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Oh but repeatedly i’m in sleeping bags this is baby amanda when you’re an adventurer everything turns to oh yeah are you keeping an eye on the wood baby good morning pebbles it is bloody freezin that let the sun fool you but i have the heated seat on heated grips along anyway just hit him down to the shops put some money in the bank and then go into the

Auto place getting a 10 liter giri can carry fuel decided on a 10 liter giri came five liters for each boy will be enough they don’t give it so get me a hungry case 5 litres 100 plus now just strap it to the top of the top box and put some foam on one side of it so it doesn’t mark the top box so that’s what i’m doing therefore work today day off yesterday

And go back to monday beautiful go to the club tomorrow morning wake up mate typical people later do busy around with these phone yes so that’s what i’m doing because i’ll need to carry extra fuel when i do the towbar treatment so we up it must be about ten degrees or eight degrees pretty cool it’s good being on the bike good good i wonder if anybody

Watch the soccer last night today’s friday the socceroos played last night i have to say i’m pretty pissed because they’re not playing timmy kale he’s a difference i’m telling you in my mind he’s one of the best soccer players in the world is the difference it’s got me staffed whether i didn’t bring him on he would have scored i’m telling ya sack the coach

Cuz he hit that’s my opinion typical alleged yes know what i do i’ll get back to you when i get to the auto shop but kajal do the auto shop classes are all fogged up can’t see me oh at my son katzie let’s go to the auto shop jesus christ the traffic is unbelievable unbelievable girl pretty casts friday so you live in a clock what a pasty delivered busy

I supposed on a ferrari let’s go have a look at these juries then we’ll work here and then i’ll work out where to put the phone when i get home come on man liddy mean ill under steve patient people’s yes i’m not gonna get one of those bladder fuel bladders they’re just too expensive and i’ve heard that they leak they can leak so leak through the seams or

Something wait ty censors are playing up again you leave it in the garage for a couple of days and it’s unbelievable it just picks up well anybody got armoire lord it just picks them up the slightest change it’s unbelievable they give you the shit’s actually but it’ll go away you want to start riding toy will pump up a little bit with heat and without god

Why but i’m gonna have to pump it up when i get i’m they can be a pain in the ass i’m thinking of getting rid of them and putting heavy-duty inner tubes in don’t know yet don’t know what i’m gonna do they’re probably expensive so if you knock a room they’re very thousand bucks or not thousand seven hundred bucks each ripoff if you ask me so my brother lord

Sees um new gsa’s new adventurer if i can wilson boy i’ll get it on oh i’ve got a photo of it so i’ll put a photo up of it in this video actually i’ll put it up right now all right there it is it’s a nice boy 30 litre fuel tank that’s what eventual raw pork to devon not a 20 litre bloody fuel tank triumph get your ass into gear they bigger fuel tanks on

These bikes but i’ve been very happy with this develop nearly a year now into super cheap oh peachy burrows oh artie i’ll get back to you just put the jerrycan that’s how i’m going to carry it so when i get home i will put some foam underneath it so it doesn’t matter top box and it should be alright but the tea i’m carrying extra fuel that’ll be or what

Won’t weigh that much i don’t think it’s gonna go anywhere top box moves because it’s designed to move it’s a floating tub box so i reckon we go home and we put some foam on it that’s what i’ll record supergene bharati this big beast moving oh an oil let me shoot nearly drop the boy let’s be off cayenne tv let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go who tractors

I’m gonna tractor i’d love a tractor i don’t know why i would love a tractor but i just would little international used to be owned by the collinwood fully clad in the afl and if you ever see that’s the australian football league ozzy wolves which i played a long time in ozzie rules rickon all’s a gun not now i tried to train back two years ago i didn’t even

Make the inder training everybody just absolutely collapse into a heap too old for it now but don’t know why i got talked into it to start with love rodney’s bike i really do the heated grips on has two heated grips here two spotlights they’re heated seat buttons then here on both seats it’s bloody beautiful heated seat this helps with your lower back the

Heat goes right up into your lower back and it feels really good nice it’s nice and warm before don’t even just looking forward to going on the khobar trip i worked it out last night 2880 clicks over six days so that’s camping ever you know what i’m even looking forward to that you stay right there knucklehead good boy well okay back there when we getting

To the garage thought silica back he’s gonna say something right i ride a harley yeah bloke had just passed me on his harley and i nodded right and he didn’t bother when i’m on my harley i not with everyone some of these blokes have roared these harley’s they think they’re in the beam the jug it really is i think because they’re on a at hartley’s

I think they’re written to beat anywhere that’s why i grew up for the day but even though i scribe mine and i still not at everyone with a runner holi or not it’s just courtesy it’s just what blockers do we acknowledge each other no right that’s what i record anyway i’m pissed at my grop oh artie i’ll get back the off okay folks i’m at hurt man so what

I’m gonna do is i’ll put the jury can up yeah that’s a little jimmy cayne there and i’ll get some fun no it’s i’ll just turn you in needs to be that size so what i’m gonna do is put the foam across their foam in the middle and some foam across the farm across the year and in the middle and in there just to stop it slipping and marking the top box because i

Don’t want that i can say as a bottle top pops what i do is i’ll get back to you you know i’ll show you the finished product oh i’ll catch up oh yeah guys all done is that me and in that guys up on here goes up on there and that’s tied down they don’t move in anywhere so although you go all done all that oh well i’ll catch you later and ride safe and anyway

You’re riding this weekend or the next few weeks and we’ll catch you next time madonna mendez

Transcribed from video
MOTORCYCLE VLOG 2 By Dyna Madness Adventures