulling up to a light there’s another rider pull up to the light it’s kind of awkward it’s gonna pull right next to them because they actually have they’ve got they kind of own rights to that whole lane the whole way just

Sit just cuz the bite doesn’t take it up the whole lane don’t go pull up next to them and get in their space park back here maybe not right behind them park back here where your way they can see you and if you want to pass them yeah you can pass them in the same lane while you’re moving number seven just because i ride about harley davidson does that mean you can

Get me cigarettes for gifts like christmas and my birthday and easter it also does not guarantee that i have warrants out for my arrest now i do happen to have warrants out for my arrest but it does not always happen i always like that sometimes i pay my fines so that wraps it up i hope that helps you guys out don’t forget to subscribe we have a lot of videos a

Lot of test drives coming up down the pike we’ll see you guys later remember it’s not what you’re riding but where you going hey guys thanks for watching this video is brought to you by m1 moto products with the m1 moto we’re the only motorcycle glove it’s lined with kevlar

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