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Welcome back! Today I go over the cheapest motorcycle stands you can find on Amazon. They are surprisingly very good!

What’s going on people it’s your boy that guy ike and today we are going to be talking about these some motorcycle paddock stands i’m just going to run through really quick tell you what they’re about how to choose the right one for your motorcycle and i’ll show you also how to put these onto there all right so stay tuned all right so if you’re currently looking

For these uh type of stands uh some people might call them motorcycle stands or race stands but they are called paddock stands um there’s multiple different types i’m gonna go over why you would need these um and if you’re looking for these it’s probably because you’re looking to do the same type of work that i’m getting ready to do and use them for all right so

We’re just gonna go ahead and jump into it before we get started actually make sure you go ahead and click that thumbs up bell for notifications uh subscribe to the channel you can always check me out on instagram facebook twitter and tick tock at one race lifestyle and you can also uh check out some cool merch on my website at www.oneri so we’re going to go and

Talk about these stands all right all right so these paddock stands here that i have um i actually found them on amazon they were about 81 bucks i think they were the cheapest ones possibly on amazon i’ll make sure i put a link in the description below and uh so that way you can pick some up they’re really sturdy really durable i’ll go ahead and make sure i put

All the information for the company that they’re from as well um these ones that i got actually if you can tell if you know what you’re looking at these are actually for our sewing arms i do have rear spools on my bike you want to go back here but i do have rear spools on it um i decided to go with swing arm paddock stance just because my next bike if it is a

Sport bike i might not put you know swing arm spools on it so this just makes it more simpler i can use it on multiple uh different types of bikes makes it simpler for me same thing with the front stands they’re actually fork stands um as you can see up here so those go up under the fork of the motorcycle and um the reason why i did that is because as you can

Also get some uh some some fork spools or front axle spools as well it just makes it more simpler for me and my application on what i’m trying to do with this motorcycle all right so there’s different type of stands you can get okay you can get either actual jack which will be not so good for a sport bike oh that carbon fiber looks good um you can also get um

Like i said the spool stands which only limits you to you know swing arm spools um they do have single side swing arm spools as well and you can get the front axle spool stands um so this is what i decided to go with it’s just a lot easier and because on a sport bike because you have fairings and all that you have your oil pan under there and your exhaust you

Really can’t put a jack under here to lift it up because it’s not going to be sitting on the frame it’s going to be sitting on vital parts of your motorcycle so what i’m going to do is i’m going to show you how to put these onto the motorcycle what i’m about to use these for as well is i’m going to be removing the wheels off the bike because they’re going out the

Powder coat and um yeah and i’ll show you how to use them these stands would also come in handy if you’re doing things like uh cleaning your chain it allows you to lift up the back wheel so you don’t have to move the bike back and forth you can just pretty much lift the bike up and roll the wheel as you’re cleaning and uh lube in your chain as well so that’s also

A good thing comes in handy when you’re changing brakes pretty much they’re just all around a good thing to have with your motorcycle or even if you’re at an event and you’re towing your motorcycle there on a trailer you can always just set your bike up make it look cool at you at your set so we’re gonna go ahead and put these on i’m gonna show you how to get it

Done so first things first you want to make sure that you get these black pieces here right up under the swing arm as you can see it’s under there kickstand should be down and this is the rear one that i’m putting on you want to make sure you go ahead and get this one set it has adjusters too so you can move them in and out to adjust to the size of your swing

Arm that should be good enough and what you want to do is you want to make sure that you hold on to the bike and you got to flip it up push down on the on the stand like so show all the way down and make sure it gets up under the bike sit it on the floor so as you can see bike is now up on the rear stand the front ones are pretty similar you want to make sure

Your stand will straight the front one we’re going to take now the way that these work they flip around if you can see here they flip around multiple ways they’re supposed to do that you want to make sure that when you put these on the stand that they’re not this way because if you put it this way if you’re trying to take the wheel off the motorcycle these are

Going to block you from taking the wheel off the motorcycle they also spring load it so you can move them around so we’re going to make sure they’re that way and put them in i’m gonna make sure to go up under the fork like so you basically want the front of the fork to sit on the angle like that you’re going to take it and push these down too just like you did

The other one as you can see and as you see the motorcycle is completely suspended in the air front wheel is moving back wheel is moving so the bike is completely suspended in the air so this will allow you to go ahead and take the wheels off like i was saying you can go ahead and uh adjust this a little bit you can go ahead and clean the chain while it’s on the

Stand as you can see so you can just spray clean brush all that stuff without having to roll your bike around if you’re limited for space it’s pretty simple to put on taking them off is kind of the same way is um just want to just be careful and make sure that you know the bike is leveled out you also want to use these on a level ground which i’m on um so you also

Want to just make sure that you know what you’re doing all right so now we’re going to go ahead and remove the stands a quick note and also something to know never ever use the front stand without using the rear stand always make sure you’re using a rear stand before using the front one all right so to take it down it’s pretty much the same type of thing you

Want to go ahead and make sure you grab the uh the handle here and some people do this quick i usually go slow just in case but you want to make sure you just wheel it out like so like i said the bike is on a kickstand you want to put enough pressure on it so the bike is not slamming down on the ground like so as you can see the stand is out same thing with the

Back you want to go ahead and grab it you want to get the bike in a position to where you can hold it just in case and you want it to go that way because the kickstand is down on the bike so we’re going to grab the rear as well and kind of the same same deal just make sure you go slow with it make sure they don’t pop out put enough pressure on it put the bike

Down the bike should go to the angle of the kickstand as it’s about to right now letting it down put it on the stand like that and the real one is out as well the bike is fully back down on the floor i’ve done all my maintenance whatever you need to do you’re good to go so i hope this video shows you um how to use paddock stands choose the right ones for your

Bike and your application they’re very simple to use but they also could be very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing you could drop your bike make sure you get some good sturdy ones like i said these are really really strong and really sturdy so that’s why i like them i was surprised for the price of them how sturdy they are but they work very very well

For what i need so i’m gonna go ahead and get the bike set up and i hope this video helped y’all out man thanks for watching you

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