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Motorcycle Shipping from Haul Bikes, Hayabusa Going 2,700 Miles!

If you ever need a motorcycle moved safely, this video is for you! The Cycledrag Hayabusa is headed from Pennsylvania to California and we chose a company with a marvelous reputation, HaulBikes Motorcycle Shipping. All of the drivers are motorcyclists themselves and understand the needs of bikers. Expert shipper Geoff Porter Jr. tells us more about the process. Make sure to contact Haul Bikes for your next move!

All right bikers i’m talking to you does anybody need to ship a motorcycle anywhere in the united states are you moving did you sell a bike just going to a race well you got to check out hall bikes here’s my beloved suzuki hayabusa the psycho drag calm suzuki hayabusa here in wrightsville pennsylvania where it’s very green this motorcycle is now headed to california

We’re getting ready for the cycle drag west coast swing my man jeff here joins me jeff thank you so much tell me a little bit about this process because i know you guys have such a great reputation for taking great care of these motorcycles we love well pretty much the first thing we do is we do a video inspection to walk around and check out for damage on the bike

Itself sure and that’s pretty much the process for the inspection we use a program called record 360 and it gets emailed to you and then after that customer signs the paperwork and we stopped the bike up and load it up and they’re good to go now what i think is really cool is when i was talking to mario when you guys were out at the mecum auction he talked about

How all the guys who drive the trucks and load these bikes are bikers themselves and that helps because we all know we get a little crazy about wanting these things just perfect and no marks right oh yeah absolutely so yeah i’m just basically what i’m doing right now is i’m putting the straps on i’m looking at you know all the points you know where i could properly

Strap it down sure very cool now this company has four hubs right york pennsylvania milwaukee oklahoma city and las vegas correct so that’s that’s a lot of depot’s i imagine that helps you guys get these motorcycles ship pretty efficiently doesn’t it tell me about what your day to day is like my day today is are it’s pretty much micromanaged i’m calling a sort of

Amount of customers whatever i have scheduled for that day and from that i you know make my delivery he said or pickups whichever it may be what’s the feedback you usually get from customers when they get their motorcycle oh they’re like kids in a candy store it’s like christmas every time we deliver a bike i’m sure is it is it strange for you to go into so many

Residential areas with this huge awesome trailer it’s almost like a race vehicle over here oh no as long as we’re you know there’s no signs of state you know no trucks or you know that give a weight limit or anything i mean if it’s if it says you know it’s allowed you know local delivery and stuff yeah as long as we have enough room to get in the neighborhood we

Could pretty much deliver anywhere how many motorcycles can you haul at one time it all depends on their size if it’s try guides you’re looking at 23 it could be anywhere up to like maybe 70 bikes depending on their size very cool what’s the transit time like a transit time it all depends on it’s usually within you know a few weeks you know as drivers we try to

Get there as many you know deliveries you know each day that you know is permitted you know within around hours or service so you know we can only dictate what you know federal laws mandate us to do so good deal anything you’d like to add jeff that’s pretty much would you have i want to say i enjoy the job i mean i’ve been doing this almost five years that’s all

You know and i wouldn’t be doing it if i don’t like it yeah i enjoy you know delivering the customers and i’m smiling i mean a lot of interesting people i’m sure you do well thank you for what you do and thank you for taking care of my baby right there as you may know it’s a little special to me so probably i’ll be excited to see it out in california we’ll do

Another video thanks a lot man be safe on the road jeff is taking care of the baby and guys if you want to move a motorcycle this is the website this is the phone number check them out guys it’s like with drag calm hayabusas headed for california

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Motorcycle Shipping from Haul Bikes, Hayabusa Going 2,700 Miles! By CycleDrag