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Motorcycle Trailer / Toy Carrier

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Hey folks jeff martin here with eye two trailers dot-com not june on main street black’s your georgia right here in the heart of dixie listen our prayers and our thoughts go out with all the hurricane folks who are dealing with stuff we want to make sure that you’re safe you’re sitting and you’re in our prayers and our y’all today do the walk around with me and

Show y’all walk what all we’ve got with this here we pull the handle it just just turns right over like that and then what ends up happening is when it’s got a tire like that you can roll it but right now we can’t roll because we got the stabilizer jacks down i’ll show you those in just a minute all right we’ve got full package led lights here that’s nice because

You don’t have to worry about changing your light bulbs later all led like that you’re really gonna like that all right we’ve got twenty two hundred pound axles heavy-duty baby heavy-duty 13-inch mag wheels look at that in that nice and nice aluminum keep on going chuck oh led lights here on the back when i look now we’ve already these three ramps that we’ve got

Back here let me explain these – you got the middle ramp is where your tires go with your motorcycle and then you’ve got two side ramps for your feet make sure you walking it up inside the trailer all right you’ve got a metal plate you got your atp right here on the floor gets aluminum plate is row to cast base so this thing’s plastic yo it is not going to rust

Your trainer will not rust which is a great great selling advantage for this thing okay this week we’re trying to get ready for biketoberfest with you in daytona on october the 18th listen here’s here’s what i know to be true of jesus right um you know i got friends who are friends in low places i got friends who have been to the bike week stuff and their wives

Are a little iffy about letting those guys go to the bike tober stuff by themselves wives want to go but not all wives like to ride the motorcycle and so what do you what do you do there okay well some of these guys don’t have trucks and so like i told you this thing it’s like it’s easy duty look you can pull this with your motorcycle in it with a toyota prius

If you want to so that means you can bring your wife with you to biketoberfest she can chill in the hotel room you can have your motorcycle with you and bang boom you’re down there in joint bike week and she’s there to be able to enjoy some of the fun and luxury that they told it has to offer so it’s a win-win situation and listen when you get back home you don’t

Have to worry about your bike guitar on it or anything else like that that pollen that kind of stuff you just close your shell down a bug to get a gun so how hard is it to ride a motorcycle up in this year trailer well our resident biker jeff strickland is here to demonstrate but jeff that is a harley what-what-what-what mom was that right 2005 road king it’s nice

Nice just lecture go to wheel to lock down good so it’s easy for you to be able to use this frame of easy thinking now let’s let’s let’s let’s jeff bring it back don’t the only place you’re gonna get this this week special for you 3995 come on skin this treasure and enjoy biketoberfest on the 18th god bless you y’all go to church on sunday

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