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Motoring Today | Motoring Forum: LTO On Alleged Motorcycle Rider Discrimination

LTO – Law Enforcement Service Director Francis Almora is here to give us the LTO’s side on alleged motorcycle rider discrimination and what the agency is doing and ready to do about the matter.

This week of murmuring forum we continued looking into the plight of the country’s motorcycle riders for being discriminated upon and arrest by the police and traffic enforces last week we had the view from the umbrella organization of the country’s different motorcycle clubs this week we have a modern today’s modern forum director frances almora the head of

The lto law enforcement service to give his insights into this issue hello director almora and welcome once again to motoring today hello butch and to all the viewers of mottling today last week we had a guest one of the leaders of the biggest group of motorcycle riders in the philippines the riders of the philippines our main topic of discussion was the alleged

Discrimination and harassment on bikers by the police and traffic enforcers as the head of the lto law enforcement service what can you say about this serious allegation by the bikers the this issue was raised during one of the hearings in congress regarding the discrimination of riders motorcycle riders by law enforcers however it was clarified that these are

Local law enforcers not national law enforcers so that means it’s not the lto it’s not the hpg it’s not mmm day or those that are implementing in traffic rules and regulation from the pnp these are more or less this a personnel of local government units that are implementing local ordinances in general poor for us in the lto we really do not discriminate with

Regards to riders whether these are riders of motorcycles or four-wheel motor vehicles why because we treat each driver as an individual and contributory to the in general with regards to the traffic discipline and safe road juice so we look at them as a single regardless of what you use whether you are using a motorcycle right there or you’re a driver of a motor

Vehicle you are part of the road safety advocacy of this office one of these specific issues that was discussed was the recent crackdown on auxiliary lights installed on some motorcycles the bikers say that such lights have been allowed by the lto however the hpg enforcers who confront bikers who use such lights do not seem to know of such lt or ruling what can

Be done about this seeming confusion between two government agencies which is to the disadvantage of the bikers unlike the previous years this time lt o nh h pg are really working together we work closely with the hpg so we personally i go with the director of h p g and the he c staff and they could we also invite them here in lto we discuss a lot of things with

Regards to enforcement of course the usually or in general the procedures and guidelines especially on these matters come from lt o as the lead agency regarding this receiving li conflicting interpretation of laws it is actually if you look at it it’s not conflicting or it’s video doesn’t know about the law it could be that sometimes the motorcycle rider himself

May have over done the modification or the use of this led light what do i mean with that there are prescriptions as to the number of led bulbs one like so if you are you supposedly it’s just six if you use more than six bulbs then that should be confiscated then all the other all the other lights that we are allowed if this do not exceed them then there’s no

Problem but if you overdo it that’s the time that any any other law enforcement agency that implements national law would really check on you and would let you remove it or apprehend you now aside from these lights there’s also this issue of regulating aftermarket accessories but such move does not seem to have any clear rules or guidelines you take on this sir

Maybe the this some of these riders may not be aware that lp will have a very clear guideline it says there that any modification that would affect the stability there safety of the unit and the environment is strictly prohibited so any modification then we have specified there are specifics here like the handlebar muffler the footsteps the rim and tire size they

Should not be modified these are standard factory specifications and we believe that the motorcycle is designed to use this and not and after sale product if you try to change the rim and the tire size that would be contrary the manufacturer will no longer guarantee that that you need is speed to be used along national roads and they should not be allowed another

Issue of discrimination that the riders of the philippines raised is that almost all bikers who are riding in tandem are suspected of being criminals considering that they’re riding in tandem has been associated to many crimes that were committed an offshoot of this is of local governments have prohibited buck riders while some require helmets that do not cover

Riders faces reducing their protection while riding how do you address this issue the motorcycle helmets are actually prescribed the use of helmet that is prescribed several types of helmet it is not full face alone so if the local government unit had passed an ordinance not contrary to the slo then it is acceptable the use of helmets that are not full face it

Can be done however for other issues regarding the use of help make the especially that there are lg use that enact regulations or ordinances prohibiting the use of helmet this is contradictory to the national law and it is a basic tenets of law that no local law should be passed in contrary to a national law so this should be addressed and we believe we have been

Attending several hearings in congress our honourable congressman had already are addressing this issue and we hope that with their collective leadership we will be able this this issue will be addressed now the riders of the philippines group is opting for the possibility for them to work closely with government agencies such as the el tío and the hpg on clarifying

Or coming up with standard rules for the benefit of the majority how possible is this and how can this be done definitely el tio will come will welcome any initiative from our clients or the motoring public with regards to enhancement of el tio rules and regulation what as long as this is geared towards a better manage traffic safer motor vehicles and safer drivers

Then definitely we welcome them and regarding these there’s no we really welcome them to submit to us their proposals and we will study these if we need to talk we sit down and talk about it then we will do it we only have one objective and we hope that we share this objective thank you very much for your time director almora before we end do you have any message

To the writers to the public and your fellow traffic enforcers as well web for the multi riders fc riders we have to really look into the existing rules and regulations of lto if these are really let’s say contrary to the benefit of the motoring motorcycle riders then you pull our attention however we look at it in general as this is and this rules and regulation

Are intended for the general welfare of all those that uses the road so we do not actually discriminate with the riders but then we encourage them or encourage you to help us to assist us it’s for your own good if you know the law and address violated then you know that you are on the right track for the other enforcers you know we we have existing laws that if

You are not authorised to implement these laws then you have to get an authority to implement it so let’s study this law that affects the motorcycle riders and implement those that are really implementable or that but we are authorized to implement thank you once again sir and thank you both happy motoring that was director francis and more ahead of the lto law

Enforcement service our guest this week on modern today’s modern forum courtesy of suzuki philippines

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