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Mounting A Phone To Your Motorcycle With RAM Mounts

Installation video of a RAM Mounts phone mount on a Yamaha MT-07.

Again it’s graham from hurdle gear and what i wanted to show you today is some options for mounting a phone to a motorbike i’m going to be talking about ram mounts who make over 5,000 different lines it’s a really good gear made from marine grade aluminium stainless steel high-strength composite and it all comes with a lifetime warranty there’s quite a few options

That they make for mounting phones onto a motorbike they’ve got handlebar mounts mounts for the brake and clutch reservoir mounts for the tank cap all kinds really but today i’m going to focus on the handlebar mounts the one i really wanted to use was this new one that they’ve brought out the talk mount but unfortunately the space on the mt o seven handlebars

Is pretty tight and i don’t think that’s going to fit so i’m actually going to go instead with their standard one which is more like a standard kona u-bolt arrangement so we’ll fit that first and then i’ll show you what other parts you need to get your phone on alright so i’ve tried to zoom in as much as i can the standard u-bolt handlebar mount that they’ve

Got pretty much just works with a u-bolt there’s a little bit of like a spacer in there and the top part with the one-inch ball you can see i put a little bit of protection on my bars there and it’s very simple to install that’s just going to go on like that and screw on them the nuts the rear mount system works on a ball and socket system with lots of different

Ball sizes and this is the one inch ball which is more than adequate for phones you just tighten that up with a socket wrench 11 mil socket now that we’ve got the one-inch ball on that’s on nice and tight we need to put a socket arm on these come in three different lengths we’ve got a nice short one there medium one and then a really long one as well i think just

Because of the position of this ball already i’m only gonna need the short one so that will just slot on there like so and it’s going to basically give us almost unlimited angles there for the phone as far as the actual holder goes the most popular option is the expert it holds a wide variety of phones i’ll just show you how it holds mine you just spring it open

Then that locks in there it does hold the phone really nice and tight so shouldn’t be too concerned about that but if you have any worries there is a tether included most people don’t use that and that just pops in to the other end of the socket and like that you can screw that down nice and tight there’s no vibration and again you’ve got almost unlimited angles

In that landscape if you like and that is probably the most popular phone mount for motorcycles that ram mounts make i’ll write down the product codes in the description below and if you have any other questions just get in contact with us you

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Mounting A Phone To Your Motorcycle With RAM Mounts By Hurtle Gear