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Mounting an LS in the Colorado, Where is the 2 Door Gladiator

This week has a little bit of everything in it…some work in the shop and two trips across the country. One to Tucson to get my son back into his house for his last year at college, and then back to visit Icon Vehicle Dynamics and get a sneak peak at the Bronco suspension.

All right welcome back to the big tire garage to another one of our weekly updates now this week is going to be absolutely crazy because even though i’m here in the shop i’m actually just here to pick up a box that i need to throw on a plane and fly out to tucson arizona to get my son moved back into his house to finish his last year of college and while i’m

There i get to visit with one of my favorite projects that i’ve built probably in my entire career it’s not a crazy big project i just really really like how it turned out he’s been driving it at school for the past couple of years and for his last year you know i lost them up there last time i was visiting him i said man this jeep needs tube doors so i got

A set of tube doors from my friends at rugged ridge so we’re gonna jump on a plane head up to tucson with him get him all moved in set up that gladiator and then i’m literally gonna jump back on a plane and fly back the very next day because the day after that i have to get back into the shop up because christian is finally able to come in and we’re going to

Start filming on the colorado build for ua so uh that was weird but anyway so as always i can’t show you a lot of that stuff but i’ll show you a couple little quick little behind the scenes of christians working um but that’s the plan and then believe it or not i have another trip in the middle of the week back out to california on wednesday so it’s going to

Be a crazy week but i’ll keep you up to date foreign i’m back from tucson back here in the shop and what i’m doing right now is basically getting ready because in about an hour uh christian’s gonna show up here and we’re going to start filming on our uh colorado project we’re basically getting everything prepped you see me prepping this for uh him to get into

Town while he’s in town now we’re gonna knock out a couple of days filming on this and then i’ll get back on some other stuff i’ll show you a couple behind the scenes shots of us working uh with christian here in the shop he’s a great guy always to hang out with great to work with the shop um and then once i’m done that then i got more prep work to do at the end

Of the week you know his backup camera this is the vlog camera vlog baby this is the this is the christians in the shop to shoot some 4×4 garage we’ll bleep that part out so we can still have monetization so this is one of those days where i feel like i am living in an airport so just got back from tucson and then i had to work in the shop for a couple days

With christian doing 4×4 garage and now i am back out here in california had to jump on a plane after a full day working in the shop last night fly out here get here right around midnight crash in the hotel and today i’m headed out to take a tour of icon vehicle dynamics because next week on four-wheeler we’re filming with them and installing one of their new

Coilover suspension systems and they wanted me to take a tour of their facility to see what it’s all about so i know what i’m talking about when i put it on and i do not turn down an opportunity to see a cool place that builds cool parts foreign days filming with christian and then literally tuesday night we wrapped i drove straight to the airport jumped

On a plane flew to california visited with icon vehicle dynamics and laser tech that was pretty cool i just kind of geek out on getting to see stuff like that so thanks for those guys for having me out there but now i’m back here and now i have to get prepped next week we shoot four-wheeler and i need to finish up some of the stuff that we have to finish up on

The colorado from the last shoot so the one thing i do have to finish right now is i have to get the motor mounts done on the engine you can see it’s in the chassis transmission is in i’ve got the transmission mount done we have our magnum range box all built and taken care of and so now i’ve got to build some mounts for this engine so that’s the plan for today

Is to do mounts on the engine and then i have one other job i need to do before i spend all day tomorrow being saturday prepping for shooting four-wheeler foreign sometimes uh when i’m cutting out a bunch of the same brackets on my fast cut i won’t just duplicate a bunch of them and cut out like four of them like i need to right now i’ll just cut them out

One at a time and i’ll show you why so i’m basically cutting out these tabs right here i mean i need four of these tabs for the engine mount for the colorado and what i’m doing is i’m just going around my sheet and i’m looking for places where they fit and you can see right here i had to cut this shape out and that just left me a dead hole because the next item

I cut out would not fit in that hole so what i do is i just basically will take the tab and i’ll say yep that’s going to fit right in there nicely and i can just cut one out of there so what i do then is i just grab the xbox controller for the fast cut bring it over figure out where home’s gonna be in this case it’s going to be right about there go down check

It yeah come right about there then all i got to do is mark it with the x on the controller just come in here and i mark it with the x and now that’s where that’ll start pull the tab out hit the green button and away it goes foreign foreign foreign

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