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Motos | Zongshen!! Una Empresa Ejemplar 3!!! Subtitulado!!!!

Conocer un poco más acerca de Zongshen, empresa china No. 1 en fabricación de motos, que ha estado en nuestro país desde hace años, de manera anónima!

You know alice after hearing you introducing to me re3 um i feel like i have gone for a ride myself yeah so amazing but even though you answered all of my questions there are still a lot of people online who want to ask you more questions ah of course no problem that’s the question come i am confident that this model can satisfy the worst need of the readers

Right i believe so too so the first question is what is the engine configured as i introduced in the prior step it’s the tc380r engine it’s a star product from our engine factory the maximum power of this engine could reach 27 kilowatts that means 37 horsepower yeah it’s very powerful right all right the second question is when will it be available in

Europe for the european market we must have their home location next year it will be euro 5 standard so this model will be um available for the european market around the main of next year but for the for the european market there is one difference for the this bike is just showing here is 380 for the engine but the further european markets will be 400 so

400 displacements so that is much larger then yeah even better their horse power were increased no they’re kilowatts the maximum power will increase five kilowatts so your welfare is much more powerful yeah right so amazing i mean okay um the third question is does this re3 has one to five cc configuration oh it’s a pity well it don’t have why you can see

Yeah each bike is very heavy so if we equip if we equip it this bike is equipped with a 125 cc engine it’s very cannot yeah it’s not much much with this bike because the 125 cc engine is very not so powerful then there are 400 or 380 right yeah all right and the next question is what is the container quantity for the cpu if you pack this cpu packing it will

Be 32 units for the 148 40 feet container if you packed in um 6d packing condition the loading quantity will be 30 30 in 65 units for 40 for the 40 feet of container all right what is the volume of rs3 fuel tank yeah it’s large weighs 90 meters yeah 90 meters yeah the maximum range could reach almost 500 kilometers with their economic fuel consumption 3.4

Remember readers yeah it’s very sufficient for your daily rating fast and furious right the next question is um is there a dual disk version yeah we consider it in the future yeah we were considered in the future that’s now no it’s a bigger higher level yeah have a higher level version in the future right um there is one person asking he’s from philippines and

He wants to know how he can buy this re3 right now it’s impossible yeah social already have their long-term cooperation in the philippine markets so um is it easy to maintain yes it’s easy yeah if you can buy it from the philippines dealers directly yeah it’s very convenient for them for the maintenance yeah right so you have uh like a branch in philippines

Yeah yeah yeah we have a partner corporation partner yeah corporation partners yeah just like the older friends that’s so great okay thank you alice for us answering all of the questions we are so happy to know more about ru3 that’s a great bike very beautiful i hope everyone will like it thank you for coming and see you next time alright see ya see ya thank you

Okay see you oh do do do all right next i would like to introduce a new product called batlow 5 coming from the zone chan run series from the first impression it’s sporty and sharp really convenient perfect and balanced do you want to know more about it all right let’s call our sales staff vivi hello vivi hello nice to meet you hi nice to

Meet you all right so our viewers all of them they want to know more about battle of five please give us a quick tour okay good morning ladies and gentlemen this is vivid and i’m going to be your host for a brief introduction for our new product battle of five battle of five as the member of the street series of junction has achieved a perfect balance between

Fashion and practicality so let’s go get started to see more exploration sure first of all battle of five has adapts the diamond shape headlight with the vacuum aluminum layer reflection ball with a uv resistance lap short and with the led turning lights and led tail lights you may get a closer look at the very eye-catching 6led eagle eye lampshade makes the

Whole bike shines stunning and refreshing shine bright like a diamond yeah you can see that and we also has equipped a battle fight with the led meter you can see the reasonable design for the position it makes the data shows clearly on the dashboard and another key design for battle of five make it different from other traditional motorcycles on the market

Is the all covered in muffler here you see the muffler is covered by the outer shell which is made by nylon and glass fiber and inside the muffler is adapts the short blasting and high temperature baking paint we also have four color choices right now and right now we’re showing the matte grey here and we also have laser blue flaming red and dark green also

But we do have various color choices to depend on individual clients requests so it can be customized yes that’s true and so we have a quick glance of the appearance features now let’s go get some more details about the hardcore technologies first of all is the unique design for the independent front and the rear suspension makes the battery 5 runs more stable

At the high speed but how fast can it go i think that’s the most care about question about our clients so with the pr 160 engine from our company and the battlefield provides you a max speed at 105 kilometers per hour and the max power is 9.2 kilowatt at 8 000 rmp and the max torque is 11.6 at 6000 rmp and the compression ratio is 9.321 so we also provide plenty

Of engine choices for the customers to suit different market requests all over the world so we saw the power we saw the strengths but how long can it go yeah definitely no worries about that because you see here and junction has equipped battle 5 with the all built-in 13 liter fuel tank that provides a cruising at 415 kilometers and if under the economic speed

Of 45 kilometers per hour the cruising can last to 600 kilometers right so and as we fast and furious with battle of five uh the most care about question is is it safe so yes our sports shock absorber system with the front shock absorber at stroke 110 millimeters and here with the central rear absorber with a stroke of 39 millimeters and together with front

And rear large disc brake system will guarantees you a very safe and back home so that’s uh the short introduction for battle of five and if you have interested you can go to our official website for more details and don’t hesitate to contact us have a good day and stay tuned for more upcoming new products at junction live show okay wow vivi after telling

Me about battle of five i feel like i’ve gone for a ride myself so cool so there are a lot of people watching us and asking questions i’m going to ask you several questions all right the first question is is there optional engines for battle 5 and what is the power and torque yes as we just mentioned in our brief introduction we have plenty of engine choices

The standard one is pr 160 and its max power is 9.2 kilowatt at 8 000 rmp and the max torque is 11.6 at 6000 rmp and the second choice is cps 200 which the max power is 13 kilowatt at 8 500 mp and the market’s torque is 15 millimeter at 6 000 and 5 500 rmp the third choice is zy 125 the max power is 9.5 kilowatt and 9500 rmp and max stock is 10.5 newton meter

At 7500 rmp wow that’s great all right the second question is um how is the front shock absorber on battle 5 yes we can use upside down type and also the straight up type are both okay for battery 5. all right what are the emission standards for battlefield we now have centers of china for and europe one europe three and europe five i think right now and

Uh when battle 5 will be available in europe and the china 4 version will be available in this august and so far as the euro 1 and euro 3 but we think the euro 5 version expected in the june next year next year all right well um is the rare uh sorry is the rare absorber adjustable uh yes but it’s the pre-pressure values can be adjustable all right well um

I cannot see the question i’m sorry the speed uh okay um so what is the maximum speed of battle 5 for pr16160 the max speed is 105 kilometers per hour but for other engine options we are not sure right now but we need to you know customize and we will know by that all right i think questions are finished um oh no sorry there is another question what is the

Container quantity of battle 5 for the 40 high q container we can load in 40 we can load in 75 units per container 75 units yes all right do you

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Motos | Zongshen!! Una Empresa Ejemplar 3!!! Subtitulado!!!! By Mr. Meme – CAPT